The cheapest flights in Russia: air tickets for direct flights

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The cheapest flights in Russia: air tickets for direct flights
The cheapest flights in Russia: air tickets for direct flights

Do you love flying or do you have to use airlines for work? Are you planning your next trip abroad, but your budget is very limited? Which airlines can provide you with affordable tickets, how to fly to another country without luggage for the lowest price, and what are the cheapest flights in Russia?

The plane of the airline "Victory"

What are low-cost airlines?

Low-cost airlines will be able to provide you with cheap flights within Russia. But, unfortunately, something must be sacrificed in order to receive any discounts on tickets. This usually comes at the cost of increased travel requirements. For example, to baggage allowance, hand luggage, and even to a place on the plane.

Each country has its own low-cost airlines. For example, the famous Flydubai (UAE), EasyJet (British company), Wizz Air (Hungary), Pegasus (Turkey), Air Arabia (UAE), airB altic (Latvia). The Pobeda airline provides the cheapest flights in Russia.This is a subsidiary of Aeroflot, founded in 2014.

Passengers on the plane

Why do low-cost airlines have cheap tickets?

The fact is that cheap tickets can usually be bought on the website on the Internet. The price goes down because there is no need to allocate money for the maintenance of air ticket offices in various cities. After all, there is no need to hire more workers, and therefore pay them wages.

Also, many of the services that large airlines can provide you are excluded from their offer by low-cost airlines. That is, you pay only for the flight. If you wish to book a specific seat, include luggage on your ticket, increase your carry-on size, or order breakfast, lunch, snacks or dinner, you will have to pay an additional fee. However, not all airlines offer these privileges for a fee. Pay attention to this before buying a ticket.

Stewardess on board

More about the plane itself. Namely, about the places on board. Since there are usually many people who want to fly at the lowest price, airlines have to take planes with a large number of passenger seats. You understand that this can make your flight less comfortable. Moreover, often you are unlikely to be able to fly with your friends or relatives sitting next to each other. At check-in, seats may be allocated in such a way that you will fly at the front of the plane, and your friend or parent at the end. If you care and want to be close to your fellow traveler throughoutflight or maybe you will be so comfortable and calmer, if you are afraid of flying, we recommend that you book places located nearby in advance for a fee.

In addition, discount airlines are slashing payroll costs. Therefore, one staff can perform many functions: from cleaning the cabin to unloading luggage from the aircraft.

By the way, if you bought a ticket from one of the low-cost airlines, then for sure you will fly on a new plane. Airlines are doing everything to ensure that they have to spend as little money on ship repairs as possible.

The cheapest flights in Russia

Do not think that low-cost airlines can provide you with cheap flights. Of course, other airlines can offer you a ticket for a small cost to any destination in our country. So, consider cheap tours in Russia with a flight. However, we will make a reservation that some tickets will be without luggage. Keep an eye on it.

Low-cost flights across Russia with luggage

Let's look at cheap flights across Russia. Airlines, flights, destinations and baggage allowance are as follows:

  1. Moscow - Kazan. Utair airline offers a ticket for 2990 rubles. Hand luggage and baggage up to 10 kg.
  2. Moscow - Sochi. In 2 hours and 20 minutes, Ural Airlines will take you to Sochi for 2,700 rubles. Hand luggage - 5 kg, luggage - 10 kg.
  3. Moscow - Ufa. The price of a Utair airline ticket is 3900 rubles. You can fly to Ufa in two hours with 10 kg hand luggage and 23 kg luggage.
  4. Moscow - Irkutsk. Mosta cheap ticket with 20 kg luggage can be purchased from Pobeda Airlines for 5200 rubles.
  5. Moscow - Yakutsk. The cheapest ticket to the capital of the Republic of Sakha can be bought from Nordwind Airlines for 14,600 rubles. One piece of baggage and hand luggage 5 kg.
  6. Moscow - Vladivostok. You can get there for 13,200 rubles by the Rossiya airline. Hand luggage - 5 kg and luggage up to 23 kg.
Airplane passengers with luggage

Cheap flights across Russia without luggage

It's time to explore how cheap it is to fly to various cities in our country without luggage. A good opportunity to explore new places and surroundings. Cheap flights within Russia are operated by:

  1. Moscow - Kaliningrad. Pobeda Airlines offers a ticket for 1470 rubles. Hand luggage only.
  2. Moscow - Yekaterinburg. You can fly with the Pobeda airline for 2180 rubles. Hand luggage only.
  3. Moscow - Samara. Pobeda has the cheapest ticket. For 1500 rubles you can fly there in 1 hour 40 minutes with just one hand luggage.
  4. You will get to the Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug, namely to Surgut from Moscow by the Pobeda airline in just over 3 hours for literally 2000 rubles. Hand luggage only.
  5. Moscow - St. Petersburg. You can get there for only a thousand rubles by purchasing tickets from the Pobeda airline. Hand luggage only.
  6. Moscow - Nizhny Novgorod. A ticket from the airline Utair costs only 2000 rubles. You can take hand luggage with youweighing no more than 10 kg.

By the way, the Pobeda airline's carry-on baggage allowance is the same everywhere: 36x30x27 cm. If you want to fly with luggage, you can add this service for 1687 rubles.

The plane is landing

Ways to fly cheaper

There are at least three ways to buy tickets cheaper. Using them, you can save a lot on flights.

  1. See if there is another city with an airport nearby. Very often there are situations when a ticket from point A to point B is much more expensive than a flight from a nearby airport. For example, from the city of Nizhnevartovsk (Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug) you can fly to Moscow for 6749 rubles (S7 Airlines), and this is the minimum price. And from the city of Surgut, located 220 km from Nizhnevartovsk, you can fly to Moscow for only 2030 rubles (Victory). Even if you pay an additional 1,600 rubles for a twenty-kilogram baggage, you will still be in the black, flying from Surgut. Since a ticket from Nizhnevartovsk to the nearest other airport costs only 500 rubles (by the way, the bus arrives directly at Surgut airport, which is insanely convenient for travelers), you won’t have to spend money on a taxi or a bus, figuring out how to get there).
  2. If you know exactly the dates of departure and arrival, then it is most profitable to buy round-trip tickets from one air carrier. Large companies usually give a discount when making such purchases, increasing loy alty and retaining loyal customers.
  3. Believe it or not, it is often much cheaper to fly with transfers thandirect flights. By the way, this also works with foreign destinations.
  4. Large air carriers often delight their customers with special promotions. Do not forget to track them, subscribe on social networks to the pages of airlines you are interested in.
  5. Better to take a ticket in advance. Especially if it's not off season. For example, the usual price (in October, December) for a flight from Moscow to Simferopol is about 3,200 rubles. In the summer it is twice as expensive. If you want to take a ticket for July to the southern cities, be sure to take it several months in advance.
  6. Also keep track of exactly what time you arrive. What if this is a city of mass congestion? We mean the time of various championships, festivals and holidays. For example, during the 2018 FIFA World Cup, flight prices increased by as much as 3 times. If it was usually possible to fly from Novosibirsk to Moscow for 4,000 rubles, then in June the price rose to ten thousand.
  7. Be sure to have applications on your smartphones that track ticket prices and tell you the dates you can fly cheaper. For example, Skyscanner or Aviasales.
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We hope that the information about cheap flights in Russia was useful to you. Travel more, keep an eye on airfares and don't be afraid to explore new cities!

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