Romantic places in Moscow. Romantic place for two

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Romantic places in Moscow. Romantic place for two
Romantic places in Moscow. Romantic place for two

When a week or two of vacation is issued, and there is a person nearby with whom I would like to share my leisure time, the first thing that pops up in the imagination is places for a romantic getaway. There are countless places in the world where you can enjoy scenic views in the company of your loved one. Or maybe someone wants to impress his chosen one by proposing in an unforgettable setting. Such an act will certainly be remembered for years to come.

Sokolniki Park in Moscow

No matter how many landscapes foreign expanses attract, they are still not available to everyone. For lovers, there are also romantic places in Moscow. For example, Sokolniki Park. Here you can first have fun on the rides, and then enjoy an evening romantic walk under the moonlight. Patriarch's Ponds are suitable for the same purposes.

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Convenient location in the center of Moscow makes this place accessible to all lovers in the city. What could be more romantic than a declaration of love uttered on the bench where the hero of Bulgakov's The Master and Margarita was sitting? There is something mystical and at the same time enchanting in this place. It is only worth it wiselytake advantage.

A boring garden

what is the most romantic place in the world

Romantic places in Moscow are easy to find. Lovers of outdoor walks will like the Neskuchny Garden, because it is here that the Alley of Lovers is located. Symbolic allusion, isn't it? The architecture of the ancient palace, a beautiful view of the river, dense greenery and winding paths create an atmosphere of romance. Here it is best to confess your love or make a marriage proposal in one of the carved arbors.

Sparrow Hills

Where are the romantic places in Moscow? For example, on Sparrow Hills. There is a platform with a beautiful view of the capital. In this place, you want to recite poems dedicated to your loved one. Here you can give your beloved woman the whole city lying at her feet. By the way, specialists in geopathic zones believe that Vorobyovy Gory is an ideal place for broadcasting and suggesting one's emotions and feelings, including love ones.

Red Square is a famous and beautiful place

This place is mysterious, it attracts, for example, by the fact that the power of the state has been concentrated here for many centuries. And the magnificent architecture of the entire ensemble of Red Square, including the magnificent Kremlin, is famous all over the world. At any time of the year, the area attracts. Recently, a monument called "Kilometer Zero" was erected on it. It is believed that he grants wishes. This place is worth visiting with your loved one, in order to jointly think of the most intimate. Alsoyoung couples throw a coin over their shoulder, trying to get into the slot on the stove. A 100% hit guarantees them eternal love. If you haven't tested your feelings yet, be sure to go to Red Square and throw a coin into the slot.

Tsaritsyno Museum-Reserve

This is a truly amazing place in terms of beauty and scope. It is very interesting here, many flowers and greenery grow in summer. On the territory of the museum there are fountains, a palace and park ensemble and much more fascinating. This place can safely be called romantic, because only positive thoughts come here.

Pushkin Square

This square has long been considered the best place for dates. Why? Yes, because it has a very convenient location. By the way, a special sign is associated with this place. Which? If a girl is less than fifteen minutes late for her first date “to Pushkin”, then the romance will definitely be happy.

Old Arbat

This is one of the oldest and most famous streets in Moscow. Old Arbat keeps many secrets. It is a great place for dates. Many couples go on romantic walks here.

romantic place for two

Hermitage Garden and Heart of Love

The Hermitage Garden has long been considered a place of dates and meetings for couples in love. But relatively recently, a rather unusual sculptural composition in the form of a heart was installed here.

This amazing thing is made of steel pipes. The prototype for the layout of this composition was a drawing that was found in Verona on the wall of a house known to everyone.Juliet. The symbol of love is complemented by bells suspended around the perimeter, which begin to “sing” from the breath of the wind. Couples in love use this symbol in different ways. Some just kiss next to him, while others hold hands and pass right through.

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Kuskovo Estate

A wonderful place for lovers is also the Kuskovo estate, which witnessed the love of Count Sheremetyev. There is an unusual, but happy sign here. Many believe that by touching it, lovers will be together forever. Two trees of different breeds grew from the same root. It is difficult to explain this phenomenon, but the fact remains. This is a symbol of the fact that different people are bound forever into one single love.

Kiss Bridge is the best place for lovers

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Romantic places in St. Petersburg are known to every local. They are easy to calculate by the number of couples in love. One of these places is Kisses Bridge. Romantic encounters, first dates, numerous declarations of love and marriage proposals take place here.

St. Nicholas Naval Cathedral

Another place saturated with the atmosphere of romance is St. Nicholas Naval Cathedral on the square of the same name. Built in the Baroque style, it impresses with the richness of its architecture. Tours are held here, so a date can be spent both profitably and with pleasure.

Sadovaya Street

Romantic places in St. Petersburg are very often located on Sadovaya Street.That's what the locals say. According to beliefs, for happiness, lovers need to walk along all the monuments installed here. Moreover, each of them needs to be kissed or rubbed. Among them are funny Cat Elizabeth and Cat Elisha. The legend says that you should throw coins for luck.

Paris is the perfect place for those who are in love

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What is the most romantic place in the world? Where the atmosphere of love reigns and every moment is saturated with sweet anticipation? Paris immediately comes to mind. This city is saturated with romance, starting with the French language, which is heard at every turn. Soulful music, refined taste, Burgundy wine, croissants and noble cheeses - all this is certainly associated with a place where thousands of people confess their feelings to each other for the first time, make a marriage proposal and swear fidelity to the grave.

Here everything is saturated with the aroma of romance, the atmosphere favors lovers. What is worth one view of the Eiffel Tower! Couples in love will also not be bored in Paris. Cozy hotels in the city center overlooking ancient buildings or the main attraction, street cafes, saturated with the intoxicating aroma of coffee and hot pastries, are ready to welcome new visitors and share their unforgettable atmosphere with them. You can have a picnic right on the lawn, in the park in front of the Eiffel Tower, contemplating how its lights light up after sunset.


After France, the second romantic place for two, sung by poets and writers, is Venice with its narrowstreets and musical gondolas. During a river trip, you can hug your loved one and feel how the atmosphere of the city permeates your hearts and fills them with love.

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Italy is generally rich in picturesque corners where you can make an offer or a declaration of sincere love. Romantic places are literally everywhere, and each of them has its own characteristics and attractions.

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What other romantic places are there in the world? For example, the central part of Italy is Tuscany. This area is crazy with its colorful landscapes. Seeing them once, it is impossible to forget them ever.

Seychelles for sea adventure lovers

Scenic romantic places known all over the world are, of course, sandy exotic beaches. For example, the Seychelles. Only we althy people can afford to stay here, but what you won't do for love.


What is the most romantic place in the world? Continuing the theme of snow-white beaches, it is worth remembering, of course, the Maldives. The coral atolls of the Indian Ocean are protected by reefs, which creates mild weather conditions and favors a good rest for lovers. The local views and s alty air intoxicate and immerse you in an atmosphere of romance and relaxation. What else do you need for love?


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Telling about beach romance, you should remember what is the most romanticthe place is in the other hemisphere. Of course, Hawaii. Most Americans spend their honeymoon in this area.

Small conclusion

Romantic places can certainly be found in every country and city. Any beautiful scenery, ancient architecture, cozy cafe or bench in the local park will be suitable for special moments in the life of lovers. Romantic places are those that the person himself makes so. Words of love and a sincere tender look, of course, will create the right atmosphere.

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