Planetarium in Novokuznetsk: photos, opening hours and reviews

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Planetarium in Novokuznetsk: photos, opening hours and reviews
Planetarium in Novokuznetsk: photos, opening hours and reviews

Man is a very restless creature. He is always looking for something new. In every generation, such restless people are born who try to open the veil of secrecy over inexplicable phenomena, go on a journey to unknown places or follow a dream. How many of them in childhood dream of visiting distant planets, meeting a friendly alien mind? A planetarium can help you get closer to the wonders of heaven.

What is a planetarium?

The first apparatus capable of demonstrating stellar majesty was presented to the public in 1923. From the idea to its implementation, a long 11 years passed, of which a whole five years was consumed by the First World War. The idea was thrown by Maximilian Wolf, and a viable option was the product of the mind and hands of W alter Bauersfeld. The first was a great German astronomer, and the second was a fellow engineer.

The device was created at the Zeiss factory. It was designed to display only 4.9 thousand celestial bodies at the same time. Only two years later, this idea grew into something more - a whole domed building called a planetarium.

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Over time, the technique that provides the display of the sky, more and more improved, and the buildings expanded in area. Demonstration opportunities also grew. It began not only to cover much larger areas, but also became voluminous. Allowed to display not only stars and planets, but also astronomical events.

The history of the creation of the Novokuznetsk planetarium in Novokuznetsk, Kemerovo region

The oldest planetarium in Russia is Moscow. The planetarium in Novokuznetsk appeared a little more than two decades later. Despite this, he holds the palm as the first such institution opened beyond the Urals.

It was originally a mobile planetarium. It existed from about the 51st to 59th year of the twentieth century, was based in Kemerovo, traveling around the region. A very small part of the sky was shown, and the clarity of the demonstration was limited by the capabilities of the equipment. After all, it was handmade from cardboard.

Since 1959, the planetarium in Novokuznetsk finally found its permanent home, and in 1966 it was decided to build a capital stationary facility. The construction of the building took almost 4 years. The opening and the first demonstration took place in early May 1970. Over the years, only the equipment has improved. Until 2013, the building was not even renovated. Therefore, four years ago, a rather large reconstruction had to be made. So far, she has been the last one.

Novokuznetsk Planetarium Novokuznetsk

Planetariumbears the name of A. A. Fedorov, who made a significant contribution to its formation. The name of this person - a participant in the Second World War and an honorary citizen of the city, was assigned to the institution in 2010.

Planetarium equipment

Initially, the main equipment of the planetarium in Novokuznetsk was the projection apparatus of the same German plant Zeiss. It was the "Small Zeiss Planetarium" - a modest-sized projector (the "Large Zeiss Planetarium" had more possibilities, in accordance with the name), but the most modern at that time. It could demonstrate up to 6 thousand celestial bodies, reproduce sunrises and sunsets, polar lights, flights of artificial satellites and rockets.

The planetarium in Novokuznetsk celebrated the 20th anniversary of the flight of the first man into space by opening a monument to this very first cosmonaut - Yu. A. Gagarin. It still stands today.

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In 1972, a real observatory was erected on the territory of the planetarium. It is low, only ten meters, but is equipped with a Zeiss telescope, which allows you to bring objects closer to almost 400 times. It functions to this day.

From 1980 to 2000 on the territory of the planetarium in Novokuznetsk there was an Il-18 aircraft in full working order. At its base, pilots were trained without the possibility of take-off. Excursions were organized for children, educational and entertaining thematic films were shown. The aircraft was later dismantled.

In 2009, the regional administration supported financially the idea of ​​upgrading the equipment. Was purchasedthe Skymaster ZKP4 projector is all from the same German factory. This is the most advanced equipment even today, providing a realistic display of stellar bodies and phenomena. With its compact size, it is capable of displaying 7,000 stars at the same time. This is not only optimal brightness, but also the ideal color reproduction of celestial objects. Few visitors do not take photos at the Novokuznetsk Planetarium. From such wonderful shots, the soul freezes and admiration rises.

The new projector provides a display of the movement of the firmament, is able to highlight its individual sections, can demonstrate astronomical and natural phenomena.

In 2014, the territory of the planetarium was enriched with another exhibit - a sculptural model of a sundial. They were created according to the equatorial type and are able to show the actual time. But keep in mind that it is different from the physical time in the region.

Planetarium Novokuznetsk

The showroom can accommodate up to 70 people at a time. Demonstration of heavenly wonders is carried out not only with the help of projectors. There are planetary globes and star charts, many interactive exhibits.

Events at the planetarium

The planetarium is interesting for both adults and children. Therefore, a lot of events have been developed that are selected not only according to the theme, but also according to the age of the visitors. All relevant information on the programs is posted on the official website of the institution. It is accompanied by recommendations on the age threshold of participants.

Planetarium in Novokuznetsk opening hours

Often the planetarium becomes the venue for astronomy and physics Olympiads for schoolchildren. Such events, as a rule, are dedicated to significant dates and special events. Registration for participation is carried out in advance. Traditionally, only the annual February Olympiad is held.

The planetarium building can also become a conference center. The collection is held annually in March, in honor of the World Earth Day, and in April, on the Day of Cosmonautics. Submission of applications is also carried out in advance.

Competitions and quizzes are often held in the planetarium building and on its territory. Especially wonderful children's activities on New Year's holidays. After all, science can become fabulous if Santa Claus and his granddaughter, the Snow Maiden, tells about it.

How to get to the planetarium?

The institution is located on Metallurgov Avenue, 16a, on the territory of the Gagarin PKiO. This is practically the center of the city, so there can be no problems with public transport.

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The closest stop is the Kommunar Cinema. It receives about two dozen buses and trolleybuses from different parts of the city. In addition, there are tram routes - five, sixth and eight.

You can also arrive to PKiO from the side of Bardin Avenue. There is a stop of the same name with the park, which again accepts about 20 buses and trolleybuses of different routes.

Opening hours and fees

Demonstration is carried out exclusively in strictlyestablished sessions. From Tuesday to Friday it is 10:00, 11:30, 13:00, 14:30, 16:00. On Saturdays, the first two sessions are missing, and there is no service on Sunday and Monday. The duration of the demonstration takes no more than 40 minutes.

Tickets can be purchased at the box office, working from Tuesday to Saturday, from 10:00 to 16:00, except Friday, when the working day is reduced by an hour. Today, children and adults can visit the star hall by paying 150 and 200 rubles, respectively. Children are considered to be people under 16 years of age. Group visits are by prior arrangement and only on weekdays.

You need to find out about the time of specific events on the official resource of the planetarium. The information is updated regularly. Additionally, everything can be clarified by contact phone.

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The observatory has its own work schedule related to weather conditions. You can attach to the telescope from June to September, but only on cloudless days.

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