Aeroflot hand luggage size. New rules for baggage and hand luggage on the plane

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Aeroflot hand luggage size. New rules for baggage and hand luggage on the plane
Aeroflot hand luggage size. New rules for baggage and hand luggage on the plane

The rules for carrying luggage on airplanes change every year. Moreover, each airline adheres to its own procedure, which determines not only the algorithms for booking, paying for tickets, processing passengers, but also establishing the size of hand luggage. Aeroflot was no exception: the company has significantly tightened the system of free transportation of passengers' belongings since the beginning of this year.

Reasons for regulation changes

Many readers who don't use air travel don't understand what is a cause for concern and how significant it is. In fact, the changes directly affect the interests of thousands of travelers from Russia and other countries. According to experts, the new procedure for checking personal bags and suitcases, establishing restrictions on hand luggage allowances are the result of numerous complaints from passengers about the lack of free storage space on board the aircraft.

Main goalintroduction of regulations - ensuring maximum flight safety. That is why passengers are required to show their luggage when checking in for a flight. Moreover, the size and weight of hand luggage depend on the class of service and the direction of flight. Aeroflot, like any other airline, accepts passengers' belongings for transportation and is responsible for their safety. For the convenience of customers, on most routes of the company, a system for determining the baggage allowance for free transportation.

The cost of transporting things is included in the airfare plans. However, this does not mean that baggage that does not meet the established dimensions cannot be transported. The passenger will have to pay extra if his bag weighs more than is allowed by Aeroflot. The size of hand luggage is calculated taking into account the average parameters of things that travelers usually carry.

What is included in the concept of "passenger baggage"

Everyone who plans to travel should prepare for the flight by familiarizing themselves with the rules for controlling passenger belongings in advance. First you need to figure out what is the difference between direct luggage and hand luggage.

Many passengers do not distinguish between these terms. Hand luggage is small-sized bags, briefcases that you can carry directly into the cabin and fly without parting with them. Typical tags are attached to items recognized as hand luggage. The marking is important for airline and airport personnel, so it must not be removed. Those things that are not allowed to be carried in the cabin of the aircraft are baggage. When registering foron board the aircraft they are handed over to the luggage compartment.

What can be carried in hand luggage on an airplane

Inspection of things that citizens wish to carry with them is a mandatory procedure, which cannot be refused. For security reasons, luggage and hand luggage are checked at the check-in counter, and at some airports, screening is also arranged before passport control and at the boarding gate.

Cabin Baggage Requirements

Representatives of the Aeroflot company take safety rules seriously, so any thing that a passenger wants to carry with him into the cabin of the aircraft is subject to a thorough check. The dimensions of hand luggage should not exceed strictly established parameters: 55 x 40 x 25 cm. In order to take measurements, airport employees use a special frame. If the bag fits in it, then you can take it with you to the salon.

In the event that the hand luggage allowance is exceeded, things are transferred to the status of passenger baggage. By the way, not so long ago, the height indicator was 20 cm, but according to numerous complaints from passengers, it was increased to 25 cm. In this sense, Aeroflot's hand luggage dimensions can be called the most democratic, which cannot be said about Pobeda and Ural Airlines., UTair and others where the updated parameters do not apply.

In addition to the dimensions of hand luggage, its weight matters. Aeroflot sets a limit of 10-15 kilograms, depending on the category of service. For example, business class passengers are allowed to carrycabin 15 kg, and for citizens with economy and comfort tickets - no more than 10 kg.

Do five centimeters really matter?

Most modern suitcases carried by airline passengers meet certain standards. The most popular series, which is produced by almost all branded manufacturers, is Cabin luggage. This line includes models of suitcases, bags, backpacks that comply with the generally accepted rules for carrying hand luggage on an airplane.

Aeroflot and other airlines, as already noted, at the beginning of the year reduced the height norm by five centimeters. The reaction of the citizens was not long in coming. Dissatisfied user comments appeared on social networks, up to threats to boycott the air carrier. The people who were the first to feel the changes right at the check-in counter made scandals at the airport and demanded a refund for tickets. After all, for suitcases, with which they had already made a flight more than once, they had to pay extra as for luggage. The airline had no choice but to take into account the position of the passengers. Now, according to the new rules of Aeroflot, hand luggage has the same dimensions - 55 x 40 x 25 cm. At the same time, there have been no official statements from the company on this matter.

hand luggage allowance

The only advice that can be given to citizens planning a flight: in order not to pay several thousand rubles on top, buy the “right” bag, backpack or suitcase that will pass the check without any problems. If hand luggage has standarddimensions, it will fit on the luggage rack above the passenger seats. Places for hand luggage are distributed based on each citizen. That is why most domestic and foreign manufacturers produce bags and suitcases of standard sizes so that they do not need to be checked into the luggage compartment, but can be taken with you to the cabin.

