Rest in Venezuela: tours, flights, hotels, beaches, excursions, attractions, photos and reviews of tourists

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Rest in Venezuela: tours, flights, hotels, beaches, excursions, attractions, photos and reviews of tourists
Rest in Venezuela: tours, flights, hotels, beaches, excursions, attractions, photos and reviews of tourists

Citizens who wish to visit South America should definitely visit such a wonderful and picturesque country as Venezuela. There are not only good hotels, but also beautiful beaches, attractions, excursions. Also, if desired, you can book a tour to Venezuela. Sometimes this solution is more beneficial. You only need to buy a ticket, and everything else will be done for you.

How to get to Venezuela?

Of course, you will have to fly only by plane. However, there are no direct flights from Moscow. In any case, you need to change. The easiest way is to fly to Frankfurt, Paris or Madrid, and from there on another plane to Venezuela.

How to get to Venezuela
How to get to Venezuela

The flight time from Moscow lasts approximately from 18 to 22 hours. Depending on the city where you transfer. Sometimes a flight is delayed or canceled due to weather conditions. Then you can fly much longer than you expect.


Venezuela has more than 300 hotels that must be booked in advance. In the city of Caracas there is a beautiful hotel Gran Melia Carakas. It's a five starthe complex, which is located in the center, and all attractions within walking distance. The hotel is renowned for its comfort. The average price per night for a double room is 3,200 rubles.

On the island of El Gran Roque is a five-star hotel Posada Mediterraneo. The average cost of a guest house is almost 25,000 rubles per day. The best beaches in Venezuela are on this island. Tourists come here if they want to retire from the bustle of the city and enjoy exceptionally exotic nature.

In the city of Macuto in Venezuela, a beach holiday is just perfect next to the Olé Caribe hotel. This is one of the inexpensive hotels, the cost of a room in which is from 2,400 rubles. It has everything that tourists need. According to the reviews, the hotel is excellent, great for a 5 star.

In the city of Valencia, there is the Lidotel Boutique Valencia hotel, the minimum room rate per night is 3210 rubles. In addition to amenities for tourists, small pets are allowed. There are very few such hotels where you can keep animals.

The 4-star Cristina Suites in Puerto La Cruz also has everything you need for tourists. In addition, the cost of the room pleases - only 1815 rubles per day.

Holidays in Venezuela - reviews
Holidays in Venezuela - reviews

We have listed the main hotels. In fact, there are many more. Each of them - with high service and increased comfort. Even a three-star hotel can be rated five stars.


Holidays in Venezuela take place not only in hotels, but also on the beaches, where you can meet manytourists from all over the world. Margarita Island, which is famous for its abundance of orchids and chic palm trees. In addition, here you can meet outlandish birds: pelicans, flamingos, hummingbirds. Tourists are brought to this island on large liners.

In the city of Caracas there is a famous beach - Balneario Kamuri Chico. There is an opinion that there are a large number of crabs that are caught quite easily. There are plenty of cafes and restaurants serving refreshing drinks and tasty lunches at reasonable prices.

Not far from the city of Juan Griego is the large beach of Caribe. If you want noise and fun, then you are here. It is here that all kinds of water activities take place. There are many inexpensive but cozy cafes along the coast.

Holidays in Venezuela - reviews of tourists
Holidays in Venezuela - reviews of tourists

As you can see, a vacation in Venezuela will not be boring. Both in hotels and on the beaches, tourists have something to do. It would be a wish.

Tours & Attractions

As a rule, each hotel has a tour desk where you can book a short trip to any city. The choice is so great that many tourists are simply lost. They do not always understand what is best to choose. So, one of the popular ancient tourist cities in Venezuela is Merida.

First of all, tourists are advised to look at the National Museum of Roman Art, where there are expositions ranging from Roman sculpture to handicraft creations of Spanish jewelers. And also Mount Roraima with smooth and steep walls, on top of which there is a wide plateau. Indians believeits "center of the earth".

