How to overcome the distance from Cairo to Hurghada: all options for independent travel

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How to overcome the distance from Cairo to Hurghada: all options for independent travel
How to overcome the distance from Cairo to Hurghada: all options for independent travel

For quite a long time, Russian travelers did not have the opportunity to get to Egypt by direct flights. The ban on such flights has been in effect since the fall of 2015. Now Egyptian airspace is expected to open any day now, but so far only with regard to regular flights to Cairo. Further, the transfer to the resort cities for organized tourists will be provided by the meeting party of the tour operator. Independent travelers will have to overcome the distance from Cairo to Hurghada, Sharm el-Sheikh and other resorts on their own. In any case, it doesn't hurt to figure out how to do it.

How to get from Cairo to Hurghada?

You can get to Hurghada by flying to Cairo airport in the following ways:

  • immediately buy tickets for domestic flights connecting the capital and the resort;
  • leave the airport, get to the intercity bus station and buy a bus ticket;
  • rent a car;
  • by taxi.

What are the advantages or disadvantages of each of them in overcoming the distance from Cairo to Hurghada, let's take a closer look.

Air travel

The advantage of this method of travel is that it does not require leaving the airport area. You just need to buy a ticket for domestic flights. You can do this in advance via the Internet or use the ticket offices of airlines upon arrival.

Cairo Airport

International flights arrive at terminal 1, hall two. In the kiosks of banks, you need to purchase a visa, stick it in your passport, fill out a migration card. Next is the standard procedure for passing through customs and passport control. After receiving the luggage, you need to leave the airport. A shuttle starts immediately to the right of the entrance, which transports transit passengers between separate departure areas. It will deliver to Hall 4, which is the departure area for local airlines.

This is the fastest way to reach the goal, and also comfortable. The plane flies on the shortest route, in contrast to ground transport. The distance from Cairo to Hurghada will be reduced to four hundred kilometers. Travel time is less than an hour.

Bus routes

There is a taxi stop right outside the airport doors. Having agreed on a price, you will need to get to the bus station, for example GoBus. The bus departs every hour from Tahrir Square, atHurghada, the final stop will be Nasser Street, from where you can hire a taxi to the hotel or rented apartment.

Travel by bus

The distance from Cairo to Hurghada in this case is a little over 450 km, and the journey will take approximately 6-7 hours.

Hire a taxi

Modern technologies have brought their own adjustments to travel in Egypt. There is no longer a need to run around the airport parking lot and negotiate with taxi drivers about the cost of the trip. You can agree on such a way to overcome the distance from Cairo to Hurghada even from home. Today, many services offer taxi services.

Taxi travel

By choosing one of the services, you can choose the class of the car and its capacity. The driver will pick you up from the airport doors or meet you at the arrivals hall with a sign. The distance will have to be overcome the same as the bus, about 460 km, but in time it will be faster, 4.5-5 hours.

Rent a car

The issue of renting a car to travel around Egypt can also be taken care of at home by looking for the appropriate service. Moreover, they can deliver a car directly to the airport. But not all companies can hand it over at the place of arrival, and not at the point of receipt.

The cost of the service will depend on many factors:

  • car class;
  • capacity;
  • complete set and additional options;
  • insurance;
  • rental period.

It is worth knowing that driving on the roads of Egypt, being a driver, is quite dangerous. Members of the movementhave a rather vague idea of ​​any rules, everyone rides at their own peril and risk. Surprisingly, however, accidents are extremely rare. How long to travel from Cairo to Hurghada, in this case, it's up to you.

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