Slovenia, Portorož reviews. Hotels in Portoroz, Slovenia: Address, Portoroz Hotels Reviews: 4.5/5

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Slovenia, Portorož reviews. Hotels in Portoroz, Slovenia: Address, Portoroz Hotels Reviews: 4.5/5
Slovenia, Portorož reviews. Hotels in Portoroz, Slovenia: Address, Portoroz Hotels Reviews: 4.5/5

Recently, many of us are just beginning to discover such a new destination as Slovenia. Portorož, Bovec, Dobrna, Kranj and many other cities and towns really deserve our attention. What is so amazing about this country? And why does the number of tourists from year to year only increase there?

This article will provide answers to all these questions, focusing in more detail on the first of the above-mentioned settlements. The reader will find out what a vacation in Portoroz (Slovenia) is like, a modest town that, as a rule, falls in love with itself from the very first minutes after arrival. Here, in fact, at any time of the year there is something for both adults and young travelers.

General description of destination

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If we talk about the famous resorts of Slovenia, Portorož is simply impossible to ignore. This settlement is located 130 km from the capital - Ljubljana, and 100 km from the fairly large city of Pula.

Deepening into history, you can find out that its name means "Port abundantly planted with roses." By the way, it starts from the small village of Lucy and stretches to the medieval city of Piran, the pearl of the Adriatic.

This delightful corner of the Slovenian Riviera combines amazing relaxation and wellness programs in the sauna center and thermal pools. The city of Portoroz (Slovenia) is also a modern center of thalassotherapy and Thai medicine. In addition, there is no shortage of Russian-speaking guides, since in the hottest months not only Austrians and Italians come to the resort, but also many Russians or citizens from the countries of the former USSR.

Tours to Portorož (Slovenia) are sold out willingly. Who doesn't want to visit the Adriatic Sea? Or wander among the pines and a huge number of soft pink bushes? The atmosphere here is really special.

How to get to your destination

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Not everyone knows that Portoroz has its own small airport that receives flights from Ljubljana and Trieste. Why not? Flight prices are quite reasonable, and promotions organized by various carrier companies are quite common.

The resort itself is easily accessible by regular buses. Sometimes the hotel staff themselves come to the rescue. For example, the "Grand Hotel" (Portoroz, Slovenia), as a rule, organizes meetings of its tourists in the capital.

It should be noted that in Portorož from morning to evening with an interval of approximately 15 minutesShuttle buses run connecting the resort city with Piran, the village of Lucia and the complex of sanatoriums and hotels.

Natural healing properties

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In the 90s. 20th century rare, rather deep and very healing thermal springs were found in Portorož, which contain not only sulfur and sodium chloride, but also other useful marine components. The healing properties of this sea mineral water for human he alth are simply invaluable. That is why Portoroz (Slovenia), the photo of which is presented in the article, is a place that every traveler must visit.

The resort also has a thalassotherapy center that combines 5 beneficial factors in treatment procedures, such as thermal mineral, sea and s alt water, mud and clay. The amazing climate of Portorož with a rich composition of iodine and bromine in the air also favorably contributes to the treatment of various diseases.

S alt water is extracted from the s altworks. It does not contain allergens, enriched with magnesium, iodine and bromine. Such s alt water helps in the treatment of degenerative and rheumatic pains, muscles and joints, after operations and in case of nervous diseases. Inhalations with this healing water provide an excellent cleaning of the respiratory tract in chronic diseases.

Also in Portorož, high-quality homogeneous black clay, the so-called fango, is used for treatment. It consists of a large amount of useful minerals and s alt water. In the course of treatment, chemical andthermal properties of fango.

Based on all the above facts, it becomes clear why hotels in Portoroz (Slovenia) need to be booked in advance. There are practically no vacant places there during the season.

The main specialization of the resort

Today, in general, Slovenia (Portorož in particular) is a very popular European destination. The place, in addition to an amazing and carefree holiday, offers a whole range of therapeutic and preventive procedures.

The resort specializes in the treatment of respiratory diseases, neurological, musculoskeletal disorders, skin diseases, overweight and neurophysical exhaustion.

Wonders of the local climate

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Portorož (Slovenia) perfectly combines sandy beaches and shores, mild maritime climate, amazing nature and healing factors.

Of course, many will object that, they say, sea holidays have always been and remain the most useful, even in Sochi, even in Alushta, even in Thessaloniki. But, unlike other settlements, in Portoroz, in addition to the sea, there are thermal springs and a he alth and beauty center.

Among other things, the surroundings of the resort are also rich in lush southern vegetation, fruit trees, flowers and incredible air filled with the scent of pine needles.

Portorož (Slovenia) is waiting for its guests both in summer and winter. In the warm season, it is humid and warm here. Not particularly exhausting, comfortable for relaxation, the temperature and a light refreshing breeze from the sea will make the tripunforgettable.

