What are hot tours? Last minute tours to Turkey. Last minute tours from Moscow

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What are hot tours? Last minute tours to Turkey. Last minute tours from Moscow
What are hot tours? Last minute tours to Turkey. Last minute tours from Moscow

Today, "last-minute" trips are increasingly in demand. Why? What is their advantage over regular tours? What are "hot tours" anyway?

what are hot tours

On the eve of vacation

So, you have finally decided: this vacation will be spent outside the walls of your home. It doesn't matter where you want to go - abroad or, for example, to the nearest resort. The only question is: will there be enough money for decent working days of rest? And is it possible to save money so as not to limit yourself in absolutely everything? It turns out that there is such a possibility.

Looking for options

Most people in the old fashioned way prefer the "wild" holiday. To some extent, the ends do justify the means. You can save, for example, on housing by choosing accommodation in tents, or on food by cooking on a fire from those products that you stocked up in advance. But aren't there many difficulties for modern man? Maybe it is better to prefer confidence, calmness and modern amenities? That's what smart people do. The easiest way is to book a ticket in advance at a travel agency that you trust. You will only have to pay the specified amount, and about the road, place of residence, food and even entertainmentexperts will take care of. But what if the amount is too big?

last minute tours from moscow

You can save on last-minute tours. This is one of the best options. What are hot tours? They are not planned by tour operators in advance and appear depending on the situation on the market. For example, if the season ends and the tours are not sold out, then the price for them will definitely start to fall. Reduces the cost of the tour operator. This happens if the clients suddenly refused the purchased tour, or if the charter is paid, but the tours are not sold out. Sometimes tour operators set a price that is lower than the real cost. This is done only in order to reduce losses. So, what are burning tours, we figured it out. The question is brewing: what are the risks of getting poor-quality service as a result?

Fair concerns

The fear of newcomers who have not previously encountered last-minute trips is understandable. But don't be afraid to buy them. “Burning” does not mean “poor quality”. All conditions that were previously proposed will remain unchanged. The main thing is to contact a serious agency that already has a good reputation. The only thing you have to sacrifice is the time to collect documents (although agents can do this for you, but, of course, for an additional amount). It may, however, turn out that you will have only a couple of hours to get ready and get to the airport. The downside, as you know, is that the ticket appears suddenly. But you have a real opportunity to seriously save. We will consider this point in more detail.

Cheaper but not worse

last minute tours to turkey

Savings, as you know, can be different. Sometimes it can be quite tangible - for example, 40% of the total cost of a regular tour. Sometimes the difference can turn out to be quite insignificant - 10-20 euros … Also, of course, not bad. Especially if these are last-minute tours from Moscow, and you yourself live in another city. Thus, you pay the road to the place of departure.

The most profitable tours can be purchased at the height of the season (mid-summer, "velvet" season, Christmas holidays). It is almost impossible to predict when a cheap ticket will appear. Hot tours to Turkey may appear in the winter, and special offers for trips to Thailand in the spring, the least popular season. The problem, as you understand, is that discounted vouchers appear almost before the departure, so it is quite difficult to order them in advance. It may turn out that you were planning to go to Spain, and you are offered Egypt. Hot tours are always a surprise. However, there is a way out here too. In order to get a ticket in the right direction, you can contact several agencies in advance. Be sure: if a last-minute tour appears, they will contact you.

egypt hot tours

Independent searches

In the meantime, you can stroll through the sites of local tour operators and get acquainted with the offers for the season. Check the prices to calculate the amount you will need for your holiday. Just do not forget that not all countries have last-minute tours. For sightseeing tours, cruises, variousislands, skiing almost no discounts. But it is quite possible to relax on a beach somewhere in Egypt, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates and other countries popular with Russian-speaking tourists. That's where the last-minute vacation is quite real. It is important that by purchasing a last-minute tour, you get all the same benefits that would be attached to a regular trip: transport, comfortable hotels, service, but much cheaper. The ideal option for acquiring such a voucher is when the thirst for relaxation arose suddenly, and the near future for a trip is free. That's when the burning tour will be, as they say, "both cheap and angry."

last minute tours

What do Russian tour operators usually offer?

The most popular vacation in countries with eternal summer. It can be Turkey, and Egypt, and Cuba, and the Seychelles, and the Dominican Republic, and the Maldives, and Sri Lanka, and Greece, and Cyprus. These areas are usually the most popular. This means that trips to these countries are planned by tour operators in the largest number, so it’s more realistic to buy last-minute tours there. Cruises are also in demand, allowing you to visit several countries at once in one trip, in just one tour (for example, in the Mediterranean Sea). It's simple, you just need to make a choice.

Egypt (last-minute tours here are not uncommon) will give you a truly unforgettable experience of the famous pyramids and temples, will allow you to plunge headlong into the great Nile. With its magnificence and we alth, it will conquer the Red Sea. You can count on a lot of impressions for a reasonable amount.

Traveling to Thailand is not onlywill allow you to admire amazing landscapes and relax on really beautiful beaches, but also introduce you to Buddhist culture, Thai cuisine and a special kind of massage. Winter trips are especially attractive - getting out of the cold winter, you will plunge into the warm summer, like in a fairy tale.

Resting in the UAE will appeal to those who love a high level of service. You will get in touch with the ancient culture, you will be able to visit the best SPA-resorts, improve your he alth. This is the choice of those who love countries of bright contrasts.

There are always offers. The main thing is to decide and make a choice, which, by the way, will definitely be in your favor, because now you know what last-minute tours are.

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