Restrictions that Aeroflot had for a short time on hand luggage for economy class can often be found in the rules for carrying things with low-cost airlines - airlines that offer low ticket prices by saving on passenger comfort.

What else can you take with you

There is no strict list of things that can be taken in hand luggage. What is in this category? Everything that fits within the normalized dimensions and does not apply to prohibited items. In addition to hand luggage, each passenger has the right to bring with him to the cabin:

  • one bunch of flowers;
  • handbag, backpack or small briefcase, the weight of which does not exceed 5 kg;
  • closed bag with purchases from a duty-free store (a retail outlet where goods are released without duties and excise duties);
  • baby food in the amount calculated for the duration of the flight;
  • solid food products (snacks, chips, fruit, etc.)
  • carriage for children measuring 42 x 50 x 20 cm and weighing up to seven kilograms;
  • crutches, canes, walkers;
  • medicines in the amount necessary for the flight period;
  • any outerwear;
  • suit in a bag.

Businessmen andDiplomats during business trips require additional suits, which are placed in special cases - suitcases. Taking the suit with you, the passenger does not have to worry about its safety and cleanliness.

Small musical instruments (e.g. violin, saxophone, guitar) are things that can be carried in carry-on baggage on an airplane at no extra cost. For the transportation of larger instruments, coordination with Aeroflot representatives will be required. Moreover, permission must be obtained no later than 36 hours before departure. As a rule, oversized musical instruments become the only hand luggage. Everything else can be carried in the luggage compartment.

hand luggage size and weight

What changes happened

What can not be taken in hand luggage? In addition to bags, backpacks and small suitcases, it was separately allowed to take a camera, laptop or umbrella with you into the cabin. Airport officials are now requiring these items to be stowed in hand luggage. In accordance with the new rules, the cane umbrella must be checked in in the luggage compartment, since it will not fit in a suitcase or backpack.

Method of transporting liquids

Strict transportation requirements apply to any things and objects, including liquids. They need to be transported as follows:

  • regardless of volume, all liquids must be packaged in 100 ml containers;
  • Optimal packaging is transparent bags that allow airport employees to see the contents on the spot.

Liquid regulationsaffect ordinary drinking water, juices, drinks, as well as liquid household chemicals, detergents and cosmetics, creams, gels, shampoos.

Pets on board the plane

Before you buy tickets, you need to know exactly what you can take with you and what you can not. Aeroflot imposes rather strict requirements for hand luggage, but much more stringent restrictions apply for passengers who would like to transport animals.

Firstly, the presence of a pet on board the aircraft will have to be coordinated with Aeroflot in advance. It is necessary to notify the employees of the company several days before the date of the flight. The application for the transportation of the animal itself is usually considered within 1-2 business days. If, following the consideration of the application, the company makes a positive decision, the passenger is notified of the amount of the surcharge. You will have to pay a considerable amount for transporting a pet, which depends on the direction of the flight and the class of service. For example, on foreign flights, the cost of transporting an animal is about 75 euros, and transportation through Russia will cost a citizen approximately 4-4,5 thousand rubles.

what to take in hand luggage

Secondly, with pets of some species and breeds, you cannot fly on an airplane. Passengers with rodents, reptiles, fish and arthropods will not be allowed on board. In addition, there are 17 dog breeds on the list of prohibited animal species, including pugs, Pekingese, boxers and other animals with a flat muzzle. Representatives of brachycephalic breeds may begin an asthma attack on an airplane, as they are moresensitive to changes in temperature, pressure and humidity levels than their long-nosed counterparts.

Pets can be transported on board in special carriers. There are also restrictions on the weight of pets, which should not exceed eight kilograms with a cage. Pets of large breeds, along with the carrier, are poisoned in the luggage compartment, with the exception of guide dogs.

Baggage allowance

Everything that cannot be taken in hand luggage is sent to the luggage compartment. At Aeroflot, the baggage allowance for bulky items depends on the chosen class of service. So, for example, for the luggage of one passenger flying in business class, two pieces of 32 kg each are allowed. For comfort class tickets, the airline allocates two seats of 23 kg per bag. Economy baggage is limited to one piece up to 23 kg.

Regardless of the passenger service class, the dimensions of their luggage must be within 158 cm in terms of the sum of three parameters - width, height and thickness. The number of free seats in the luggage compartment plays a key role in Aeroflot flights. If the dimensions and weight of the luggage are significantly exceeded, the passenger will have to pay extra for the transportation of such things. Each airline sets separate rates for excess baggage. For example, for one extra seat in the luggage compartment, passengers pay between 2500-7000 rubles, depending on the direction of the flight (domestic or international). If there are two free seats and a third one is needed, when the baggage exceeds the weight of 32 kg, a higher tariff applies - 7,500-14,000 rubles.

hand luggage dimensions

The number of suitcases that you can take with you is indicated by the special designations of the air ticket. Many have noticed encrypted combinations like 1PC, 2PC, 3PC, but not everyone knows what they mean. RS is an abbreviation of the English word piece, which translates as "thing". Therefore, 1PC means the carriage of one baggage, the cost of which is included in the fare plan of the ticket.

