Can I take perfume on a plane? Rules for the transport of perfumes

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Can I take perfume on a plane? Rules for the transport of perfumes
Can I take perfume on a plane? Rules for the transport of perfumes

Can I take perfume on a plane? What are the rules for their transportation established by airlines? You will find answers to these and other questions in the article. Perfumes are fragile products. Her transportation in an airliner raises many questions. Is it possible to take perfume on a plane, find out below.

Perfume in hand luggage

Taking perfume on a plane?

Many passengers ask: "Is it possible to take perfume on a plane?". The state has established rules for the transport of perfume in an airliner in the passenger cabin. The capacity of the bottle cannot exceed 0.1 l. At the same time, the vial itself must be tightly closed and packed in a plastic bag with the rest of the cosmetics.

You can get a bag at the check-in counter or before boarding the aircraft during the inspection. Each bottle must be labeled: expiration date, volume, manufacturer's name, date of creation. If the perfume was not purchased in the duty-free area and before the flight, you must save the receipt. Sometimes security personnel ask to see it.

Important! The total volume of incense carried in hand luggage must not exceed 1 liter per traveler.

It is forbidden to transport cologne and eau de toilette, whose bubble volume exceeds 100 ml. Even if the amount of liquid in them is located exactly at this mark. Upon inspection, such a product will be confiscated instantly.

For hand luggage, you can pay for a separate seat. Its weight should not exceed 15 kg. Sometimes this type of luggage transportation is more profitable than in a common cargo chamber. Check such nuances with the employees of the airline.

Transportation of deodorant

So, we answered the question of whether perfume can be taken on a plane. Yes, of course you can. And what about deodorant? This type of perfume falls under the general canons of the transport of liquids. The volume of the vial cannot exceed 100 ml. If it's a little over this, check it in.

Important! All bottles of liquid incense must be labelled. As a result, security personnel will not have additional questions.

Pack deodorants with other perfumes in a transparent plastic bag. This package must not be opened during a flight as liquid incense is highly flammable.

Perfume from Duty Free

Can I take perfume from Duty Free on the plane? Products from duty-free shops do not fall under the strict canons of transporting liquid incense. If you have purchased a cologne or other perfume, it will be packaged in a labeled specific bag. All you have to do is save the receipt so you can show it service.

Sending perfume to luggage

Important! Perfume in hand luggage on an airliner must not be opened until the end of the journey.

Many air carriers prohibit the transport of aerosol deodorants. It is better to put such incense in your luggage immediately. The deodorant spray bottle should be no larger than 500 ml. Each traveler can carry up to 2 liters of sprays and deodorants.

How to pack?

Can I take perfume in the luggage of the plane? Here you can transport any amount of incense. It is only important that each vial does not exceed a volume of 100 ml. Perfume must be packed in specific plastic bags.

Sending perfume to luggage

Important! It is worth considering that the import of perfume in some states is licensed. Therefore, before flying, check the allowed amount by calling the customs service hotline.

If you are carrying a large amount of perfume, pack it in a separate suitcase. It should have a fragile cargo mark on it. This is the sticker that you will be given at the baggage check-in desk. Suitcases with such a mark are sent to a special chamber. Wrap the bag in plastic to prevent damage to the surface.

Spirits confiscation

Are you still wondering if you can take perfume on a plane? We have answered this question above. Now let's find out in what cases perfume can be confiscated. The most stringent requirements are put forward for the safety of air hubs. If you violate them, you will be brought to administrative and sometimes criminalresponsibility. Therefore, when transporting any incense, follow the established canons of not only the airlines and customs, but also the security services of the air gates.

If a traveler from Russia flies to the European Union and carries with him perfumes that were purchased in a duty-free area, they can be confiscated. The exceptions are the following countries:

  • Canada;
  • USA;
  • Singapore.

It must be taken into account that some countries are tightening the requirements for the transportation of perfume in luggage and hand luggage. This is due to terrorist threats. At the slightest suspicion, security personnel will confiscate purchased incense.

How to prepare for the flight?

Perfume in hand luggage

Each traveler, buying tickets for an airliner, must study all the canons of carrying luggage with perfume. These products can pose a threat to human he alth, as they are considered explosive. To avoid problems in the luggage screening segment, find out the following:

  • Rules for the execution of screening at the airport of arrival and departure. This can be done by calling the hotline or on the airline's website.
  • Check the possibility of changing the established provisions in the near future. It is better to do this just before the day of departure. After all, the rules of transportation often change.
  • If perfume can be put in luggage, do not neglect this opportunity. The canons for carrying it in hand luggage are also subject to change. They can catch a traveler in flight.

In order not toconflict situations arose, you must remove all bottles of liquid from your baggage and hand luggage and show them to security personnel. After that, you need to pack all the bubbles in special transparent bags.

Valuable perfumes are best not to carry with you in large volumes. If they suspect that it is dangerous, it can be confiscated. You cannot return a seized item. It is disposed of in accordance with established regulations. It is better to leave everything valuable in storage with relatives or at the airport.

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