Healing air, saturated with minerals and useful natural substances, warm water and clean beaches have a very beneficial effect on the human body.

No less pleasant here in winter. In Portoroz, there are never severe frosts and sharp drops in temperature. Taking into account the wishes of travelers, a special park with swimming pools has been equipped on the territory of the resort area.

Portorož (Slovenia)… Reviews about this place are usually the most enthusiastic. Vacationers, however, claim that there are a lot of tourists at the resort in summer, so if you are planning a trip for medicinal purposes, go to this area in winter.

All hotels, apartments and apartments in Portorož (Slovenia) are protected by mountains from the north, which is why there are no adverse climatic conditions here even in winter. You can have breakfast, lunch or dinner on the verandas or balconies. Portorož has plenty of sunshine all year round without strong winds.

Things to do on vacation

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The resort has a very developed infrastructure. Not only has a modern thermal center been built here, but there are also decent quality hotels, miraculous saunas, pools (both fresh and sea water) and the possibility of holding press conferences.

Strongly equipped tennis courts, yacht clubs, sports gyms, horseback riding and the opportunity to master different types of water sports will pleasantly surprise fans of outdoor activities.

In general, Slovenia (Portorož in particular) is, perhaps, a real paradise forentertainment. At the resort in question, secular parties and excursions are constantly held. You can visit the well-known karst cave in Europe - Postoynaya Yama, a modern stud farm, Predyasky Castle with an underground system of grottoes and galleries.

By the way, not everyone knows that some 200 km from Portorož is filled with romance Venice. You can go there by bus or catamaran. Tours are held on a regular basis.

In 2 km from the resort there is an ancient town - Piran. It was founded a very long time ago by the Venetians. Labyrinths of narrow streets, fortress walls and medieval churches have survived to this day in Piran.

Besides, this town is famous far beyond its borders for the best fish restaurants in Europe.

Interesting excursions

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Resting at the resort, you can go on an interesting excursion and visit the Alpine city of Bled. There is a medieval lake with a small island in the center. Everyone is recommended to visit it.

You can look at the beauty of old houses, the amazing design of facades and arched courtyards in Ljubljana.

An excursion to the famous stud farm in Lipica will have an equally impressive impact on both adults and children. Initially, only the elite breed of Venetian horses was raised here, but now professionals are simply breeding thoroughbred horses.

Excursion to local caves

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Leave no one behindindifferent excursion to the karst region with underground caves, pine forests and limestone rocks.

This is it, Slovenia. Portorož is just the most typical example of the area.

The Postojna Cave is especially interesting. It consists of corridors 20 km long. The tour begins with the fact that the first two kilometers deep into the cave, tourists pass by train. And only then does the walking route begin.

Also add adrenaline to the blood and a tour along the Škocjak cave, protected by UNESCO. The natural uncouthness has been preserved in it to this day. Here, brave travelers must cross a narrow bridge over a dark abyss with a depth of almost 80 meters. An underground river boils at the very bottom, and whole flocks of bats hang overhead, like in a horror movie.

Hiking near the city

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Walking on foot, you can go to the ancient city of Piran. There is still preserved an ancient church and an observation tower-bell with almost decayed steps. If you are not afraid to climb the stairs and go upstairs, you can admire with your own eyes a magnificent view of the sea and the surroundings of the village. Many travelers speak warmly and enthusiastically about a walk through the streets of ancient Piran.

Besides, you can walk to Lake Bled with a picturesque island in the center. Here, on a vertical rock right above the lake, hangs an old castle.

General tips for vacationers

Vacation on Portorož actuallywill be pleasant and amazing. Don't worry about that.

Here you can not only have a great free time, but also treat your body. The thermal wellness center offers a wide variety of treatments to treat and prevent a wide variety of diseases, so it's worth bringing your swimwear from home well in advance.

Portorož also hosts a whole complex of high-quality hotels with playgrounds, bars with live music, numerous restaurants and cafes, casinos, etc. Places, however, need to be booked in advance. And this applies to both hotel rooms and tables in public places.

Hotels in Portoroz (Slovenia). Tourist reviews

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Tourists who have visited this wonderful place speak delightfully about the hotels of this settlement. All accommodation facilities provide a range of quality services. The staff go out of their way to make sure travelers enjoy their stay.

A special entertainment program is organized every day for little vacationers.

Almost all hotels have their own sandy white beaches, equipped with bridges leading into the water. It's nice to spend your free time here. Separately, the presence of a wonderful embankment is noted.

Among other things, seasoned travelers recommend tasting wonderful Slovenian cuisine in restaurants, bars and cafes. Be sure to pay special attention to the fish catering places in Piran. Here fromreal culinary masterpieces are being prepared.

It is impossible not to note one more important nuance: although tourists often equate Portorož with the natural wonders of the planet, prices here are quite affordable even for travelers with average incomes.

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