Isola, Slovenia: location, history of appearance, sea, beaches, choice of hotels, recreation, attractions, excursions and reviews of vacationers

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Isola, Slovenia: location, history of appearance, sea, beaches, choice of hotels, recreation, attractions, excursions and reviews of vacationers
Isola, Slovenia: location, history of appearance, sea, beaches, choice of hotels, recreation, attractions, excursions and reviews of vacationers

The Balkan Peninsula is the cradle not only for many cultures, but also for civilizations. Its unique identity, the beauty of nature, the warm Adriatic Sea, thermal springs and amazing gastronomy attract tourists from all over the world. Against the background of other resort states of the peninsula, Slovenia can hardly be called a popular destination, but even this gives it a special charm.

General information

There are not a huge number of vacationers here, and there are no widely advertised places. Silence and solitude reign everywhere. Resorts, judging by the reviews, are affordable for the average tourist. Many of them are great for holidays with family and children or the elderly.

Beach and sea

Geographic location is one of the main advantages of Slovenia. Recreation here is represented by a wide variety of areas, ranging from active sports to wellness. Slovenia is located in the Alps-Danubearea. From the northwest it is bounded by the Alps, from the south by the Dinaric highlands. The mild climate and the abundance of forests - beech, oak and coniferous - create ideal conditions for recreation.

Slovenian resorts

The length of the sea line is a little less than fifty kilometers. There are many developed resorts on the Adriatic coast of this country. Of these, the most famous are Portorož, Piran, Strunjan, Koper. They have a highly developed tourist infrastructure.

Izola Hotels

In this article we will talk about one of the most popular resorts in Slovenia - Izola, the photo of which is presented below.


This small town is located on the Adriatic coast, between Koper and Portorož. Unfortunately, this former fishing port is undeservedly deprived of attention from tourists. It is impossible to meet crowds of tourists here. At the same time, Izola (Slovenia), whose photo of the old city testifies to the Venetian charm of buildings, is a worthy alternative to the more modern and popular Koper or Piran. It can hardly be called a noisy tourist center. The city of Izola (Slovenia) has only seventeen thousand inhabitants. There is no airport here. The nearest air gate, located in Ljubljana, is 113 kilometers away. A regular bus leaves the airport for Izola three times a day.

Walk around the city

This small Slovenian town has a seaport from which tourists can take a ferry to Venice. Transport links to the nearest cities in many European countriesprovide shuttle buses. By train you can reach Austria, the Czech Republic, Slovakia and Hungary. But keep in mind that train tickets are more expensive than bus tickets.

History of Appearance

The territories in the vicinity of Izola in Slovenia were inhabited two millennia ago by the Histras, one of the Illyrians. They founded settlements here, the ruins of which can be seen in the village of Korty, located near the city. Here, from the surrounding hills, there is a beautiful panorama of the smallest seaside town in Istria, which was once an island connected to the mainland by a large stone bridge. That is why Isola was so named. And although over time the island merged with the coast, life here today is inextricably linked with the sea and, of course, fishing.

In the era of the Roman Empire, on the site of the city of Izola in Slovenia, there was a large port of Aliaetum. In the Middle Ages, he was dependent on Koper. In the middle of the thirteenth century, independence was proclaimed in Isola, but after two and a half decades the town became part of the Venetian Republic. From the sixteenth century, with the development of Trieste, the importance of Isola as a port began to decrease.

Isola Slovakia

After the fall of Venice, the entire territory of Istria became part of Austria. This situation continued until the First World War, after which Isola was already part of Italy, and after the Second World War - already Yugoslavia. Since 1991, Isola has been one of the cities of independent Slovenia.

Tourist information

Isola has always been considered a "poor relative" of Piran andKoper. It was better known as the town of fishermen. Today, however, mass tourism is diligently developing here. Holidays in Izola (Slovenia), reviews of which can be read below, are primarily beach holidays. Although visiting local attractions will give travelers no less pleasure than swimming in the sea and sunbathing for many hours.

The cobbled narrow streets of the historic center of Isola are home to numerous art galleries, cozy cafes and restaurants. The city hosts cultural events throughout the year. In Izola you can experience the true taste of local cuisine and the charm of Istria. The climate here is mild Mediterranean with warm summers and not very cold winters. As evidenced by numerous reviews of Slovenia, Isola is a vibrant mosaic of history, traditions and friendly locals.

Attractions in Izola

Because the city is located on the coast, the main entertainment here is sailing. In Izola, there are winds almost all year round. This has made the resort popular with windsurfers and yachtsmen.

City Tour

Tourists in Izola can take walks along the promenade. The promenade is two kilometers long. There are many rental points where you can rent a bike and ride it around the city. Many rent a boat to go fishing.

Isola combines Pannonian, Mediterranean and Alpine cultures, which is felt not only in the city's architecture, but also in the local cuisine. Since this is a sea town, the main dishes in manyrestaurants contain seafood. Judging by the reviews, the local wine is very similar to the original Tuscan counterparts.

