Tours and excursions in Mexico

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Tours and excursions in Mexico
Tours and excursions in Mexico

Mexico is a land of amazing contrasts. It mixed the traditions and way of life of Portuguese sailors, indigenous Indian tribes and the mysterious culture of the natives of the Caribbean. On its coast are the best beaches of the American continent.

On the mainland, in the quiet of tropical thickets, there are a lot of ancient monuments and settlements. The choice of tourists is an abundance of informative and exciting excursions in Mexico. And the country is also famous for tequila, hearty and delicious cuisine, incendiary dances and the fantastic underwater world of Cozumel.


Mexico City Center

The capital of the state is Mexico City. The city is one of the hundred largest metropolitan areas in the world. It is surrounded by mountain ranges on all sides. Its center is the Constitution Square. The architectural ensemble of the historical part of Mexico City is designed in the Baroque style. Most excursions in Mexico introduce tourists to this lush and deliberately pompous quarter.

Travelers are brought to the Alameda City Park, to Garibaldi Square. They are invited to take a walk along Paseo de la Reforma. The outskirts of the metropolis is a place where foreigners are not allowed to enter. They are dangerous evendaylight hours.

Guadalajara is considered the most developed and dynamic city in the country. Many excursions in Mexico include visiting it in their survey programs. The visiting card of the city is thousands of roses that adorn local avenues and streets, parks and squares. Traditionally, all the most interesting sights of Guadalajara are concentrated in its historical center.

Megapolis abounds with fashionable hotels and restaurants, expensive shops and luxury boutiques. It has everything for an idle and cheerful life. The most prestigious is the western part of Guadalajara. The middle class chooses the suburbs of Tonala and Tlaquepaque. By the way, the best souvenir shops are located in these settlements.

Monterrey is another point that is included in many excursions in Mexico. It is an important financial center of the country. The city in every possible way imitates the successful settlements of the United States. The local public is well provided for. The people are not poor. Almost nothing remains of the authentic architecture. Local residents prefer modern architectural forms. Protected nature is another advantage of we althy Monterrey. The metropolis is surrounded by water meadows and endless valleys, mountains, canyons and even sandy deserts.


Beach in Mexico

Cancun is the epicenter of attraction for fans of beach holidays. The city occupies the coast of a snow-white lagoon. It is a series of stately hotels where Europeans and tourists from the United States have a rest. Excursions in Mexico from Cancun are mostly entertaining. They are designed for severalhours. Travelers are transported on comfortable buses equipped with air conditioning.

Only Riviera Maya resort can compete with hospitable Cancun. It is chosen by vacationers with small children. Noisy Acapulco invites you for entertainment and shopping. In reviews of excursions in Mexico, trips to Los Cabos are praised. This is a favorite vacation spot of the Mexican elite. Those who like a quiet and secluded holiday choose Puerto Vallarta.

Pegas Turistik Offers

Coast of Cancun

As trips to Mexico are rapidly gaining popularity among Russians, the country's leading agents have prepared a wide range of group and individual trips. The operator cooperates with two dozen hotels of various levels. In total, there are about a hundred ready-made tours to Mexico from Pegasus. Excursions are not always included in the price of tours.

In 2018, the company offers a number of the most popular destinations:

  • Cancun.
  • Riviera Maya.
  • Morelos.
  • Oaxaca.

The following hotels received the highest ratings from tourists:

  • Dos Playas Beach House Hotel.
  • Nina Hotel Beach Club.
  • Nicks Cancun.
  • Coco Beach Reef.
  • Nau Jade Riviera Cancun.
  • Sandos Cancun Luxury Experience.
  • Grand Oasis Cancun.
  • El Dorado Royal Spa Resort.
  • Paradisus Cancun.
  • El Dorado Seaside Suites.
  • Mi Bai Melia Cancun.
  • "Platinum Yucatan Princesses".

Organizational moments

Most tours are for eleven nights. This is due to the fact that the flight from Russia to Mexico lasts almost a day. The cost of living in hotels in the country varies from 170,000 to 500,000 rubles for two people.