In the tropical forests of the Venezuelan state of Bolivar, there is the world's largest Angel Falls, which reaches almost 1,000 meters in height. It is named after one famous pilot James, as he was the first to see the waterfall from an airplane back in 1935. He was then looking for the "Golden City", but found something completely different.

Vacation in Venezuela
Vacation in Venezuela

In the small village of Canaima there is a national park, which is located very close to the Angel Falls. It is because of him that tourists often come here. This place is ideal for a relaxing holiday in Venezuela, where there is no fuss, roads and cars. Pure water and fresh air.

You have learned the main sights of Venezuela. In fact, there are many more. In a week, you definitely won’t have time to travel even half. Therefore, many tourists come here for at least two weeks.

Tourist Safety

Locals do not recommend traveling and having fun at night. They claim that there is too much crime in their country, and every year there are more and more criminals. That is why try to rest only during the day, when there is a big movement of people.

Try not to swim in fresh water. It is better to give preference to the pools that are located at the hotels. After all, bleach is added to them, which disinfects the water. When it comes to washing and brushing your teeth, use bottled water. It's safer for your he alth.

Before eating any vegetables and fruits, be sure to wash them thoroughlyboiled water, but it is best to peel the skin completely.

Venezuela is full of unknown insects. Therefore, be sure to take special means from their bites with you. Also, don't forget that hotels should have mosquito nets in every room. If you don't have one, then leave this apartment.


One of the best souvenirs you can bring home is rum. But don't forget the rules at the border. Before you travel, check what you can and cannot carry. The quantity is also very important.

In addition to alcoholic drinks, pay attention to clay crafts. For example, on painted dolls, dishes, small toys. In addition, Venezuela is famous for its openwork baskets and colorful capes.

Relax in Venezuela
Relax in Venezuela

The most delicious and original gift is local coffee. You definitely won't be able to buy this anywhere. Chocolate is also famous. It differs from the Russian flavor, which spreads throughout the region.

Shops open early at 8:00 and close no later than 18:00. Nobody works during the hours of darkness. Therefore, if there is a desire to buy something, it is better to come early. Moreover, on holidays the country is famous for promotions and discounts on almost all goods.


Venezuela, like other Latin American countries, is famous for its meat, bean, corn, banana dishes, but with a large variety of spices. It can be basil, mint, thyme, chili, sage, etc.

Locals combine food like this. So in Russia and notguess. For example, potatoes with corn or bananas with seafood. However, the spices do their job, and each dish has an interesting, bewitching taste.

Food of Venezuela
Food of Venezuela

Nobody makes the delicious drinks that Venezuelans make. Very often they add mint or other herb to give not so much aroma as freshness. By the way, many locals love coffee with s alt. With this strange combination, they shock tourists.

Quite often, meat is cooked with alcoholic beverages. For example, they make a marinade from wine and add spices to taste. Then meat is placed in this liquid for several hours, until it takes in the required amount of alcohol and aroma. After that, they can stew, fry on a fire or just boil. In any case, it turns out a very tasty dish.

Holidays in Venezuela: reviews of tourists

Many guests of the country claim that the country is quite famous for its pristine beaches and excellent hotels. They see a special atmosphere here, the friendliness of local residents and high-level service. There are few countries where tourists are taken care of first of all.

In Venezuela, taxis are very cheap, if converted into rubles. And the cost of excursions is available to everyone. Residents don't charge outrageous prices, which is why many tourists come here again.

Any attraction tells a story. Therefore, you can go on excursions on your own.

Excursions in Venezuela
Excursions in Venezuela

For those tourists whowant noise and fun, the city of Caracas is suggested. For a more relaxing holiday, you can go to some island, where you can enjoy the real sounds of nature.


We looked at where you can relax in Venezuela, what hotels you can stay in, and what attractions to visit. In addition, there are many shops, cafes and restaurants where you can relax after active excursions.

In hotels, staff are friendly and welcoming. Therefore, you will be comfortable in any hotel, regardless of the stars. Come on vacation to Venezuela, take your friends, children, relatives with you and take a break from working and noisy everyday life.