Reviews about Izola

Walking around the city, you should definitely reach its historical center. In Izola there is an observation deck that offers amazing views. Children will love visiting the dolphinarium. There is a casino in the city, and shoppers can shop in shops and souvenir shops.

Beaches and sea

According to the statistics, holidays in Izola are gradually becoming more and more popular. And this is not surprising. The warm Adriatic Sea, clean pebble beaches, delicious local cuisine, a wide range of entertainment - all this attracts people with a variety of interests to the resort.

Often this resort is called "an oasis of Mediterranean slowness." Simonov zaliv, Svetilnik and Bele Skale are the most popular beaches in Izola (Slovenia). The photos below confirm their incredible beauty. They are ideal for holidays with children. In general, kids tolerate the local climate very well. The central beach of Izola is free. It is located near the historical center of the city. This is a well-equipped beach, but it is almost always crowded with tourists. There are several attractions, playgrounds and recreational areas right next to it.

City of Isola

Urban beaches in Izola (Slovenia) are small pebbles.

Simonov zaliv is considered the best. It is located within walking distance from the city center. Its advantage is a low tourist load. Besidethere is a great park with the beach.

Bele Skale, located at the foot of the hill, is wild. There is no specially equipped area for swimming, umbrellas, sunbeds, so those who prefer peace and solitude come here.

The beach is located at the foot of the hill of the same name. There are no equipped places to relax with umbrellas and sunbeds, but you can enjoy peace and privacy.

The Blue Flag of the EU constantly marks the quality of ecology in Izola (Slovenia). Holidays at sea in this Mediterranean resort will delight even the most fastidious tourist. All the beaches here are clean and the sea is amazingly clear. Sometimes you can see dolphins from the shore, and if you're lucky, even whales.


Isola in Slovenia is becoming more and more popular every year. There are not as many hotels here as in neighboring Koper or Piran. And those that exist are concentrated mainly in the city and in the surrounding Yagodya. A feature of local hotels is the lack of complex meals: tourists are provided only with breakfast, and for lunch and dinner they will have to go to nearby restaurants, which serve excellent food, and the prices are quite affordable.

Paradise for yachtsmen

The best hotels in Izola (Slovenia) are the four-star San-Simon Resort, Hotel Marina 3, Belvedere Casino Resort 3 and Hotel Delfin. During the high season, room rates go up a lot. This is due to the limited number of hotels. Therefore, many tourists prefer to book rooms in the spring.

Practically everyoneIzola hotels offer free Wi-Fi, developed infrastructure, air-conditioned rooms with traditional content. Many of them have a large area, fully landscaped, with a swimming pool and free parking.

Private housing

Some Russian tourists prefer to rent apartments for a holiday. In Izola, if you wish, you can stay in one of the hotel complexes or rent an apartment from a private owner. In the city center, renting a two-room apartment costs about 50 euros per day. A more spacious dwelling with a living room, two bedrooms and a terrace, which can accommodate up to four people at a time, will cost from 70 euros and more.

As evidenced by reviews of Slovenia, Isola is not a very expensive resort. There are both elite housing and affordable options that are available to tourists with average incomes.


Apartments in Izola (Slovenia) have a different price level, depending on the class and area. Those who appreciate space and luxury can purchase duplex apartments (160-200 sq. meters) for about 300-450 thousand euros. Housing is simpler, for example, a kopeck piece of 34 sq. m, will cost about sixty thousand. e. The average price range of real estate in Izola ranges from 120-200 thousand. Townhouses here cost about 280-490 thousand USD. i.e., although there are higher rates.

The price range for cottages within the city is much higher. The selling price of a private house can start at $295,000. e. The price of luxury mansions reaches a million euros, and sometimesand more.


There are many historical and architectural monuments in Izola in Slovenia. The most notable landmark of the city is the Church of St. Maurus. It is located on the highest point of the ancient island and gives the city a characteristic charm. The church was erected in the middle of the XIV century. Its architecture combines two styles: Baroque and Renaissance.

The largest number of attractions in Isola is located in Piazza Manzioli. Here you can see the church of St. Mary, which is distinguished by an octagonal composition and a vaulted ceiling in the form of a cross, the palaces of Manzioli and Lavisato, one of which houses a large library of manuscripts and books, and the other a music school. On the outskirts of Isola, the ruins of a Roman villa and an old port have been preserved.


Most often tourists come here who prefer a quiet relaxing holiday. There are no nightclubs or noisy discos in Izola. The only entertainment is the local casino. Judging by the reviews, the Russians really liked the cuisine, especially fresh seafood in restaurants. Unfortunately, for children, who come here quite a lot, the resort provides very little entertainment. In Izola there is only an amusement park, as well as a water park and a dolphinarium, which are far from the center.

The best time for sea lovers is July and August. During this period, the Adriatic Sea is warm. However, the high season also has its drawbacks: a large number of vacationers on the beaches and an unreasonably high price in hotels and in the private sector. A lot of positive feedback from our compatriotsleft about fishing, which is incredibly exciting here.

The vast majority of Russians who discovered Slovenia, in particular Izola, were satisfied with their choice.

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