Seychelles - heaven on earth

Seychelles - heaven on earth
Seychelles - heaven on earth

Seychelles is a fabulous holiday destination in the middle of the Indian Ocean. The total area of ​​the islands is over 400 sq.m. They are a unique place where the original beauty of wild nature has been preserved. Sandy beaches, huge coconut trees, giant turtles, rare sea birds, mysterious inhabitants of the ocean, fabulous coral reefs - all these amazing beauties will open the Seychelles islands before you. They are rightfully called heaven on earth.

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Seychelles. Climate features

A huge plus for tourists is the fact that this place to stay is located in the same time zone with central Russia. Therefore, you do not have to endure the inconvenience associated with restructuring in time. The Seychelles are located in the oceanic zone just south of the equator and have a mild tropical climate. It's never too cold or toohot, the temperature is always almost the same, without significant fluctuations. Between December and May, most of the precipitation falls on the islands. The warmest period is from November to March, and the coldest is from May to September. The main tourist islands are Praslin, Mahe, La Digue, St. Anne, Frigate, Cerf, Denise and Silhouette.

Seychelles. Leisure

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Tourists visiting this heavenly place travel with great pleasure, discovering new corners of the unique nature. Holidays in the Seychelles cannot be called purely beach or sightseeing, it is rather observant. By bike, car or just on foot you can explore new islands, bays and marine parks every day. Some hotels offer tourists to take a walk with an escort through fabulous places or visit the parking of birds and turtles. Many vacationers, studying the information on the request "Seychelles: Tours 2013", are planning to actively spend their time. For this, all the necessary conditions have been created here. You can go fishing (in the ocean, on reefs or shallows), both regular and deep sea. You can rent a boat or a yacht. Numerous dive clubs operate in the Seychelles, offering tourists services for exploring marine reserves and other beautiful places. Entertainment for children is offered only by five-star hotels, however, there are not so few small tourists here.

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Very often the Seychelles, photos of which are presented on this page, are chosen forhoneymoon young couple. Many hotels offer services for a romantic wedding ceremony. For a quality holiday for tourists on the islands, there are several casinos, cafes and restaurants with national cuisine, discos, bars and souvenir shops.


There are very few large hotels in the Seychelles. Usually the number of rooms in hotels does not exceed 25. Small hotels are very cozy and comfortable. Their design will appeal to even the most demanding tourist. Most of the rooms are equipped with air conditioning, but there are practically no TV panels anywhere, because there is something to see on the islands anyway. There are many small villas, chateaus, chalets in the Seychelles where you can stay with a family or a couple.

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