How to fly cheaply to Thailand on your own?

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How to fly cheaply to Thailand on your own?
How to fly cheaply to Thailand on your own?

Few destinations can boast such a growth rate of tourists as Thailand. In terms of attendance, the kingdom has already overtaken Egypt and Turkey - the undisputed leaders. This means that a fairly large tourist market has formed in Thailand.

With some useful knowledge, you can organize a fairly budget independent trip to an Asian country. So how cheap is it to fly to Thailand? Where can I find cheap flights and hotels? How to save on excursions, but not lose in the brightness of the impressions from the trip?

How to buy an inexpensive tour

How cheap to fly to Thailand on a package tour? A tour can cost much more than a solo trip, so you should first look at the offers of the operators.

A flight with one or two transfers out of season will cost about 70 thousand, and a package offer is offered for 80-90 thousand with a flight and a three-star hotel, and in some places with meals. How to fly cheap to Thailandvoucher? The easiest is to try to buy a hot tour, but this is far from the best option for those who are used to planning everything in advance or do not have the opportunity to take a vacation unexpectedly.

how to fly cheap to thailand in winter

How to fly cheap to Thailand and relax without worries? Find a good tour! But to do this is quite difficult. To buy a trip at an affordable price, you need to start planning a trip as early as possible. Early booking is a real salvation for those travelers who do not live in Moscow or St. Petersburg, because there may not be hot tours in the regions (or they are sold out very quickly). And then, if you do not plan everything in advance, you will have to choose from the remaining offers, and not always good ones.

Secrets of buying a cheap tour

Tour is better to buy online. It will turn out cheaper than in the office, or the same price. It is fast and reliable, and reviews on hotels and destinations, photos of experienced tourists will help you decide. You need to search for all travel operators in order not to miss a profitable offer.

It often turns out to be effective to search for neighboring dates or with a departure from nearby cities. Online aggregators offer to subscribe to a change in the price of the tour, and you should definitely take advantage of this opportunity. You will be notified by email when the price of the offer changes for certain dates.

Permits in the low season are always cheaper. In October-November, for example, you can fly to Thailand for ten days for 25-27 thousand rubles per person, that is, at a priceflight. It is not at all necessary that they will go continuously during the rainy season, but the prices are much lower, the rest is calmer, the water is just as warm, and the fruits are just as tasty, but you should definitely read the reviews for a specific destination for a specific month.

Traveling alone: ​​the benefits

Independent travel is definitely more profitable if you plan to stay in Thailand for a long time. Other benefits of organizing a tour without the services of companies:

  • free choice of place of residence, departure date and return time, route and activities;
  • flight with flight comfort (charters with mediocre service often fly on tours);
  • reliability (Scandals with suddenly bankrupt travel companies and tourists who stayed in a foreign country are widely known).
  • no need to choose one option from tours with a fixed price, the traveler plans his own budget.

There are plenty of ways to save money though.

Disadvantages of independent travel

Of course, there are also disadvantages. You will have to spend a lot of time making up a route and studying reviews. You will need to get a visa on your own, book plane and hotel tickets, provide for transportation from the airport to the hotel, organize entertainment and meals.

It takes effort and time. Difficulties in communication may arise, but everything is solved by knowing English at least at the initial level (for Thais, by the way, English is also not their native language).

Another problem is security. Fromexotic illnesses and injuries can be insured on your own (this must be done), but elementary precautions will help to avoid other troubles.

independent travel

Thai tourist visa

How to fly cheaply to Thailand on your own? The first issue is permission to enter. Citizens of the Russian Federation can visit an Asian country without a visa, upon arrival they simply put a stamp that is valid for thirty days. Those who fly for a longer period need to apply for a visa in advance. This can be done in Russia or in countries neighboring Thailand (Laos, Malaysia) in one day.

how to fly cheap to thailand in summer

Before, Russians used to live in Thailand for years without a visa, just leaving for another country once a month and coming back the same day. But since 2014, migration policy has tightened. When passing through passport control, you need to keep on hand a return ticket or a ticket to a third country, at least 20,000 baht (about 40 thousand rubles) per person in cash. Money is rarely checked, but it's better to play it safe.

How to fly cheap to Thailand

Don't overpay for tickets when the money can be spent on massages, exotic fruits and seafood. But how to fly cheap to Thailand? To buy budget tickets, you need to compare prices, check tickets for different dates and look at different cities of departure, buy a round trip flight at once (flying one way is very unprofitable).

From Moscow to Bangkok you can fly Aeroflot or Thai Airways for 9-10hours. The price starts from 30 thousand in both directions. With a flight from St. Petersburg, everything is bad, because tickets can cost from 70 thousand or more. It is better to fly on a tour or with a transfer.

