River tram: timetable and route along the Moscow River

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River tram: timetable and route along the Moscow River
River tram: timetable and route along the Moscow River

Many travel to the huge metropolis, the capital of Russia, to learn more about the city and its many attractions. For some, this is the first time, someone has already been there more than once, but visits the city again, always finding something new and interesting. How can you learn and see better and more in a short stay in the capital? Everyone has their own methods.

Great Leisure Opportunities

Convenience for travel lies in the waterways that run through the city in many places. But the main one, which gave the name to the city itself, is, of course, the Moskva River, which flows for almost 80 kilometers in the very city. The river not only crosses the metropolis from the northwest to the southeast, but also forms some meanders. In the middle of one of the bends, at the very top, is the city center - the Kremlin.

Unique water walks

There are many ways for guests and residents of the capital to get acquainted with the sights of the city, see all its beauty and enjoy beautiful panoramas. One of these ways are river walks.tram. This is a unique opportunity, thanks to the independent choice of the route. The trip can last from one to five hours. During the walk you can see all the beauty of the huge city.

River tram

For everyone who wants to spend the whole day exploring the city, there is an opportunity to purchase tickets with an unlimited number of landings and landings. This will give a great opportunity to get acquainted with the beauties of the city. Each waterbus route covers a certain number of berths, so it will be easy to see all the sights and capture them on camera.

Muscovites' favorite - river bus

For many Muscovites, the river bus is the most favorite mode of transport in the warm season. With the onset of spring, from mid-April, this type of transport begins to function. Throughout the summer and until mid-autumn, citizens and guests of the capital can give themselves pleasure - ride a river bus. Fascinating walks take place not only along the Moscow River, but also along reservoirs, along the Canal. Moscow.

Along the Moscow River on a river tram

Due to the fact that the main artery of the river stretches for more than a hundred kilometers along the city coast, it is possible to see all the beauty of the picturesque areas of the capital. The river bus route along the Moscow River passes by the majestic and unique Moscow Kremlin. You can admire its architectural ensemble and splendor created by great architects.

From the bustle of the city to the bosomnature

The river bus will enable travelers to enjoy the most beautiful architectural monuments, learn more about the rich history of the city, and see the unique landscapes of the metropolis. This is always a great opportunity not only to admire the amazing views of the capital, but also a chance to step back from the bustle of the city. Staying close to the city, tourists are alone with nature and history.

river bus route

Walking along the Moscow River on a water bus will help you not only have a great time, but also get distracted from household chores, work or study. Such walks will give you unforgettable meetings with friends, give you the opportunity to make new, interesting acquaintances, or give you a chance to just be alone, dream and enjoy the most beautiful views overboard.

Excellent information content

Get drunk on the fresh air, ride on the water surface, leaving the bustle of the city behind - what could be more pleasant on a warm spring or hot summer day? Such sensations can be given by a river tram along the Moscow River. The schedule can be checked with one of the tour operators or at the river berths. You can also buy tickets for the ride there. For the most accurate schedule information, please visit the website of the Capital Shipping Company.

The weather is not a hindrance to travel

At any pier, before buying a ticket, you can also find out the tram schedule in advance, and then plan your trip. There will be no difficulties with sending, as the transport runsevery twenty minutes. Almost all trams have two decks, one of which is open and the other is closed. Therefore, any weather will not interfere with an exciting excursion.

ride the river tram

In warm, sunny summer weather, it is always nice to be on the open deck to breathe in cool and clean air. If the weather is cloudy and rainy, then it is amusing to contemplate the landscapes passing by, sitting comfortably on the deck closed from the wind and rain. The river bus is great for walking in any weather, especially if there are like-minded people nearby.

Majestic city through the eyes of tourists

Traveling in a tram, even local residents note that a completely different view of already familiar places opens up from the river. No city noise is heard, roads and residential buildings are not visible. A grandiose picture appears before travelers, where churches show all their splendor, illuminating the audience with golden domes. From this angle, the Kremlin wall looks completely different, the monument to Peter the Great is striking in its grandeur.

Timetable of river trams

To see all the beauty, it's worth taking a ride on a river bus in Moscow. The Kultury Park and the Luzhniki sports complex are slowly giving way to the Moscow City skyscrapers. Architectural monuments are replaced by the raging greenery of the park area, each trip will become unforgettable and unique. It is a must to capture these happy moments on camera to remember the great times.

