How to overcome the distance from Vienna to Salzburg

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How to overcome the distance from Vienna to Salzburg
How to overcome the distance from Vienna to Salzburg

Currently, many choose to travel to Austria - one of the most beautiful and cleanest countries in Europe. This state is very rich in sights, there is an unsurpassed cuisine and an interesting culture. There is something to see in Austria, because it is not for nothing that the most fastidious tourists choose a tour to this country. However, in Austria you can have a great rest on your own, without purchasing a tour.

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If you are going to spend a vacation in Austria, it is best not to stay in any one city, but to visit several. In this case, the cities of Vienna and Salzburg are suitable for recreation, the distance between them is not very large and can be quickly overcome.

So, the cities for the trip have been chosen, it remains to prepare the necessary things to spend your vacation in comfort. So that your trip to Austria does not fail, prepare the following in advance:

  • Visu.
  • Guide detailing the distanceVienna - Salzburg.
  • Transport schedule.
  • Book a hotel.
  • Booklets advertising sightseeing tours or cultural programs of cities.

By the way, clothes for traveling to Austria should be chosen comfortable to wear and according to the season. If you are planning to visit the theater or any similar social event, be sure to take care of a couple of evening dresses.

Each sight of Austria is worthy of the closest attention, so be sure to take a camera or camcorder with you on your trip to capture everything.

Sights of Vienna

Vienna is a very beautiful and romantic city in Austria. It is customary to come here not only to admire the sights, but also for a honeymoon or romantic trip. This city is considered to be chosen among all lovers and lovers of the classics. There is something to see here, namely:

  • Hofburg Imperial Palace.
  • Vienna City Hall.
  • Burgtheater.
  • Austrian Parliament Building.
  • St. Stephen's Cathedral.
  • Plague column.
  • Karlsplatz.
  • Vienna Philharmonic.
  • Vienna State Opera.
  • Dancing musical clock Ankerur.
  • Hundertwasser House.
  • City park and golden monument to Strauss.
  • Prater Prater.
  • Danube tower.
  • Belvedere Palace.
  • Schoenbrunn Palace.
  • St. Francis Church.
  • Monument to the Soviet soldiers who liberated Austria from the Nazis.
Vienna city

After all the sights of Vienna have been examined, you can safely move forward - to Salzburg. The distance between Vienna and Salzburg is easy and comfortable to overcome if you leave at dawn or in the evening after 17-18 hours.

Sights of Salzburg

Don't think that all the most interesting things can be seen only in Vienna, since Salzburg has just as many attractions. If you come to Salzburg, then be sure to stay here for a couple of days to explore its surroundings and admire the sights of the city. Here you can see for yourself:

  • Mozart's House.
  • Fortress Hohensalzburg.
  • Salzburg Cathedral.
  • Helbrunn Palace and funny fountains.
  • Salzburg Museum.
city ​​of Salzburg

But not only sights adorn the city. Salzburg is given majesty and unique beauty by the mountain landscape and the Salz River, after which the city got its name - Salzburg.

How to get from Vienna to Salzburg

The distance between Vienna and Salzburg is about 297 km. So it won't be too difficult to overcome it. You can get there by car, bus or train. However, the most comfortable way to travel from city to city is driving. If you do not have your own car, you can rent it in Vienna or order a taxi.

Road from Vienna to Salzburg

Distance from Vienna toSalzburg by car is overcome in just 3-4 hours, and this is not so much, especially since excellent views open up along the way. But by train, the same distance can be covered in 2.5 hours.

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