Sights of Las Vegas: photo and description, what to see on your own, reviews of tourists

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Sights of Las Vegas: photo and description, what to see on your own, reviews of tourists
Sights of Las Vegas: photo and description, what to see on your own, reviews of tourists

Every inhabitant of our planet has heard about Las Vegas. Almost half of the world's population wants to be there, and all because this place is always fun. Glittering neon signs have already become a real symbol of Las Vegas.

What is Las Vegas famous for?

Once upon a time, the settlement received the unofficial status of the largest tourist center in the United States of America. Las Vegas has always been an atmosphere of luxury, excitement and unique atmosphere. So it was, so it is, and most likely will be for many years to come.

Evening city

Casino in Las Vegas is open around the clock, and almost every minute someone becomes a millionaire here, and someone leaves with nothing. This is the law of the unique Las Vegas.

Still, there is something to do here besides the casino. The city is just an endless stream of noisy shows, alluring entertainment and more. They say that it is in Las Vegas that you can forget about the daily routine, escape from reality and indulge in real unrestrained fun.

Many are attracted by the glittering luxury hotels here, includingAmong the most popular of them is the hotel-casino "Luxor Las Vegas". Millions of tourists are attracted to this wonderful place. Las Vegas is not just a city in America, it is a kind of miracle that gives endless lightness.

Basic information about the city

View of Las Vegas from above

The city was founded at the beginning of the twentieth century, to be more precise, on May 15, 1905. For a long time, it was a fairly large railway junction, as well as the main point for parking trains. Basically, these trains went from west to east. In modern times, it is very difficult to imagine, since only a casino with the name "Main Street Station" remains in this place. Now all communication here is done by cars as well as planes.

Nevada has long been popular for having a lot of freedom as well as opportunity. More than a hundred years ago, the most merry weddings took place here, as well as fierce battles. This is where the first passion began. But later such games were banned and this had a very strong impact on the state's economy. In 1931, the decision was reversed and from that moment Las Vegas became the center of luxury and fun.


All the sights of Las Vegas are quite modern, but no less famous for that. In this article, we would like to tell you about those places that are definitely worth seeing if there is such an opportunity. Indeed, many travelers are attracted by the historical sights of the settlement.

Sign "GoodWelcome to fabulous Las Vegas"

The famous "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas" sign

Perhaps, almost every inhabitant of our vast planet wants to see this attraction of Las Vegas. This famous sign is the first thing a person sees when entering the city. After all, it is located in the southern part of the Las Vegas Strip. But this part does not belong to the city limits, it is still necessary to drive about six kilometers to the settlement.

The height of the structure is a little over seven and a half meters. In the evenings, the sign is lit up brightly and hints to future visitors that Las Vegas is fun.

The sign on this post was installed in the late fifties of the 20th century. This googie design was very popular in the 1940s and 1960s in the American Southwest. Betty Willis is considered the author of the sign, and Ted Rogic, a local merchant, is the customer. After the structure was completed, it was sold to Clark County, located in the southern part.

It is interesting to note that the sign has not been registered as a copyright, and therefore belongs to the public domain. Therefore, it could be reproduced around the world on merchandise and so on.

Las Vegas Strip

Las Vegas Strip from above

This is the very heart of Las Vegas, the central alley of the city. It is here that the most famous hotels and casinos are located. The street includes approximately seven kilometers of Las Vegas Boulevard.

For all that, the street is located behindwithin the city limits and belongs to the suburbs of Paradise as well as Winchester. In addition, it is on this street that the famous sign "Welcome to fabulous Las Vegas", which was discussed above, is located.

Earlier, casino buildings in Las Vegas were allowed to be located only on the main Fremont Street. This is what forced many entrepreneurs to start doing such a business outside the city limits. The choice fell on the Las Vegas Strip. The first casino here was opened in 1941, having existed for more than twenty years. Then the street developed very rapidly in this direction, more and more gambling establishments began to appear here, and there were no visitors from visitors.

Currently, there are many different hotels on the alley, combining a casino, a shopping center, and an amusement park at once. Some of the most popular are the Las Vegas Hilton and the Luxor Las Vegas.

Bellagio Hotel

Fountains at the Bellagio Hotel

Here is another popular casino hotel located on the Las Vegas Strip. It was erected on this site at the end of the twentieth century. It has more than four thousand comfortable rooms. It is on this indicator that the hotel ranks eleventh in the world.

The hotel is currently owned by the famous MGM Resorts International. Of course, this place attracts quite a lot of travelers from different parts of our vast planet. Homethe reason for this is a wonderful musical fountain, located in front of the hotel itself. It is capable of releasing more than a thousand jets, and the fountain is also equipped with a huge amount of light. Every day, tourists as well as locals watch the light and music show, which usually starts at lunchtime and ends around midnight.

Because the hotel is quite popular in the United States of America, it is often used in many Hollywood films. For example, it can be seen in such popular films as "The Hangover", "Rush Hour 2", "Ocean's Eleven" and this is not a complete list.

Luxor Casino Hotel

The Luxor Las Vegas Casino Hotel is considered one of the most spacious in the city. There are almost 4500 rooms here. It was built in the style of a thirty-story pyramid. The building is over 100 meters high. Tourists are very impressed by the powerful beam that shoots out from the top of the pyramid. It is visible even from Earth's orbit. Also in front of the building is an impressive figure of the Sphinx.

Fremont Street

Fremont Street in Las Vegas

Fremont Street is one of the most popular attractions in Las Vegas. It is located in Downtown (old city center). The street is famous for the presence of a large number of hotels-casinos, as is basically all the central alleys of the village.

Freemont Street in Las Vegas appeared at the beginning of the twentieth century, to be more precise, in the year of the founding of the city itself - 1905. Streetwas named after the famous inventor, scientist, as well as military and politician John Charles Freemont. He once had the nickname "pathfinder". John is also famous throughout the country for having crossed the Las Vegas Valley in 1844.

For quite a long time Fremont Street has been a center of excitement and entertainment. The alley's popularity waned after massive construction began in the 1990s and a few miles from Downtown towards McCarran Air Terminal, the tourist center moved to the Las Vegas Strip.

Certainly, there have been many attempts to attract travelers and citizens to this quarter. The construction of the Fremont Street Experience was crowned with success. This is a truly unique system that still implements video on a huge screen. This screen covers almost the entire street, since it has quite impressive dimensions. Its length is more than 450 meters. The main sponsor of the construction of this dome is LG.

Venetian Las Vegas

Venetian Las Vegas

As you know, in Las Vegas there are quite a few hotels designed in the style of European cities. One of them is decorated in the style of a Venetian palazzo. This Las Vegas landmark was built at the end of the twentieth century and more than one and a half billion dollars were spent on its construction.

There are a lot of restaurants, swimming pools, and shops on the territory of the hotel.

Here byreal gondolas move along artificial channels, and almost real gondoliers swim in them. Usually tourists from this place are always delighted.

The lobby of the hotel is painted with copies of Italian paintings. There are also many interesting columns here. The whole interior looks like it is over a hundred years old, almost indistinguishable from the original.

Stratosphere Casino Hotel

The Las Vegas Stratosphere is another popular attraction. The hotel-casino is built in the form of a tower, which has a height of more than three hundred meters. The observation deck on it is considered the highest in the whole country. This complex was built in 1996. Initially, it was not particularly popular, but later became famous due to its central location. Due to the fact that competent marketing was carried out here, the hotel quickly gained success. And now the Stratosphere Las Vegas Hotel & Casino is one of the state's most popular destinations.

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