DK Zueva in Moscow: architectural landmark and theater

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DK Zueva in Moscow: architectural landmark and theater
DK Zueva in Moscow: architectural landmark and theater

The Zuev House of Culture is a well-known landmark of Moscow. Constructivism - a new style in the 1920s and a source of inspiration for original designs.

Theater program and ticket with a diagram (how to get to DK Zueva)

Ilya Golosov (1883-1945) - Russian and Soviet architect, graduate of the Stroganov School and the Moscow School of Painting, Sculpture and Architecture, created several buildings of a new type, including this one.

Currently DK Zueva is famous not only because of its historical and cultural value, but also because of the popularity of the performances that take place on its stage. First of all, created by the "I Quartet" and "Other Theatre".

Pattern of constructivism

DK Zueva in daylight

Modern architects and experts consider DK Zuev one of the unique objects of the 20th century, worthy of being included in a special list of protected cultural monuments of Russia.

There is an interesting fact - the project of I. Golosov won inclosed competition, where another great Russian avant-garde architect K. Melnikov also participated. By the way, the built-in glass cylinder of the House of Culture resembles the house-workshop of Melnikov himself, which has now become a museum.

Glass cylinder - a spectacular solution for a staircase located in the corner of a building. It dominates the composition, as if cutting through cubes and parallelepipeds, flat deaf and transparent planes. The unique geometry of the building is clearly visible from the opposite side of the street.

About Zuev and the House of Culture

The name of this architectural object and the theatrical stage, which is popular these days, retains attributes typical of the Soviet era. The House of Culture is a club, most often a trade union one. Initially, he was related to the union of communal services. Since 1978, the House of Culture has become a club of the production association "Moslift".

As for the name of Sergei Mikhailovich Zuev (1987-1907), which is carried by the Palace of Culture, this is quite typical for the 20-30s, assigning the name of the hero of the revolution to a public center, street or city. The hero of the revolution of 1905-1907, Sergei Zuev worked as a mechanic in the Miussky tram depot, was executed for participating in revolutionary skirmishes.

The House of Culture is a place where not only guest artists performed or films were shown, amateur groups, including theater groups, worked here. Their activity was facilitated by a very successful internal layout of the building, which has not only two halls - large and small, but also several other venues and rooms for practicing choreography, vocals, any kind ofcreativity.

Luminous staircase of the Palace of Culture in the evening

Theater: "Quartet I" and others

A brilliant team of authors and actors - "Quartet I" has been performing in the Zuev Palace of Culture for many years (since 1998). Films with his participation are widely known: "Radio Day", "Election Day", "What Men Talk About" and others. Theatrical performances gather a full house. The crowd is not accidental. The plays are relevant, bright, smart and imbued with humor.

Scene from the play "Quartet I"

"The Other Theater" appeared in Moscow in 2005. Its task is to show the viewer an intellectual, interesting, lively, new dramaturgy. Many actors and directors beloved by the public are involved in the theater's activities.

Not far from Belorussky railway station, but on Lesnaya

Fortunately for theater-goers, there is an exact diagram on the performance tickets of how to get to DK Zueva from the Belorusskaya metro station. Building address: Moscow, Lesnaya street, 18.

It's easy to get to the Belorusskaya metro station. It is much more difficult to properly exit towards the theater, since you can rise to the surface in different places.

The most suitable and closest exit to Lesnaya Street, where the theater is located, is the eastern lobby of the Belorusskaya ring road. Two other exits, the radial branch and the western one from the circle line, are located on the opposite side of the square near the Belorussky railway station. It is inconvenient to go from there, you will have to cross Tverskaya Zastava and other streets.

Climbing up fromthe eastern exit of "Belorusskaya", you find yourself near the Nikolskaya Old Believer Church and modern office buildings. Lesnaya passes next to them. A few minutes walk down the street, a couple of traffic lights - and you are in the theater. It opens an hour before the start of the performance.

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