What is oversized baggage?

In this case, we are talking about a non-standard bag, a suitcase, the size of which exceeds the established limits. The weight of oversized baggage must not exceed 50 kg, and its parameters must not exceed 203 cm in total in three dimensions. Upon check-in, non-standard items are handed over to the same place where large hand luggage is sent.

In Aeroflot, baggage requiring special conditions is allowed to be carried in the cabin. With an object weighing up to 80 kg and dimensions of 135 x 50 x 30 cm, it is allowed to fix it on the seat, subject to payment for two passenger seats. Baggage must be carefully packed to prevent damage in transit. Carriage of things that require special storage and transportation conditions is discussed in advance with representatives of the airline.

For oversized baggage and carry-on baggage, Aeroflot includes:

  • Sports equipment, ski equipment, bicycle, hockey equipment, etc. (passenger has the right not to pay for the carriage of one set of these items).
  • Fishing tackle, fishing rods (transportation of two fishing rods is allowedand one set of tackle for recreational or sport fishing).
  • Cold and firearms, ammunition (if you have an appropriate possession license, you are allowed to carry one weapon per passenger free of charge). It is necessary to coordinate transportation by plane and obtain permission from the company in advance, no later than 36 hours before the departure time).
  • Pram.
  • Wheelchair.

Many people think that alcohol is not allowed on board. In fact, there is no such ban in any Russian airline. Alcohol must be sealed, have a single package of an acceptable size. Aeroflot does not allow the inclusion of alcohol in hand luggage, but you can carry 5 liters of strong drinks in the trunk without any problems.

Hand luggage does not meet the requirements: what to do?

At Russian airports, special metal frames are installed for passengers, which are created according to regulatory parameters. To determine if hand luggage fits the new dimensions at Aeroflot, just put your bag in this frame. If the suitcase easily enters the basket, there will be no problems during check-in, and if not, you will have to prepare it for shipment to the luggage compartment.

what not to take in hand luggage

Employees of the airline, when boarding a flight, do not let a single passenger with hand luggage through. Even handbags, briefcases and briefcases are subject to verification. If the hand luggage is a soft backpack, you can try to squeeze it into the metal frame, pressing down andgiving the desired shape. Sometimes frameless bags seem larger than they really are due to bulky items (for example, a sweater or down jacket). Even if the airport employee considers the dimensions of the backpack to be non-standard, the passenger has the right to check it for compliance with the dimensions. If the bag fits in the iron basket, you can carry it with you to the salon.

Another way to pass the control is to shift some of the things into another suitcase or put them in a bag. But even if this does not help, you need to make a final decision: check the bag in the luggage compartment or pay extra for non-standard sizes.

The first option can hardly be called suitable if the bag contains digital equipment, a laptop, camera lenses and other devices that require careful handling. There is no guarantee that transportation in the luggage compartment will not subsequently affect the functionality of expensive devices.

There is another way out of the situation - to pay extra for hand luggage that exceeds the established norms. This option may seem preferable, but more often it always turns out to be completely unprofitable. The cost of carrying such baggage is several thousand rubles, and for international flights it can reach about $150 (about 10,000 rubles). That is why you should make sure in advance whether the passenger can carry the bag with him. Perhaps, in some cases, it is better to leave some things at home, so as not to overpay for their transportation fabulous sums.

Also, do not forget that every passenger, regardless of the class of service onboard, is en titled to an additional bag (backpack, bag, briefcase, etc.), which weighs less than 5 kg and does not exceed 80 cm in total in height, width and length. By shifting a few things and freeing up space in your hand luggage, you can carry it with you and not check it in your luggage. Moreover, the number of measurement attempts is not limited: you can combine and shift things as many times as you need.

If luggage is lost…

"Aeroflot" is responsible to passengers for the safety of transported items. If luggage is lost, the citizen will have to go through several formal procedures to return the missing property.

Aeroflot baggage and hand luggage

First of all, you need to contact the airport tracing service at the place of arrival. The passenger will be given a sample application. After registration of the appeal, a search case is formed, which is assigned an individual number. Information about the progress of the search must be constantly available to the passenger. At Aeroflot, customers have a personal account on the company's official website, through which the passenger can track the wanted status.

The maximum period during which the company is obliged to find lost things is 21 days. Found baggage is delivered by the company's employees to the place of residence or stay of the client. If, after three weeks, the luggage has not been found, the passenger has the right to present a written claim to Aeroflot demanding payment of monetary compensation.

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