The price of a standard tour includes a typical set of services:

  • accommodation in the room of the selected category;
  • round-trip air tickets;
  • local transfer and meeting at the airport;
  • food;
  • he alth insurance.

Anex Tour offers

reserved nature

The range of tours of this operator is distinguished by a large selection of accommodation options. List of available excursions in Mexico from Anex Tour:

  • quad biking along the coast;
  • fishing in the Caribbean;
  • Temazcal;
  • SPA program;
  • visit Wet'n Wild water park;
  • walks on Aquafan speedboats;
  • swimming with dolphins;
  • sailing in the sea on catamarans;
  • Kontoy Island;
  • trek to Xaret Park;
  • getting to know the Yucatan;
  • Tulum;
  • the ancient capital of Chichen Itza;
  • colonial city of Valladolid.

Any of the listed trips can be ordered on the spot or paid in advance along with the purchase of a ticket. Most of the tours are conducted in groups. Custom offers available.

The operator's representative offices are available in all hotels with which the company cooperates. Excursions inMexico from Anex is the best choice for Russians. All accompanying guides speak Russian.

Tula and Teotihuacan

Nature of Mexico

Excursion to the abode of the civilization of the Indian tribes is designed for eight hours. It starts at sunrise. Travelers are introduced to the ancient warriors of Atlanta, who are in the settlement of Tulu. This is the former capital of the Toltecs. It reached its peak in 1200 BC. Later, tourists will see the mysterious pyramids.

From Chichen Itza to Valladolid

Excursions in Mexico

This program is considered the most popular. Her route passes by the most interesting tourist attractions. It is for one day. The first stop is the archaeological ensemble of the city of Chichen Itza. Later, tourists will have the opportunity to swim in the karst reservoir. At lunch, vacationers are brought to the El Hardin restaurant. Service is carried out according to the "Buffet" system.

After the meal follows a tour of the production of tequila, which ends with a tasting of this strong drink. The return journey runs through the city of Valladolid. Tourists are told about the traditions of colonial architecture. Travelers are shown the Catholic Cathedral of San Gervasio. If desired, vacationers are brought to the museum of semi-precious stones. In the local souvenir shop you can buy handicrafts of local craftsmen.

The cost of an individual tour is 21,000 rubles. For participation in the group, they ask for 5,000 rubles. The price includes services and options:

  • tickets tomuseums;
  • excursion support;
  • fare;
  • dinner meal in a restaurant;
  • transfer by air-conditioned bus.

Travelers are advised to carry a minimum set of items with them:

  • cap or panama hat;
  • sunglasses;
  • small cash;
  • walking or sports shoes;
  • protective cream;
  • swimwear, swimming trunks, towels.

Excursions in Mexico from Riviera Maya

Journey to the jungle

The resort is famous not only for the abundance of comfortable hotels and beautiful beaches, but also for the variety of sightseeing trips. The assortment of local travel agencies has a whole arsenal of excursions:

  • "Flamingos and Mayan Ruins"
  • Rio Lagartos.
  • “The Three Worlds of the Maya.”
  • Wildlife for the whole family.
  • "Ek-Balam, Balankanche cave complex, Shkanche cenote".
  • "Two Epochs".
  • "Mysteries of Antiquity".
  • "Sian Kaan and Tulum".
  • "Out of time".
  • Mexican classic.
  • Temazcal.
  • House of the Feathered Serpent.
  • "The Fairytale World of Potosina's Huasteca".
  • "Swimming with whale sharks"
  • "Paradise Islands".

Minimum duration of sightseeing trips is three hours. Such tours as part of combined groups will cost 5,000 rubles. The price of eight-hour trips is 12,000 rubles. For a descent along a mountain river in inflatable boats as part of the Fairytale World of Huasteca Potosina program, they ask for 70,000 rubles per person. To participate inadventure can only be physically strong and he althy people over the age of eighteen.

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