Istanbul - Mineralnye Vody: air tickets, direct flights

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Istanbul - Mineralnye Vody: air tickets, direct flights
Istanbul - Mineralnye Vody: air tickets, direct flights

On the route Mineralnye Vody - Istanbul, planes fly quite often. The tourist and business flow is quite large, so it is not so difficult to find a ticket, because, as you know, demand creates supply. More than 5 Russian and Turkish airlines daily send planes on the Istanbul - Mineralnye Vody route or vice versa. Consider the advantages of a particular flight, all offers on the market, as well as the approximate cost of some of them.

City of Istanbul

Pegasus Airlines flights

Direct flight Istanbul - Mineralnye Vody operates every Monday at 23:05 local time. The plane lands in the city of Mineralnye Vody at 01:15. The cost of an economy class ticket varies within 140 euros. Under the terms of the fare, 8 kg of hand luggage is allowed, you will have to pay extra for luggage. There are also other fare options that include baggage allowance.

pegasus airline

On Wednesdays, the plane on the route Istanbul - Mineralnye Vody departs from the Turkish airport at 22:55 and arrives at the Mineralnye Vody airport at 01:05. Passengers can buy a ticket for this flight from 89 euros (approximately 6700) per passenger. The full schedule Istanbul - Mineralnye Vody can be found on the airline's official website, as well as the return flight schedule.

In addition, there is a flight on the route in question, which is carried out late at night. At 03:20 the plane takes off from Mineralnye Vody Airport and lands at Istanbul Sabiha Airport at 05:30. Total flight time is 2 hours 10 minutes.

It is worth noting that this airline is the only one that operates direct flights on a given route. All others fly with transfers in Moscow or other cities.

Aeroflot flights

The largest Russian airline also offers flights on a given route. There is no direct flight Mineralnye Vody - Istanbul, only with a transfer in Moscow. However, Aeroflot planes fly daily on the routes Istanbul - Moscow - Istanbul. And also Mineralnye Vody - Moscow - Mineralnye Vody. When buying a ticket from Istanbul to Mineralnye Vody or back, a transfer in Moscow can take from 3 hours or more, on average about 9 hours. In general, you can find more than 10 flights per day.

istanbul city

For those who like to travel a lot, Aeroflot is pleased to offer a flight with 2 transfers, namely inMoscow and St. Petersburg. The plane from Mineralnye Vody departs at 11:05 and arrives in Moscow at Sheremetyevo Airport at 13:30. From there, a plane flies to St. Petersburg. Between flights, the transfer is a little less than 2 hours. At 21:25 the plane takes off from Pulkovo Airport to Istanbul, where it lands at 01:10 the next day. There is also an option with a shorter 1 change in Moscow. The plane departs from Mineralnye Vody at 02:35 and lands at Sheremetyevo Airport at 04:55. In 3 hours - a flight to Istanbul, in which the traveler will be at 11:40.

Also, those wishing to travel from Istanbul to the Caucasian city or vice versa should study Aeroflot's offers in cooperation with other airlines. Most often they are the most optimal in terms of time period, as well as in price. These options will be discussed below.

KLM flights

Royal Dutch Airlines also offers pre-set tickets. However, unfortunately, it is not possible to fly to Mineralnye Vody on the planes of this airline, exclusively to Moscow. Then you can choose the offer of one of the Russian airlines. It is also worth noting that KLM tickets are not the cheapest on the market, quite the contrary. A flight from Istanbul to Moscow will cost a passenger no less than $1,200 (more than 78,000 rubles).

Flights by Pobeda

One of the Russian low-cost airlines also operates a flight along a given route. However, with a transfer at the Moscow airport. For example, you can find a flight departing Mineralnye Vody Airport at 7:20 and arriving in Moscow at 9:45. Next flightfrom Moscow at 15:25, the plane arrives in the Turkish city at 19:10. Transfer in Moscow takes 5 hours 40 minutes.