And inalone and with friends

On the way, the river bus stops at all marinas, so it will not be difficult, if necessary, to get off at one of them and visit the place chosen for the excursion. Now more and more often they make fun walks on trams with whole groups of friends, order walks for loved ones or celebrate birthdays and other holidays. Such a solemn moment will surely be remembered by all those present and will impress.

river tram along the Moscow river timetable

The long history of the tram

If you look a little into history, you can find out that the first river trams appeared in Moscow back in 1923. They included 70 small boats that could take on board from 40 to 100 passengers. Even before the Great Patriotic War, the most popular routes were from Kamenny Bridge to Zaozerye and from Dorogomilovsky Bridge to the AMO plant.

Already in the sixties, not only urban, but also suburban lines appeared, which were served by high-speed hydrofoil ships. Over time, all Moscow water transport began to engage in excursions and walks. Therefore, it will not be difficult for guests of the capital to choose the best route for an informative and interesting walk.

The most requested route

Looking at the schedule of river buses, you can immediately determine that the most common route is starting from the Kievsky railway station and following to the Novospassky bridge. Transport departs every 25 minutes as in onedirection, and in the opposite direction, from noon to eight o'clock in the evening.

The next most visited route is from the Central Park of Culture and Culture to the Rossiya Hotel and back, here trams depart at half an hour intervals.

Schedule from Kievsky railway station to Novospassky bridge

Route 1 (linear), stops along the berths to the Novospassky bridge. En route - 1 hour 30 min

Route 2 (circular), non-stop. Flight to the Kremlin and back. On the road - 2 hours
12:04 14:52 17:40 20:28 12:04 14:52 17:40
12:28 15:16 18:04 20:45 12:28 15:16 18:04
12:52 15:40 18:28 21:10 12:52 12:52 18:28
13:16 16:04 18:52 21:30 13:16 16:04 18:52
13:40 16:28 19:16 13:40 16:28 19:16
14:04 16:52 19:40 14:04 16:52
14:28 17:16 20:04 14:28 17:16

The trip from Sparrow Hills to Ustinsky Bridge will be exciting, which will end again at Sparrow Hills. In an hour and a half of travel, you can see amazing landscapes, extraordinary beautythe capital and hear a lot of interesting things from a guide accompanying you along the way. Such trips are remembered for a lifetime by their splendor and originality.

Work for people

A large amount of water transport is provided by the Capital Shipping Company, but in addition to it, private companies offer river trips, which operate many additional routes. Thanks to this, there are no problems with overloading of trams, and all tourists can safely enjoy their vacation on the river surface.

For guests arriving in the metropolis, it is worth mentioning that there are 16 berths along the entire river. It will not be difficult to get to the right place and see the many sights located by the water, which will look even more majestic.

Not only for guests of the capital

Muscovites often use waterbuses, as they make life easier for them. Despite the constant construction of freeways, it is quite difficult to travel by car in the city due to constant traffic jams. The metro is also overloaded, and in the warm season, there is not always a desire to go underground. River transport comes to the rescue, which will easily and comfortably take residents to the right place.

The hasty metropolis fades into the background, when you can calmly, sitting in a tram cafe, watch the beauties of the city. Many citizens are happy to go on river walks at night, because it is a real pleasure to see Moscow shining with lights, enjoying not only all its beauty, but also relaxing in a comfortable environment.The lights of buildings, the play of advertising make the city magical and unearthly in the dark.

When a tram brings joy

When the established summer comes, not all residents can go to seaside resorts. River navigation comes to their aid, because moorings are also equipped in the Moscow region. On the shore of the Klyazma reservoir there is an excellent sandy beach, which is framed by a pine forest that helps to keep cool. There are many cafes and shops on the territory, so vacationers go with pleasure to enjoy clean air and a magnificent beach. In order to get to the beach, you need to find out the schedule of river buses in order to get to your vacation without delay.

ride a river tram in Moscow

Fans of fishing can go to the Pestovskoye reservoir, where you can combine fishing with a pleasant stay. Everything here is equipped for a great holiday, not only a beach with shops and cafes, but also a boat station offers its own inventory.

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