Recreation center "Gruzino-4": description, tours, photos, reviews of vacationers

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Recreation center "Gruzino-4": description, tours, photos, reviews of vacationers
Recreation center "Gruzino-4": description, tours, photos, reviews of vacationers

Do you want to take a break from the bustle of the city and everyday routine? Do you dream of relaxing, restoring peace of mind and just changing the situation for a while? Then you urgently need to go out of town or even visit another country. If you need a resort not in the Maldives, but a more budget option, choose the Gruzino-4 recreation center. This place will show that in Russia you can have a good rest both in body and soul.

Choosing a vacation spot

Now many travel companies help you decide on a vacation destination, taking into account all your preferences in food, weather, climate, contingent and so on. Based on this information, the company's employees will present you with several options for recreation with a variety of cottages and recreation centers. A good travel company should be guided by the motto: "Your wishes are the law for us."

When choosing, you will pay attention to cottages with a different number of beds, evaluate their convenience, the possibility of outdoor activities, the distance to the main attractions of the city. Ask how to book a cottage you like and what is its price. Now almost all companies have their own websites, where theypost all the necessary information about the holiday with photos, prices and the ability to book a place via the Internet. If you have any questions, then you can go to a travel agency, where they will explain everything in detail and clearly.

Recreation center "Gruzino-4"

Not so long ago, the best vacation for residents of Soviet cities was going to the dacha. There was no such “leakage” abroad as it is now during the holidays. If you want to return the former popularity of Russian places, relax in nature, then come to the Gruzino-4 base. The beauty of Lake Lembolovsky will not leave you indifferent, you will not even remember about foreign beaches.

In these cute, cozy, comfortable houses you can relax with the whole family or arrange corporate evenings by the fire. Don't think that you will be bored the next day. This is not true. In addition to unity with nature, you can arrange fishing, boating, barbecue, play billiards, paintball and other games. It all depends on your imagination. Below is a photo of the recreation center "Gruzino-4". Appreciate the beauty of the landscape!

Lake Shore
Lake Shore

If you want to see all the colors of the beauty of nature, come to "Gruzino-4" both in winter and in summer. When the base is covered with snow, you can go skiing, play snowballs, and when the sun is in full heat, it's so nice to swim in the lake.

The recreation center "Gruzino-4" is located 30 km from St. Petersburg in the Priozersky district of the Leningrad region - in a magnificent place, on the shores of Lake Lembolovsky, on the peninsula.


On the territory of the basethere are winter and summer houses. The official website says that they will create for you comfort, positive emotions, a charge of vivacity, a great mood and a cozy atmosphere.

Vacationers will be able to enjoy visiting the football and volleyball courts, sauna, shooting gallery, trampoline, bicycles, boats and even get sports equipment. In winter, services are extended to the purchase of skis and skates. For couples there is also an outlet. The children's playground will keep your kids busy while you spend time with each other.

For fishermen here is just a paradise. Silence and places where the fish bite well.

Boats in Georgian 4
Boats in Georgian 4

In the evening, all visitors can get to know each other better, eat kebabs to the accompaniment of the invariable guitar. You can enjoy this atmosphere all year round. It is also worth mentioning that the Gruzino-4 base is guarded, you can not be afraid of wild animals that accidentally wandered into the village to people, and other, not the most pleasant neighbors.


Recreation center "Gruzino-4" offers its visitors the following types of entertainment:

  • boat station;
  • banquet terrace;
  • sauna;
  • shooting gallery;
  • live music and dance floor;
  • banquets;
  • corporate holidays;
  • sports fields;
  • fishing.

There are also sufficient parking spaces.

Recreation center

Visitors are provided with winter and summer village-type houses. In winter, the base can accommodate 62, and in summer 94 people. All cottages are locatednot far from each other in a checkerboard pattern, which makes it possible to retire from the rest or, conversely, spend a vacation together. The most remote cottage from the lake is 100 meters from it. Near each house there is a table, a bench and a brazier. What else do you need for a pleasant stay? In winter, in cold weather, the cost of a house with stove heating includes one wheelbarrow of firewood per day.

Winter houses

Two-storey house is designed for ten people. There are five of these here. It includes four rooms: on the first floor three double rooms, on the second floor one four-bed room; six single beds and two double beds; small kitchen: gas stove, kettle, frying pan, saucepan, refrigerator, sink, washbasin, water bucket. Well next to the house. The rooms have beds with clean linens, tables, stools, TV. There is wood for the stove. For an additional fee, a veranda can be used that can accommodate up to fifteen people.

winter house
winter house

The base also has three one-story houses for five people each. In such a house there are two rooms, designed for two or three people. They have three single beds and one double bed. There is also a small kitchenette, equipped with a refrigerator, electric stove, sink, washbasin, kettle, frying pan, pot, water bucket. The rooms have a TV, tables, stools, beds with clean linen. The heating here is already electric.

There are also triple one-storey cottages. This house has two rooms. One of them is a living room with a kitchen and a stove, inanother bedroom with single and double bed. There is a TV in every room.

Summer houses

There are also summer cottages at the Georgian-4 recreation center. For example, a summer house for four people is equipped with electric heating. Here you will be offered two rooms, two single beds and one double bed.

Summer cottage for ten, which also has electric heating. The difference with the rest of the houses is that it is divided into two non-communicating parts, each of which has its own entrance. There is also a room for two with a double bed and a room for three with single beds.

Summer house
Summer house

Summer house for eight people: electric heating, two rooms. One has a double bed, the other has four single beds. For vacationers, there is also a large kitchen with a huge table.

single beds
single beds

Summer room above the bath or attic, designed for three people. The room has one double bed and one single bed. There is a separate staircase to the second floor. The balcony overlooks a beautiful lake.

Leisure attic
Leisure attic


You arrive at the Georgian-4 recreation center at 16:30, leave at 15:00. Below are the prices for renting houses:

  • Rent a winter house for ten people for a day on a weekday costs 5,500 rubles, on weekends 7,000 rubles.
  • Kovcheg (8 seats) costs 4,400 rubles on a weekday, 5,600 rubles on weekends for one night stay.
  • Small house (5 seats)costs 2,750 rubles per day on a weekday, 3,500 rubles on a weekend.
  • Mirror House (4 places) - 2,200 rubles from Monday to Friday, on weekends 2,800 rubles a day.
  • Renting a house for three will cost 1,650 rubles on a weekday, and 2,100 rubles on Saturday and Sunday.

Shower and toilet are available only on the territory of the base, they are not provided in the houses. The rental price of the house includes accommodation and bed linen. Vacationers prepare their own meals. You can also bring your pets.

The price of billiards for 2 hours is 150 rubles. Skis and skates will cost the same.

If a teacher accompanies a group of 10 students, he lives for free.

Reviews about the recreation center "Gruzino-4"

On the official website, you can find a variety of reviews from visitors, in which they note that they had fun with friends. Cottages in their opinion are clean and comfortable, there is a beautiful view of the lake.

Guests who rested with their children write that the kids had something to do throughout the day. There are many toys and a trampoline here. The friendliness of the staff is also noted.