Sights of České Budějovice: a description of what to see on your own

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Sights of České Budějovice: a description of what to see on your own
Sights of České Budějovice: a description of what to see on your own

Ceske Budějovice is a Czech city located at the confluence of the Vltava and Malše rivers. Its main attraction is the historical part of the city, where various architectural styles are intertwined. České Budějovice is the main tourist center of South Bohemia and one of the brewing capitals.

Přemysl Otakar Square ∥

Start exploring the city with one of its main attractions. It was named after the founder of České Budějovice and is the largest in the country. Along its perimeter there are old houses that used to belong to the local nobility. Also on this square there are a large number of historical monuments.

Among them stands out the town hall with a bell tower, made in the Baroque style. Each of the houses stands out for its architecture, and they are united by arcade galleries. This attraction of České Budějovice is a very lively place, walking along which you can feel the special atmosphere of the city and touch its culture. On this square are all the iconic places of thismust visit tourist center.

Town Square

Samson Fountain

This is the main attraction of Přemysl Otakar Square ∥. The fountain was built at the beginning of the 18th century, and its image can be seen on souvenirs. Previously, in its place was the Pillory, which served not only for punishment, but also was a decoration of the square.

But in the 16-17th centuries, the authorities of the municipality began to solve the issue of supplying drinking water to residents. So it was decided to build a fountain. Samson tearing the lion's mouth turned out to be impressive, the height of the composition is 17 m. The stone bowl into which water enters is held by four atlases. Below are statues of stone gargoyles and beautiful vases. There are also benches for rest.

samson fountain

Town Hall

The main attraction of České Budějovice is the town hall. It is decorated with three towers, the middle of which was converted into a belfry - there are 18 bells. This town hall was built in the 18th century, on the site of the previous two. The dilapidated buildings were rebuilt, making them more and more imposing.

Constructed in the 18th century, the building could accommodate all the officials. Several coats of arms are depicted on its facade, the top one is the emblem of the South Bohemian Region. The town hall is decorated with four statues symbolizing virtues. Initially, they were created by J. Dietrich - now there are their high-quality copies. Now the town hall continues to be an administrative building in which an information office functions.Therefore, there is an opportunity to admire the beautiful interiors.

city ​​hall

Prodigal Stone

An old legend is associated with this object, attracting the attention of tourists. It is a stone with five facets, which depicts a cross, and has been in the square since the 16th century. There used to be executions at that place. Local residents believe that if you step over it after 9 pm, then a person will not be able to find his way home all night. One of the most interesting sights of České Budějovice is located near the fountain and the Zvon Hotel.


Cathedrals and monasteries are no less significant sights of České Budějovice. The most famous is the Dominican monastery, united in one complex with the Church of the Virgin Mary of the Promise. It is located on Piarist Square. This monastery was built at the same time as the city. In the 16th century, it was rebuilt by Peter Parlezh. On one of the side walls of the temple is a stone amphibian, which, according to legend, guarded the treasures.

The Cathedral of St. Nicholas is located in the northern part of the city, and it is decorated in the Baroque style. It was erected around 1265 and was the city's parish church. Particular attention should be paid to the pulpit and the altarpiece by Leopold Hubert. In the southern part of the cathedral, don't miss the painting "Assumption of the Virgin Mary".

Next to this cathedral in 1549-1577. The Black Tower was built. It functioned as a guard and bell tower, symbolizing the we alth of the city. The height of the Black Tower is 72 m, and at the very topthere is an observation deck. It is decorated with a clock, and in one of the windows you can see a big fly.

Next to the Church of Mary the Promised is another tower - "Iron Maiden", built in the 14th century. But three centuries later, lightning struck the iron ornaments on the roof. Then it was restored and now there is a restaurant where you can relax after a walk.

Cathedral of Saint Nicholas


Ceske Budějovice attractions include museums, which present interesting expositions. Fans of technology will love the Museum of Motorcyclists - there they can look at motorcycles of various Czech brands. Shown and other exhibits that fit the theme of the museum.

If you like everything new and original - visit the Gallery of Modern Art. There you can learn more about the history of South Bohemia and see what the city looked like before the fire. The city is home to the Post House, which is the oldest railway station in Europe.

Czech breweries

A mandatory item on every tourist's must-have list is to try the famous Czech beer. Local products are popular all over the world. The brewery "Budeevitzky Budvar" is visited by a huge number of tourists. Initially, the Germans produced beer in the Czech Republic, but then the locals wanted to produce their own products.

It is made using a special technology. M alt for it is bought in Moravia, and only Czech hops are used. Therefore, "Budeevitzky Budvar" is notsells licenses for its production in other countries. And all European countries (with the exception of Denmark) prefer the Czech rather than the American Budweiser.

Czech beer

South Bohemian Theater

Ceske Budějovice is known not only as a tourist, but also as a cultural center. It is located in the historical part of the city. The building was built in 1763, but it was used as a warehouse and a brewery.

A year later, part of the warehouse was rebuilt as a theater with a capacity of 400 people. Performances were staged there only in German. The new theater building was built in 1819, and the first performance in Czech was given in 1838. His repertoire is extensive and offers performances for both adults and children.

Hoch Zoo

In addition to historical sights and museums, you can visit the Hoh Zoo, which is also proud of the locals. It was founded by Ferdinand Hoch. There you can look at birds of rare species, admire representatives of the underwater kingdom and beautiful plant species. In addition, there is a pet shop where you can buy useful products and toys for your pets.

The zoo has a large number of reptiles. And visitors will be able to touch the world of snakes and spiders. In Hoh Zoo you can find everything for aquariums and terrariums.

zoo hoh

The city of České Budějovice has a special, Czech atmosphere, consisting of fairy tales and ancient legends. Almost every historical building is associated with an interestinga legend that increases the interest of tourists in the historical and cultural heritage of the city. In České Budějovice, everyone will be able to spend their leisure time in accordance with their interests.

And even a simple walk through the old streets allows you to admire the original architectural appearance of the city. If tourists have the opportunity, then you can take a walk around the area to look at fairy-tale castles and admire the natural beauties that the South Bohemian Region is also famous for.

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