How to get from Vienna to Salzburg: options, features

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How to get from Vienna to Salzburg: options, features
How to get from Vienna to Salzburg: options, features

Old Europe is several times smaller than Russia. Cities there are sometimes located so close to each other that funny incidents happen: a city from a neighboring country can be closer to your locality than another city in your own country. The distance from point to point here is always small and easily overcome. However, when planning a trip from one city to another, it is worthwhile to think over your route in advance and find out where you can go. Here, for example, how to get from Vienna to Salzburg?

Start Location: Vienna

Before telling what transport runs on this route, you should get to know the cities themselves a little.

So, Vienna is the capital of Austria. Standing on the Danube at the foot of the Alps, it has a little less than two million inhabitants and ranks seventh in terms of population among European cities. Vienna is a truly ancient city; it was founded in the first century. Now the so-called Old Town - the most ancient, centuries-old buildings - is the center of the Austrian capital, around which new streets lie in rings.

City of Vienna

Literally a stone's throw from Vienna are the borders with Slovakia and Hungary. It is noteworthy that in the thirties of the last century it was possible to get to the capital of Slovakia - Bratislava - by the most ordinary city tram. As for Hungary, it is worth recalling that earlier Vienna was the main city of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, was a major cultural center, had a certain authority (if I may say so in relation to the settlement), but with the fall of the empire, all former power sunk into oblivion.

At present, in addition to the many scientific centers and universities located here, a large number of various international organizations are based in Vienna; including this is the third city for the headquarters of the UN.

Destination: Salzburg

From the German language, the name of the town is translated as S alt Fortress. The Austrian walled city, which is located five kilometers from the German border, is even older than Vienna itself, the distance from which, by the way, is almost three hundred kilometers.

Beauty of Salzburg

In terms of population, Salzburg ranks fourth in the country, and almost one hundred and fifty thousand people live in it. Previously, the city was called Yuvavum - back in those days when there was just a small settlement in its place. Like Vienna, Salzburg has a central historic center with old buildings, which is so valuable that it is even included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

From Vienna to Salzburg

As abovementioned, the distance between these two points is approximately three hundred kilometers. How can they be overcome? There are several options, each one is worth sorting out.

Vienna - Salzburg


This is probably the simplest option that immediately comes to mind and seems to be the easiest and most convenient. Indeed, what could be easier - got into the car and drove off, the road will take only about three hours. However, even here there are difficulties.

Austrian capital Vienna

First, it's car rental (of course, this item does not apply to those who have their own vehicle). Secondly, it is gasoline - knowledgeable people say that about twenty-four liters will be needed. All this is quite expensive, and tiring - because all the time you have to be in suspense while you are driving. On the other hand, there is an undoubted plus in such a trip - the opportunity to admire the incredibly beautiful nature, stop where you want, and take pictures as a keepsake. So you need to weigh the pros and cons before making a decision.


Another option for getting from Vienna to Salzburg is the bus. True, this is for inveterate adventurers and for those who do not feel sorry for their time - the thing is that there are no direct bus routes between these two cities. You can leave with transfers from the Vienna Erdberg station, but there are also not suitable flights for every day. The issue price will be approximately 20 euros, or a little less than 1,500 rubles.

Vienna -Salzburg: train

The most simple and convenient transport that allows you to get in this case from point A to point B is the train. Immediately about the benefits:

  1. Great views from the window, which you can admire at your leisure, without being distracted by the road while driving.
  2. Comfortable, comfortable trains with Wi-Fi, sockets for recharging laptops and phones, air conditioning.
  3. Frequent service - trains run every hour from Vienna to Salzburg. Sometimes even more often - once every half an hour. You can find out the detailed and exact timetable of trains Vienna - Salzburg on the website of the station or directly on the spot.
Viennese beauties

There, at the box office, you can buy a ticket (another option is to buy in advance online, in the most extreme case, it is permissible to do this on the train itself from the controller). The cost of the trip will cost about 19 euros (1400 rubles), and the whole journey will take about two and a half hours. An interesting feature of the Austrian railway is that many types of tickets suggest the possibility of interrupting the route in order to get to know some town on the way from Vienna to Salzburg. Later you can continue on another train, but on the same ticket.

Air travel

And finally, the last way to get from Vienna to Salzburg is by plane. Not to say that it was too convenient an option - it takes no less time on the road than by train or car (plus you need to add here the travel time to and from the airport), and it will come out incomparably more in terms of money -from 60 euros to at least more than 200 (from 4420 to 14,700 rubles).

Salzburg in Austria

Thus, this pleasure is very doubtful - except for those who cannot live without flights and the sky. Such amateurs can find plying planes on the route Vienna - Salzburg and the schedule of their flights on the website of the airport of any of these two cities.

What to see

If you are already going from one locality to another, then you need to know what is definitely worth visiting there. In Salzburg, this is the birthplace of Mozart - one of the most popular Austrian museums; Amusing fountains and Hellbrunn Palace - the summer vacation spot of princes.

Mirabell Palace Salzburg

Also, once in Salzburg, it is worth seeing the Mirabell Palace and Park - a favorite place for romantic dates and wedding ceremonies, which one of the local princes built for his beloved back in the seventeenth century; Getraigedasse - the central street of the old part of the city; zoo, Cathedral Quarter, House of Nature and many other amazing places and attractions. By the way, it is worth visiting the city's outskirts - there is also something to see there!

Interesting facts

  1. The inhabitants of Salzburg have had the nickname "bull washers" since antiquity, which they probably got from the habit of washing the meat of freshly slaughtered cattle right in the river.
  2. The famous musical "The Sound of Music" was filmed in Salzburg.
  3. The oldest newspaper in the world is published in Vienna.
  4. Croissant is not a French invention. Hewas first baked in Vienna and was then called the Viennese bagel.
  5. There is a monument to Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin in Vienna.
Salzburg, Austria

Now everyone knows what makes the city of Salzburg so special and how you can get from Vienna to Salzburg.

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