Rest in Karelia on the Great Guba

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Rest in Karelia on the Great Guba
Rest in Karelia on the Great Guba

You can relax beautifully not only in foreign resorts, and the Great Guba of the Republic of Karelia is an excellent proof of this. Rest in Karelia will be appreciated by those who prefer silence and virgin nature to sultry and noisy cities, and fishing or a leisurely walk to discos or active shopping. But do not think that relaxing in Karelia is boring, because this is a place where both avid fishermen and hunters, as well as athletes or just ordinary people feel equally good.

Climatic features of the Republic of Karelia

The climate of Karelia is very mild. It's never too hot or too cold here. At any time of the year, due to the abundance of precipitation, high humidity prevails. The weather is very changeable and can change several times a day. Winter in Karelia is very snowy, which also contributes to the influx of tourists who are fond of skiing or winter hunting.

Sights of the Great Guba

Karelia is a wonderful land, very rich in natural beauty and sights. Many who have been here at least once cannot forget this fabulous place and strive to come here again. If you decide to relax in Karelia, then you just need to visit these fabulous places.

Sights of Karelia
  1. Kizhi. The open-air museum "Kizhi" is located on the Kizhi island of the same name in the Great Guba. More than 80 objects of wooden architecture are located on its territory. The 22-domed church is considered especially popular among them.
  2. Slovets Monastery. This ancient building was built in the 15th century. It survived many wars, but still retained its former greatness. Now it is referred not only to the 7 wonders of Russia, but also to UNESCO sites.
  3. Ruskeala Park. This tourist complex was created on the site of a former marble quarry. The quarry eventually filled with groundwater, and coniferous and deciduous trees grow on its shore. The size of the park is 460 by 100 meters.
  4. The Valaam Monastery was built on the site where Andrew the First-Called set up a stone cross during his travels in Russia. This once Russian monastery has now gone under the care of the Finnish Church.
  5. Ruskeala waterfalls. These waterfalls are a favorite place for rafting tourists, but those who are not fond of this sport will certainly appreciate the miraculous beauty of this area.
  6. The National Museum was founded in the 19th century and is still very popular withtourists. In the museum you can see not only paintings, but also household items of the peoples of Karelia.
  7. Kivach Waterfall is perhaps the most picturesque place in the Republic of Karelia. The waterfall arose on a rock, at the confluence of two rivers - Suna and Shuya, and its height is about 10-15 meters.
  8. "Paanajärvi" is a relatively young park, but loved by many tourists. On the territory of the park there are a large number of tall mountains and the lake of the same name Paanajärvi.
  9. Vodlozersky park. This park belongs to the protected area. Its area exceeds 450 thousand hectares. Vodlozersky park is not all open to the public, but only a small part of it (about 50 thousand hectares), the protected area is closed to the public.

Active rest in the Great Guba

Tourists come to Karelia not only for cultural enrichment, this heavenly place is great for both fishing and hunting. However, it is worth remembering that many species of fish and animals of Karelia are listed in the Red Book, and their capture is severely punished by law.

Fishing in Karelia

In addition to fishing and hunting, in Karelia you can swim in crystal clear lakes, go swimming in boats, go horseback riding, skiing and dog sledding.

Hotels and resorts

It is a mistake to believe that budget vacation and comfort are incompatible concepts. When choosing tours in Karelia, you will surely be convinced of this, because only in this republic you can find cozy hotel complexes for quite a budget price. The most popular among both locals and tourists arethe following hotels:

  • "Ladoga";
  • "Seagull";
  • "Tourist TIN";
  • Gandvik Hotel;
  • "Petrozavodsk";
  • Prival Hotel;
  • mini-hotel "Ilma";
  • club hotel "Prionezhsky";
  • Guest house "Margarita" (Velikaya Guba).
Hotel in Karelia

All of the above hotel complexes are equipped with everything you need. Each hotel has its own restaurant or cafe, wi-fi, swimming pool, parking. The rooms are equipped with everything you need, there is a microwave, an electric kettle, an iron and a hair dryer, which is an additional plus in favor of the service.

What can be brought from Karelia

Perhaps the most interesting and enjoyable pastime on vacation is shopping. Shopping in Karelia will not be an exception. You should definitely visit the local souvenir shops or the market to buy souvenirs created by local craftsmen and needlewomen. The products of local craftsmen are very much appreciated among tourists, but the following products are most popular among them:

  • zaonezhskaya embroidery (tablecloths, towels, napkins);
  • shungite souvenirs;
  • Karelian birch products (caskets, snuffboxes, candlesticks, carved kitchen boards);
  • gifts of nature (fish, mushrooms, berries).
Souvenirs of Karelia

Area guide

If you decide not to purchase a tour of Karelia, but go there on your own, thenit is more expedient to purchase a detailed map of the area or a guidebook so that the whole vacation does not go in search of the desired object.

Karelia can be reached both by bus, train and by car. The road to Karelia is in very good condition, making it easy to get to your destination.

Road Karelia

But to get to the Great Guba from the Medvezhyegorsk region, you need to drive about 240 km, and the road in this area is far from ideal, so you need to drive here slowly, at an average speed.

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