Pobeda Airlines

Azal Azerbaijan Airlines flights

Azerbaijani airline Azal also offers a flight on the route under consideration with a transfer at the airport named after Heydar Aliyev. For example, a flight is available that operates at 20:45 from Ataturk Airport and arrives at Baku Airport at 00:30. Flight duration - 2 hours 45 minutes. The flight connection time is 15 hours 30 minutes. The plane departs from Baku to Mineralnye Vody at 16:00 and lands at 16:40. It is worth noting that the flight time is 1 hour 40 minutes, but due to the time difference, it turns out that passengers arrive in just 40 minutes. The total travel time is 19 hours 55 minutes.

Azal Airlines

Flights are made every Friday and Saturday. The full schedule is available on the airline's official website.

Buta Airways flights

The airline is an Azerbaijani low-cost airline. There is no direct flight from the Turkish city to Mineralnye Vody, but you can pick it up with a transfer at the Baku airport. For example, the company operates flights from Baku to Mineralnye Vody 3 times a week, about the same number of flights from Istanbul to Baku and back. However, it is worth noting that transfers are quite long, so for traveling with children, it is better to choose a flight from another airline.

Airline Buta

Turkish Airlines flights

The largest airlineTurkey offers 6 flights on the route Mineralnye Vody - Istanbul or vice versa, however, all of them are carried out with a transfer at Moscow Vnukovo Airport. For example, departure from Istanbul at 07:50, transfer in Moscow at 11 hours 50 minutes and arrival in Mineralnye Vody at 19:40 local time. The cost of tickets for a flight in economy class starts from 30 thousand rubles.

Turkish Airlines

You can also choose the option of departure from Istanbul at 11:05, with a transfer for 8 hours 35 minutes and arrival in Mineralnye Vody at 19:40. It is also important to note that the airline operates these flights in cooperation with the Russian airline Utair, which is responsible for the second part of the route from Moscow to Mineralnye Vody.

It is impossible not to mention that Turkish Airlines has been recognized as the best in the European market more than once. The quality of services of the airline in question is really high, which cannot be ignored! Turkish Airlines also offers excellent value for money flights.

Share flights of Aeroflot and a/c Pobeda

It is also worth noting that in addition to direct flights on the route in question, there are a lot of flights with transfers in Moscow or other cities. Most often they are carried out by two different airlines, each of which is responsible for its own distance.

For example, one of these options is the Mineralnye Vody - Istanbul flight with a transfer in Moscow, operated by three airlines at once: Aeroflot in cooperation with the Rossiya airline and a / c"Victory". It is worth noting that all 3 airlines are included in the same Aeroflot group. From Mineralnye Vody airport, the Aeroflot plane takes off at 10:40. The flight lasts no more than 2 hours 20 minutes, and at 13:00 the plane lands at Moscow's Vnukovo airport. Then the passenger needs to wait about 2 and a half hours. At 15:25, the plane of the Pobeda low-cost airline takes off from Vnukovo to Istanbul. Arrival at 19:10 at Ataturk Airport.

Share flights by Rusline and Pobeda airlines

A joint flight on the route Mineralnye Vody - Istanbul with a change in Vnukovo is also operated by Pobeda and Rusline. The Rusline airline is responsible for the first part of the journey. The plane takes off at 06:00 and lands at Moscow airport at 08:15. Then the transfer is about 7 hours. At 03:25 p.m., the Pobeda Airlines plane takes off in the direction of Istanbul and lands at Ataturk Airport at 19:10.

We have considered the most optimal options for the proposals for the route Mineralnye Vody - Istanbul, air tickets: direct and connecting. Unfortunately, only one Turkish airline, Pegasus Airlines, operates direct flights. The largest Russian air carriers do not operate direct flights, but they offer a wide variety of flights on a given route with transfers in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

The considered options are not the only ones, in fact, you can combine flights of different airlines according to your convenience. Also, do not forget about the various promotions that are often arranged. During ticket sales periods, you canreally save a lot of money, for this you need to subscribe to the mailing lists of companies of interest.

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