How to fly cheap to Thailand? Flights from Novosibirsk are quite budgetary. On board the S7 low-cost airline, you can fly to Bangkok for 28,000 rubles. S7 also flies from Vladivostok (from 29 thousand). There are no direct regular flights to Thailand from Kazan, Khabarovsk, Yekaterinburg and other cities, so you will have to fly by charter or with a transfer. The latter option is cheaper, and the choice of airlines is wider. You can fly via Hong Kong (Cathay Pacific), Qatar (Qatar Airlines), UAE (Emirates or Etihad), Finland (Finair), Guangzhou (China Southern Airlines), Almaty and Astana (Air Astana) and so on.

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The most profitable flights for the holidays

How cheap to fly to Thailand for the New Year? This is not an easy task, because during this period prices rise strongly. It is important to plan your trip and book tickets in advance (at least three or four months in advance, if not much earlier) and check different days, because on holidays the price difference can be crazy.

How cheap is it to fly to Thailand in winter? Judging by the reviews, you can buy tickets at the best price if you plan a departure for the twentieth - twenty-third of December and return on the first - third of January. The cheapest, of course, is the thirty-first of December, but this option is not suitable for anyone. You can save even more if you fly before December 20th and return after January 10th.

Direction androutes

How to fly cheap to Thailand? A self-planned trip makes it possible to choose a direction and make an itinerary so that you save money and see everything that interests you.

Bangkok, for example, is a city for lovers of active cultural and excursion leisure, and Phuket is a classic beach resort, Russian tourists go to Pattaya for a measured beach holiday and excursions, but there are also night adventures. Travelers speak favorably about the islands of Koh Phangan, Koh Samui, Chang, but the infrastructure there is not well developed. With any itinerary, it is better to set aside at least 2-4 days for Bangkok, because there is something to do in the city, especially for those who are there for the first time.

Budget hotels in Bangkok

How cheap is it to fly to Thailand in February? Most of the budget consists of the cost of the flight. Accommodation is another significant expense.

In the high season, buying cheap air tickets is a great success, but if it works out, then why not fly to Thailand on vacation. Where to stay in Bangkok so as not to spend all the money on accommodation? There are transit hotels near Suwanapumi Airport with 24-hour check-in, inexpensive meals and free shuttle service. Good options are Mariya Boutique Residence, BS Residence Suvarnobhumi, Comfort Suites Airport Hotel, Queen’s Garden Resort.

online hypermarket tours

For beginners in independent travel and those who do not know English well, Bayok Sky with a Russian-speaking reception is suitable. Worth a look at Center hotelsPoint Silom, Grand Diamond Suites Hotel, Grande Center Point Hotel Ploenchit, Astera Sathorn Hotel.

A double room at the Klean Residence Hotel, for example, can be booked under a special offer for $25 (1,650 rubles) per night + about $8 for breakfast (525 rubles). The front desk is open 24/7, the hotel is 25 km from the international airport, and according to the reviews, the rooms are clean and comfortable. Tourists evaluate the ratio of cost and quality of service in this hotel as optimal.

Thai Price Review

During the rainy season, travel will be much cheaper, but this country has already ceased to be inexpensive for tourists due to the crisis. But still, you can relax there quite budget.

How cheap to fly to Thailand in the summer? The cost depends not only on the season, but also on the place of rest. The price of products and services in resorts can vary significantly. For example, a serving of rice with meat will cost 40 baht or more (80 rubles), a massage - from 200 baht (400 rubles), renting a motorcycle for a day - from 150 baht (300 rubles), renting an umbrella on the beach and a sunbed for a day - from 100 baht (200 rubles), excursions to Phi Phi - from 1400 baht (2800 rubles).

By the way, it is better to eat in cafes and restaurants that are away from the tourist trails, or even visit local markets. The difference in cost can be very significant.

how to fly cheap to thailand

Rent and public transport

To see all the beauties of an exotic country, it is better to rent a motorcycle or a car,because taxis and organized tours are very expensive. The usual cost of renting a vehicle is 200-250 baht per day (400-500 rubles), while the owner does not ask for a passport as a deposit. Renting a car is more difficult and more expensive - from 700 baht per day (1400 rubles).

It is worth knowing that traffic in Thailand is left-hand, the driver needs a license, insurance and a helmet are also required, and parking is prohibited on red and white markings. In addition, you cannot leave your passport as a deposit and you must first photograph all the scratches on the motorcycle in the presence of the owner.

When moving around the country, it is advantageous to use public transport. This applies to transfers from the airport, movement between cities and within their borders. How to fly cheap to Thailand? One more piece of advice about transport: to cut down on your travel budget, you can fly to neighboring countries and buy very cheap tickets from local low-cost airlines ($10-30), and you can also buy profitable tickets for domestic flights with promotions.

Some travel tips

how to fly cheap to thailand and relax

How cheap to fly to Thailand is understandable, but a trip should be not only budgetary, but also comfortable. There are things worth spending money on. First of all, it is high-quality medical insurance. Be sure to buy repellents and other mosquito repellents, bottled drinking water, have a sweatshirt with you (during long bus rides or flights, the air conditioners turn on at full capacity, so you can catch a cold very easily). ATlocal supermarkets Tecso and Big C sell perishable products at a big discount after 19:00, and in the latter you can also ask to cook purchased seafood for free.

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