Where to go on a beach holiday: the best places according to tourists

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Where to go on a beach holiday: the best places according to tourists
Where to go on a beach holiday: the best places according to tourists

What thoughts come up when you hear the word "rest" if you skip lying on the couch and watching TV? Of course, we are talking about the beaches. Golden sands, vast expanses of water, blue sky, a horizon that is almost erased by the endless sea space, the sun, a huge amount of vegetation … Well, isn't this paradise? In this regard, there is nothing strange in the fact that people are trying to get to the bright stunning resorts from their tight cities.

Great selection

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And where should you go to experience all the delights that a beach holiday brings? Types of such entertainment can satisfy anyone. Therefore, the choice can be quite difficult, because there are a great many possible options. Therefore, in order not to lose a single minute of your precious vacation, we will list the best places for a beach holiday in the world.

General interest

No matter how informative the various excursions are, tourists are attracted and beckoned by a beach holiday. Countries where you can swim and sunbathe to your heart's content offer excellent conditions. Who would not want to soak up the gentle rays of the sun away from work on a beautiful beach? Most likely these peoplecannot be found. Wherever the resort is located, it must have a beach. Naturally, almost every recreational area has some features that are characteristic only for it. It can be a beautiful relief, the presence of a large number of plants, landscapes of stunning beauty and much more.

Exploring the beauties of Tunisia

Which resorts can provide a first-class beach holiday? Egypt, Turkey, India, Greece - the list can be listed indefinitely, since it is quite large. In Tunisia, tourists expect truly heavenly conditions almost throughout the year. Sandy shores, cultural and entertainment program - all this and much more will be accompanied by a beach holiday in the resorts of this country. A person who decides to visit Tunisia expects numerous trips to various places, acquaintance with ancient and modern architectural monuments, admiring the landscape and unique vegetation. You can fully enjoy your stay in such a beautiful country.


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Excellent beach holiday awaits you in Greece. This country has been the subject of general attention for many years. A large number of tourists always strive to visit the country and learn a lot of interesting things about its history. Nature is able to amaze travelers, it is simply magnificent! Everyone will be able to appreciate the resort places of Greece. In addition, the country has created all the conditions for the time to pass with benefit. Tourists willexpect not only the best beach holiday, but also numerous excursions to historical places.

Summer holidays in winter time

How you want to spend your time on the beach when the street is full of snow! And hardly anyone will refuse such an incomparable pleasure. At a time when everything in the homeland is buried in snowdrifts, and the frosts are getting stronger every day, you should think about a beach holiday. Where to go? Indonesia is a good choice. The mild climate that is typical for this country, stunning landscapes, amazing terrain and, of course, stunning beaches - all this and much more simply will not leave tourists indifferent. Here travelers will find exotic cuisine, a huge variety of entertainment and comfortable conditions. What else do you need to be happy?

Malaysia's Endless Beaches

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Do you need a beach holiday abroad with many romantic adventures? Then you just need to visit Malaysia! Tourists can visit an island like Borneo and compare how accurate the descriptions in Mine Reed's novels were. Beach destinations in Malaysia will not disappoint anyone. They are properly organized. Sandy shores have practically no boundaries, they go somewhere beyond the horizon. It is here that you can fully enjoy the extreme, which will be presented with entertainment such as diving and surfing. The world that is under water is so beautiful that it will take several dives to fully consider it. The country has many hotels for travelers withany we alth. For example, you can settle both in an expensive hotel and in a residential complex with minimal service. And this is an excellent condition for numerous tourists who simply do not have enough money to book places in expensive hotels for a long time.


No matter what time of year it is outside, Thailand will always be waiting for you. A beach holiday in the country will impress many tourists. In addition, if desired, everyone can enjoy scuba diving and admire the beauty of the seabed. There is also the opportunity to visit the coconut plantations, which occupy just huge areas.

Tourists prefer not only to bask on the beaches, but also to explore the picturesque bays that are scattered along the coast in large numbers. This will help organizers of tours, who always develop interesting programs for tourists. They will do everything to make excursions bring a lot of positive emotions to vacationers.

What other countries are popular with tourists?

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Don't know where is the best beach holiday? Then you should pay attention to Egypt or India. You can also visit China. And if you have the means, then in the Caribbean you will always be welcome. To date, the choice of resorts is quite extensive. If there is a financial opportunity, as well as a desire, then travel agencies will be able to find a resort town that is right for you. In addition, an inexpensive beach holiday can be organized close to home. For example, hugeThe Black Sea coast continues to enjoy popularity, on which sanatorium-resort complexes are located. And this popularity not only does not fall, but, on the contrary, increases more and more every year.

When is the best time to go to resorts?

When planning a vacation, you should not lose sight of the fact that the weather is a capricious lady. With the unfortunate set of circumstances, most of the rest can be spent in the room due to heavy rains or cold winds.

Beautiful beaches are found in countries such as Cyprus, Italy, Spain, France, Croatia, Montenegro. Due to the fact that these states can be attributed to the subtropical zone, they are simply ideal for tourists. Just remember that it is best to visit them in the summer. The sea at this time warms up to its maximum value.

Morocco and Algeria, which also have amazing beaches, should be visited in late spring. The same can be said about Egypt and Tunisia (a trip to these countries in early autumn would be a good idea). The temperature at this time will not be too high, which will especially appeal to tourists who can not tolerate the heat.

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The best season to visit the beaches of Israel is late autumn and winter. The temperature during this period will not fall below 25 degrees, the maximum will be 32 degrees, which is the most favorable condition for rest.

Resorts in Mexico and the Dominican Republic are best visited in winter. Summer is famous in these placestoo hot, and autumn is characterized by rains and hurricanes, so it is unlikely that you will be able to enjoy the long-awaited vacation.

Many are attracted by Ukraine, Bulgaria, Abkhazia and Turkey. And if you belong to the category of people for whom a vacation on the Black Sea is preferable, then you should understand that you need to hit the road in the summer. However, it all depends on the specific region. For example, the best time to visit Bulgaria and Georgia is May-October. Romania and Ukraine are best visited between May and September. And if the weather permits, then in October you can soak up the beaches of these countries.

Important point. Adaptation

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Don't forget about acclimatization. It will take at least a few days to get used to and adapt to the climate of your chosen resort. At this time, try not to expose the body to serious physical exertion. This is necessary in order not to suffer from nausea and not experience the negative effects of sunbathing.

It should be borne in mind that for residents of the northern states, acclimatization is much more difficult. In other words, if you decide to visit the Mediterranean Sea, then two days will be enough for adaptation. In the event that you want to fly to the Maldives, acclimatization may take about four days. This should not be forgotten. Otherwise, the rest will be overshadowed at the very beginning.

The source of many problems is local food

Don't forget about the peculiarities of local food. If you do not wantget sick or spoil your mood, then at first try to lean as little as possible on the delicacies of exotic cuisine. Protect yourself from the many disappointments that can arise from the discrepancy between the usual food and local dishes.

You need to rest properly

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If you get to the resort from the cramped city streets and whirlpool of routine work, get some rest. Go on excursions, visit a wide variety of places, admire the beautiful scenery, sunbathe on the beach and swim. Do everything to make your vacation memorable. Agree, it will be sad if you come to your home again, and you will not have memories of a wonderful time. We hope that this review has helped you understand the features of a beach holiday and choose the best option. Choose a country and resort based on personal preferences and financial capabilities. Have a good trip!

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