Tourist center "Kitoy", Angarsk: location, how to get there, description with photos and reviews of vacationers

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Tourist center "Kitoy", Angarsk: location, how to get there, description with photos and reviews of vacationers
Tourist center "Kitoy", Angarsk: location, how to get there, description with photos and reviews of vacationers

If anyone doubts that a quality holiday is possible in Eastern Siberia, one can point to the camp site "Kitoy" in Angarsk. The photos taken in these parts are very beautiful. In addition, each guest is looking for an individual approach. The wonderful virgin Siberian nature gives the townspeople the opportunity to completely abandon the hustle and bustle.

The camp site can be used as a starting point for a multi-day hike or rafting along winding rivers. But it is also good to spend passive rest here, just enjoying walks, taking a steam bath, swimming in the pool.

The infrastructure at the camp site is well developed. There are barbecues and gazebos, children's recreation is well thought out. In this article, we will consider in detail the services provided by the camp site "Kitoy". We built its description not only on the information provided by the administration, but also on the reviews of vacationers.

Kitoy camp site (Angarsk): how to get there

The location of this place is excellent - they agree on thisall. The camp site is only 26 kilometers away from Angarsk. And at the same time, you can feel yourself in the bosom of virgin nature. Getting to the camp site "Kitoy" is very simple. You need to follow the highway leading to the village of Talyany. But to get to the camp site, you need to stop earlier. When you pass the village of Arkhierevka - and this is along the highway 25.8 kilometers from Angarsk - you should know that you are already there.

You can also get to the camp site "Kitoy" by public transport. From the Angarsk railway station there is a regular bus to Talyany. He will take you to the place in half an hour. The address of the camp site "Kitoy" (Angarsk): Irkutsk region, the village of Arkhiereevka. For a surcharge, the property can provide a minibus transfer.

Tourist base "Kitoy" (Angarsk) location


During the long weekend (New Year, May holidays, school holidays) there may not be free places at the camp site. It is better to plan your vacation in advance and book houses and rooms. Therefore, it is not enough to know the address of the Kitoy camp site (Angarsk). The phone number and website of the country hotel will also come in handy if you need to clarify some questions.

You can pay for a ticket without leaving Angarsk. To do this, it is worth visiting the office of the administration and the sales department, which is located in the city at the address: Karl Marx Street, house 75, office 7. You can see photos of rooms and houses in all details, you can see the price list on the website of the Kitoy camp site. The numbers by which you can contact the administration or book a room are also indicated on the website page.

Tourist base "Kitoy" (Angarsk), territory


All tourists say that the place for a country hotel is chosen well. The camp site "Kitoy" (Angarsk) is located on the banks of the river of the same name, opposite the village of Arkhiereevka. Since the places here are deserted, the territory is fenced, CCTV cameras are placed around the perimeter, and a guard sits at the entrance. Tourists say that the camp site is adjacent to the river. So summer vacationers get a nice bonus in the form of a beautiful sandy beach and swimming, and winter vacationers get a skating rink.

There is a guarded parking lot on the camp site. Children usually play in the open area. In winter, all guests can relax in the common living room with a fireplace. Part of the territory is reserved for barbecue: you can rent a barbecue and a gazebo. The camp site has sports grounds and two baths. The administration accepts orders for the organization of celebrations. For this there is a banquet hall. Business meetings can also be organized here. In the summer, a shady canopy can be pulled up in an open area. Children will love the zoo corner where brown bears live.

Tourist base "Kitoy" in Angarsk

Rooms. "Badgers" and "Fox Minks"

Depending on the time of year, the camp site "Kitoy" (Angarsk) can simultaneously accommodate from 70 to 90 people. On the territory there are both summer houses and heated buildings. There are also several cottages that are rented out as a whole. Consider downloaded summer unheated houses.

