Yerevan - Mineralnye Vody: distance, direct flight tickets

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Yerevan - Mineralnye Vody: distance, direct flight tickets
Yerevan - Mineralnye Vody: distance, direct flight tickets

Both Yerevan and Mineralnye Vody are resort towns where anyone can have a great rest. And not only. From the capital of Armenia to a large Caucasian city, you can get there by car or use the services of an air carrier. The market offers both direct and docking options. Consider everything.

Both Yerevan and Mineralnye Vody are resort towns where anyone can have a great rest. And not only. You can get from the capital of Armenia to a large Caucasian city by car, or you can use the services of an air carrier. The market offers both direct and docking options. Consider everything.

Distance from Yerevan to Mineralniye Vody

The distance between the two cities is 480 km. According to the navigator, the average travel time on highways will take 11 hours. However, it is not always convenient to get from the starting point to the end point on your own. Sometimes it is faster and much more comfortable to use the services of air carriers.

Yerevan city

The fastest non-stop flight from Yerevan to Mineralnye Vody or back takes 1 hour 15 minutes at a speed of 369 km/h. Passengers are also offered flights with transfers in the capital of Russia. The fastest flight from Yerevan to Mineralnye Vody with a transfer in Moscow takes 6 hours 55 minutes. The longest flight with long transfers can be up to 21 hours. Consider several offers from Russian and foreign air carriers.


The airline offers a flight on the route Evervan - Mineralnye Vody with a transfer in Moscow. From the capital of Armenia, the plane takes off for the capital's Moscow Vnukovo airport at 07:05 and lands in 2 hours 55 minutes. It is worth noting that the tickets always indicate the local time of departure. The transfer to Vnukovo lasts 1 hour 50 minutes, which is enough to pass all the necessary checkpoints. The plane flies to Mineralnye Vody for 2 hours and 10 minutes. Passengers will be on site at 13:00. In total, the flight with waiting at Vnukovo Airport takes 6 hours 55 minutes.

Airline Utair

A complete list of options offered by Utair can be found on the official website of the carrier. Passengers can also become members of the STATUS bonus program. For each flight, passengers can accumulate accrued points. Each time the accumulated number of points can be exchanged for a discount, 1 point=1 ruble. In other words, a passenger who has accumulated 500 points can receive a discount of 500 rubles.

Nordwind Airlines

Mineralnye Vody - Yerevan air tickets offered by Nordwind Airlines are the best in terms of price among all offers on the market. Buying tickets in advance, tourists get the opportunity to pay just over 4,000 rubles for the flight.

Nordwind Airlines

Let's consider one of the options. It should be noted that this flight is also not direct, passengers need to transfer at the Moscow airport. The plane from Mineralnye Vody departs at 13:10 and lands at Sheremetyevo International Airport at 15:50. The transfer lasts 6 hours. During this time, it is important for passengers to have time to move from one airport terminal to another, namely from terminal D to terminal F. The plane leaves for Yerevan airport at 21:50 Moscow time. The flight duration is 2 hours 55 minutes.

Previously, the airline operated a direct flight Mineralnye Vody - Yerevan and back (flight duration was 1 hour 15 minutes). However, to date, there is no such offer on the website of the air carrier. It is probably carried out exclusively during the "peak" season, which starts from May to October. Passengers should additionally contact the air carrier, if desired, to check the availability of this offer.

Georgian Airways

Georgian airline offers a direct flight in this direction. The flight takes place once a day and twice a week in both directions. Let's take a closer look at the example of one of the flights.

Georgian Airways

Passengers have the opportunity to purchase a ticket (Yerevan - Mineralnye Vody) for a direct flight for 79€ (economy class). The plane takes off from Yerevan at 11:20 local time and lands in Mineralnye Vody in 55 minutes. The flight is short enough that only tea and snacks are offered to passengers.

It is possible to purchase tickets both at the carrier's sales offices and on the official website. It is worth noting that buying tickets in advance, you can save a lot. Passengers can also find the entire list of airline offers on the Georgian Airways website.

S7 Airlines

Another major Russian air carrier offers passengers a flight on the route Mineralnye Vody - Yerevan with a transfer at Moscow Domodedovo Airport. From the airport of the city of Mineralnye Vody, the plane takes off at 17:55. The airliner lands at Yerevan airport at 05:20 the next day. Transfer in Moscow takes 5 hours and 10 minutes, changing the terminal is not required. The cost of an economy class ticket is just over 7,000 rubles.

S7 airline

Members of the S7 bonus program get the opportunity to earn more than 1000 points for the flight they make. More detailed information about the bonus program, which is valid on all S7 Airlines flights, can be found on the company's official website, as well as at the carrier's offices.

Aeroflot Airlines

The largest Russian air carrier also operates flights on a given route.Unfortunately, there is no direct flight Mineralnye Vody - Yerevan or vice versa. But passengers can combine flights by adding transfers in Moscow or St. Petersburg. It is worth noting that such a ticket will cost much more than the options presented above. Therefore, if you want to fly on the route Yerevan - Mineralnye Vody, choose the offers of this airline as a last resort, giving preference to more advantageous offers.

Aeroflot airline

Passengers of the airline can participate in the Aeroflot Bonus bonus program. For each flight, passengers receive bonus miles. After accumulating a certain amount of bonuses, they can be exchanged for an upgrade of the class of service, or purchase a reduced ticket.

Belavia Airlines

Belarusian airlines also operate flights from the capital of Armenia, as well as from Mineralnye Vody. Unfortunately, there is no direct connection between cities, so when choosing a flight of this carrier, you should select a connecting city. For example, passengers can purchase tickets from Yerevan to St. Petersburg, and then from St. Petersburg to Mineralnye Vody. You can also purchase tickets with transfers at one of the Moscow airports. Pay attention to the duration of the transplant, the most optimal time is 4-6 hours. Transplanting more than 10 hours can be too tiring.

Belavia Airlines

Buying tickets from different airlines

When purchasing tickets for a given route with a transfer at one of the Russian airports, it is not necessary to buy tickets exclusively from oneairlines. For example, a ticket from Mineralnye Vody to Moscow is with one carrier, and from Moscow to Yerevan is with another carrier. It is important to correctly calculate the time that is given for a transplant. Expect that during this period you will need to go through security again, and it is also possible to change the terminal or even the airport (if there is more than one in the city).

Purchasing air tickets

There are several ways to purchase the tickets discussed above. The most famous and widespread is the acquisition at official points of sale, airline offices. On the website of each individual air carrier, passengers can find all the addresses of offices located in the nearest city. Also, sales offices are often located at airports from which the carrier operates.

The second option is to book and buy tickets on the carrier's official website. To do this, the passenger will need to independently enter passport data, select the class of service, the date of the flight, check the amount of time during the transfer, and also pay for the purchase using a bank card. In general, the process takes no more than 10 minutes. The airline's website also offers another convenient service - self-check-in for a flight. Within 24 hours before the flight, the passenger has the opportunity to check in and choose a seat.

Travel more often! Fly! And always be sure to compare offers from different airlines.

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