Famous saunas of Cheboksary

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Famous saunas of Cheboksary
Famous saunas of Cheboksary

Sauna is one of the best relaxation options. In this way, you can relieve stress, improve your he alth and just have fun. In our article we will consider popular saunas. Cheboksary is a fairly large city, so there should be many establishments of this type.


This sauna is located at: st. Timofey Krivova, 10. There is an advantageous system of discounts: on weekdays from 8:00 to 16:00 - 20%, and for birthdays (three days before and after the celebration) - 15%, only after presenting a passport.

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The prices are quite pleasant - from 560 rubles. up to 900 rubles in an hour. The sauna is designed for 12 people.

This establishment offers a family holiday, with a group of friends, with work colleagues. Here you can spend time with comfort and quality rest. In addition to comfort and cleanliness, professional staff service awaits you. Features modern equipment. There is a swimming pool, lounge, steam rooms. The bar is open around the clock. A great opportunity to create a festive mood for yourself and your loved ones.

Sauna rooms

If you are looking for saunas with a swimming pool (Cheboksary), then pay attention to Albatross.

There is almost always a special offer: when ordering 4 hours - one houris free. The sauna is divided into small, medium and large rooms. The first can accommodate up to 6 people. For each subsequent one you have to pay extra 100 rubles. Additionally, there is a massage chair, a TV, a lounge. In the first half of the day, the cost of an hour is 640 rubles. And in the second and at night - 800 rubles.

The middle room can accommodate up to 8 people. Surcharge for each next one is the same as for the small hall (100 rubles). This also applies to additional amenities.

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The large hall accommodates up to 12 people. The cost here is more - 720 and 900 rubles per hour. Additional amenities are the same as in the previous halls. Only the illuminated pool is much bigger.


This is a bath-motel. If you want to not only visit the saunas (Cheboksary), but also have a good rest, then you are in Lotos.

The institution is located at the address: Vostochny village, 23. Very often various promotions are held here. For example: 20% discount every day until 17:00, of course, except weekends and holidays. This discount is also available for birthdays and honeymooners.

Regular visitors get a 10% discount on services and a barbecue area. And when ordering four watches - the fifth one is free.

The cost of one hour is from 560 to 800 rubles. Great Russian steam room!

This wood-fired sauna. It has healing properties. Everyone can enjoy the strength and power of the Russian bath, which is still legendary. She is known throughout the world. The complex has two large rooms withswimming pools, lounges, massage chairs. There is also a buffet on site. And visitors can have fun and sing karaoke on a large plasma.

It is possible to rent a double room. In addition to cleanliness, they have all the necessary amenities. The cost is 400 rubles for 2 hours or 500 rubles for a day.

On the territory, namely in the yard, there is a barbecue area. It is equipped with modern facilities. There is an oven and barbecue grill. It costs separately from bath services - 500 rubles for three hours.


What are cheap saunas? Cheboksary is a rather versatile city. Therefore, there are inexpensive places here. Finland is one of them. The sauna is located at the address: Yunosti Boulevard, 3. The prices here are quite symbolic - from 500 to 800 rubles per hour. Classical Russian steam room. Designed for up to 12 people.

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Here visitors have the opportunity to learn what a Finnish sauna is. This is a great way to spend time with benefit and improve your own he alth. The Finnish sauna differs from the Russian one in that it is much hotter and with less air humidity. This bath offers to experience such pleasure. You can have a great time here.

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The place is perfect for a family vacation or a group of friends. Real sauna lovers will appreciate the advantages of the Finnish sauna. In addition, they offer additional services for a comfortable stay. These include: excellent pools,cozy lounges, Russian billiards, parking, the opportunity to sing karaoke, a bar. Also in the institution there is an opportunity to smoke a hookah.


Describing the saunas of Cheboksary, let's talk about "Dubai". The institution is located at the address: Pirogova street, 4a. The cost here is slightly higher: from 800 to 1000 rubles. A classic Russian steam room that can accommodate up to 15 people. If you are looking for the best saunas in Cheboksary, then this is one of them.

And for good reason, because this is a vip-class establishment. Differs in an area of ​​200 square meters. This allows visitors to come as part of large companies. There is an opportunity to arrange any holiday. Even a wedding. Most often, corporate parties, parties, birthdays, as well as holidays for children are ordered. After all, it is the children who can swim in the pool while their parents take a steam bath. Such a holiday will provide everyone with a good mood.

The steam room itself is very large. You can simply relax with a steam or take various water treatments. Better yet, take a dip in the pool with cool water after a hot steam room. There are two large lounges, billiards, karaoke. Visitors can enjoy aromatic coffee and tea. There is a selection of desserts.

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Choosing Cheboksary saunas for a good rest, you should definitely visit this one. It is popular and there are always vacationers here. Therefore, it is better to book in advance.


Now you know good baths, saunas. Cheboksary is rich in such establishments. Therefore, each person will find a steam room to their liking andFinance.

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