Tourists in the reviews mention that this is the most budget accommodation option at the camp site.A triple room in such "minks" costs 3420 rubles, and this price includes half board for all residents (breakfast and dinner). There are summer houses designed for two guests. Accommodation in them costs 1500 rubles. Four guests staying at the Fox Minks will have to pay 3,120 rubles.

What are the reviews for this budget accommodation? Tourists say that the room has beds, a hanger, a coffee table, several chairs and an electric kettle. Facilities (toilet, washbasin and outdoor shower) are located on site.

Tourist base "Kitoy", economy rooms

Accommodation for tourists in other seasons

The camp site "Kitoy" (Angarsk) is open all year round. In the houses that receive tourists during the cold season, there are heated floors. What do tourists recommend to book? Beaver Huts are very popular. The price of living here is from 1180 rubles per person per day. This price also includes half board. The amenities in Beaver Huts are better than in summer houses: there is a refrigerator, a bathroom, a TV, a wardrobe, a kitchen set.

Good accommodation in the two-story building "Cheerful anthill". The room rate starts from 980 rubles per person per day (2 meals included). The Merry Ant Hill has the advantage that on the ground floor it houses a common living room with a microwave and a cooler.

"Cozy lair" is a one-story house with four entrances. Each guest of these 4 double junior suites must pay 1480 rubles. per night (meals included).

Rank lower than the number in the "House ofrivers." This is a two-story building. On the first tier there is a sauna (use of it is not included in the price) and a living room with a fireplace. All rooms are located on the second floor. The cost of living in them is from 1280 rubles per person (with half board).

Tourist base "Kitoy" in winter

Locating large companies

There are one- and two-storey cottages on the territory of the camp site "Kitoy" in Angarsk. You can only remove them entirely. The one-story house "At Baba Vari" is designed for eight people. This cottage has two bedrooms with wide beds. Additional guests can be accommodated on pull-out sofas in the living room with a fireplace. In addition, there is a dining room with a fully equipped kitchen. A barbecue area is attached to the house. The price (12 thousand rubles for the whole house) does not include meals.

The second cottage called "Bear Corner" is a two-story building. It is designed to accommodate twelve people. On the ground floor of the cottage there is a fully equipped kitchen, a dining room with a fireplace and a bathroom. On the second floor there is a spacious hall and four 3-bed bedrooms. The cost of renting such a house is 13 thousand rubles per day. Meals are not included in this price.

Tourist base "Kitoy" (Angarsk), cottages


The meals of those guests who are en titled to half board are held in a cozy restaurant hall with 25 seats. There is also a banquet hall for 250 people and an open summer terrace. The restaurant specializes in European cuisine. Throughout the camp site "Kitoy" (Angarsk) operates Wi-Fi. What alreadyIt was mentioned that the administration provides a transfer on the route Angarsk - Arkhierevka - Angarsk for an additional fee. At the reception you can rent a brazier with a gazebo, as well as sports equipment - bicycles, rackets with balls, sleds, skis and more.

In the summer, guests of the camp site are invited to raft down the Kitoy River on inflatable rafts. You can also rent fishing equipment. On the territory of the camp site there are two Russian baths. One of them also has a swimming pool. You can ask for an iron and ironing board, which will be provided free of charge.

Tourist base "Kitoy" (Angarsk), reviews

Kitoy camp site (Angarsk): reviews

Holidayers mostly praise accommodation and food in this wonderful place. Despite the proximity to the city, it is very calm and quiet here. The administration is friendly, ready to meet the needs of customers. The cooks are excellent, the food is tasty and varied. Tourists were satisfied with the restaurant halls, their decoration and cleanliness. The only criticism is that the waiters are too slow.

Good conditions are created here for children. Toddlers under 6 years old can stay free of charge, and up to twelve - half price. On the territory there is a playground, you can rent sleds, bicycles and scooters for kids. The Internet, according to the reviews, works well, and pulls throughout the camp site. Vacationers also liked that the houses are not crowded. An atmosphere of calm seclusion is created, and noisy neighbors are not bothered.

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