Last-minute tours in the UAE: features, destinations and reviews

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Last-minute tours in the UAE: features, destinations and reviews
Last-minute tours in the UAE: features, destinations and reviews

Tours to the UAE have recently become one of the most popular destinations for a beach holiday. People come here not only for the sun and the sea, but for luxury, bliss, exceptionally professional service, as well as man-made miracles built on petrodollars. Man-made islands and artificial oases in the middle of the desert, the tallest skyscrapers in the world and jeep and camel safaris await you.

The Emirates are not as far from Russia as Cuba or Thailand, and in winter you can sunbathe and swim here. But is it possible to make it so that you can get into this paradise for rich tourists for not too much money? Of course! For this, there are last-minute tours to the UAE from Moscow, St. Petersburg and other cities. Let's look at exactly where and how you can get if you order such a ticket from the operator. But first, let's find out what that means.

Last Minute Tours in the UAE

What are last minute tours in the UAE?

Most often, companies sendingtravelers to world resorts, buy places in hotels and / or on charter flights in blocks. But it also happens when there is critically little time left before the start of the tour, and it is not possible to realize everything. Then the operator begins to reduce prices in order to at least minimize the losses - inevitable, if the seats remain unsold at all. Sometimes a "burning" cost is possible for a flight, and sometimes for a hotel stay. But more often than not, the price falls on both. However, traveling to the United Arab Emirates has its own peculiarities.

When selling last-minute tours from all tour operators in the UAE, the price is usually reduced only for plane tickets. Companies no longer dare to buy "blocks" of hotel rooms, because it is too big a risk. Last minute tours to the United Arab Emirates become a week - a maximum of 10 days before departure. After all, you still need three to four days to apply for a visa to the country. But whether to expect last-minute tours to this country is up to you. After all, during this time they can buy up places in the hotels you like. The maximum amount that you can save while waiting for last-minute tours in the UAE is several hundred dollars.

Tours in the UAE in April


You can often buy inexpensive trips to the UAE in the summer. But Russians usually do not like to go there at this time. The fact is that real hell reigns in the Emirates in the summer months. The UAE is very popular in winter, but since the country is in the desert, it can get quite chilly there. Swimming is sometimes not very comfortable, except that you can sunbathe. You will have to take a sweater or jacket with you, because after sunsetthe temperature can drop to ten degrees Celsius, especially when the wind picks up. The busiest months are spring. Tours to the UAE in April are probably the most ideal. The air temperature does not rise above 30 degrees, and the prices are quite moderate. October and November are also good.

Last Minute Hotels in Dubai

Tours to Dubai

Different emirates of the country are very different from each other. Therefore, when choosing a tour in the UAE, including a last minute one, pay attention to the direction. Dubai hotels have become a symbol of luxury for a reason. There is always an atmosphere of exclusive relaxation. Prices for tours to this emirate are very high, and even if you save a couple of hundred dollars by buying a last-minute ticket to some “five” and “four”, this will not save you. But even here, vacations can be affordable for not too rich tourists.

If you choose a hotel not higher than "three stars", a standard room and a location far from the sea, then you can take a tour. Then a week of rest will cost you no more than $ 430 - this is together with insurance and flight. Free Wi-Fi is usually available even in the most modest hotel. If you're lucky, you can get to the Dubai shopping festivals. This is the perfect place and time for shopping, when you can buy things from world brands and still not blow all the money.

Tours to Sharjah

This emirate in itself is a great option for a budget holiday in the United Arab Emirates. And last-minute tours to the UAE (Sharjah) can be even cheaper. Traditional culture, modern skyscrapers, green oases of parks and amazing beautythe lagoon, as well as excursions, shopping and a variety of entertainment await those who decide to come here. However, travelers should be aware that Sharjah is the exact opposite of Dubai.

Strict morals reign here, alcohol is completely prohibited and even the vice police work. Therefore, tourists should dress in accordance with local decorum. But almost all the hotels here are located on the first line, there are more beaches, unlike Dubai, and bathers can choose between the Oman and the Persian Gulf. And yes, it's a lot of fun here in the evenings. What are the hundred-meter musical fountain on Al-Majaz Square, a laser show, a grandiose Ferris wheel "Eye of the Emirates". Most often, people come here not only because food and accommodation in Sharjah are the cheapest, but also because only here you can see the real Arabic flavor, try local dishes and buy original souvenirs.

Last Minute Hotels in Abu Dhabi

Abu Dhabi Tours

If you have already decided on a trip to the Emirates, you can consider another not too expensive trip option. This is Abu Dhabi. Such a tour in the UAE can also be burning, and, moreover, very interesting. This emirate has quite affordable prices, although, of course, there are many hotels here, the cost of living in which is simply sky-high. This is the actual capital of the country, the seat of government is located there. Here you can count not only on a beach holiday, shopping and excursions, but also on entertainment in nightclubs and discos.

This emirate has the largest park in the entire MiddleEast - Corniche Road, which stretches along the coast for ten kilometers. More than 60 fountains have been installed along its entire length. If you appreciate the romance of the desert combined with modern technology, this is the emirate for you. Abu Dhabi last minute deals are the perfect opportunity to experience this fastest growing resort in the UAE for yourself.

Last minute tours from all tour operators in the UAE

Offers from Moscow and St. Petersburg

Trips with reduced prices are, as we have seen, in different regions of the Emirates. So, last-minute tours to the UAE from Moscow can be bought to Sharjah, Dubai, Ajman, Abu Dhabi. The prices for these tickets do not differ much from each other. So, a trip to 2-3-star hotels located in these regions, lasting 3-4 nights, will cost from 17 to 20 thousand rubles.

The main direction of tours from St. Petersburg to the UAE is Dubai. Therefore, in principle, it is possible to buy last-minute vouchers there. Although there are also offers in Sharjah. The price includes flight, insurance, accommodation in the hotel you have chosen, as well as the type of food. For example, a week in the Emirates from St. Petersburg operators costs from 33 thousand rubles per person in Sharjah and from 37 thousand in Dubai.

Tours in the UAE "all inclusive"

Are there all-inclusive tours in the UAE?

There can be only one answer to this question - of course, yes. But the price of rest is quite high. The fact is that only the most expensive and fashionable hotels offer tourists such a food system. A week in a five-star all-inclusive hotel will cost at least$1200-1300 per person in Abu Dhabi or Ras Al Khaimah. But the smallest price for an all-inclusive package in a hotel of this type in Dubai will be already one and a half thousand dollars. Of course, this is the cost of a normal trip. Hot tours will save you a hundred or two dollars. In addition, you can also book more budget hotels - four or three stars. Then the price will start from $840 per person. However, tourists warn that the all-inclusive system in the Emirates is quite specific. This is breakfast, lunch, dinner with alcohol and the usual basic cocktails. Snacking between meals is very rare.

UAE tours from St. Petersburg

Reviews of travelers about last-minute tours

For many vacationers, a trip to the Emirates made an unforgettable impression, and the opportunity to save a few hundred dollars on last-minute trips helped to visit unnecessary excursions or at least shopping centers. Very good reviews about last-minute tours to the UAE in April or autumn. Experienced tourists are advised not to choose luxurious rooms and hotels, but limit themselves to standard ones. The main thing is that the hotel is located conveniently both in relation to the beaches and to public transport stops. Thus, you can sunbathe and explore the country or at least several of its regions on your own, especially since in the Emirates you can literally get everywhere by bus or metro.

In Sharjah, hotels are quite cheap due to Prohibition, but more comfortable. Well, if you can’t live there without alcohol, then you can takewith myself. But then it is better to fly to Dubai airport. Sharjah hub could be searched and taken away.

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