The most beautiful places on the planet. The most beautiful places in Russia

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The most beautiful places on the planet. The most beautiful places in Russia
The most beautiful places on the planet. The most beautiful places in Russia

Our planet is "stuffed" with a huge number of miracles, both natural and created by the hand of a human master. You just need to carefully look for them. In this article you will find a rating, as well as photos of beautiful places in the world. Let's not ignore Russia!

The most beautiful places in the world (photo): top 9

A well-known saying invites everyone to see one of the European capitals and die. We recommend that you visit the most beautiful places on the planet. Moreover, it is not worth dying after that, since there are still many other, no less wonderful and amazing objects in the world. It is quite possible that humanity does not even know about the existence of some of them.

There are only nine objects in our rating. These beautiful places are located in different countries and on different continents. Among them are mountains, ice caves, amazing canyons, fairy-tale castles, ancient cities and other objects.

It is worth noting that the most beautiful places on Earth in our ranking are presented in a free order. After all, it is difficult, and very stupid, to determine which of them deserves to be the most-most.

So, what are the most beautiful places in the world?The most unusual canyon on the planet opens our list.

Antelope Canyon (USA)

Judging by the photos, this is a real cave! However, it is not. In fact, this is a canyon, on the creation of which nature has been working for centuries. A miracle of nature is located in the state of Arizona, near the city of Page. The bizarre thin lines on the walls of the canyon (thanks to which he became so famous) formed rain jets that flow down them for years.

beautiful places
beautiful places

But the name of the object was due to its red-red color, which is very reminiscent of the color of the skin of antelopes. The total length of the natural formation is one hundred meters. It has one feature: the camera almost never conveys the gamut of colors that the human eye can see in Antelope Canyon.

Mount Roraima (Guyana)

Now let's move from North America to South America, to the small state of Guyana. Here is another phenomenal natural object - Mount Roraima. She became world famous after the publication of Arthur Conan Doyle's novel The Lost World. The writer suggested that dinosaurs could survive on the plateau-like top of this mountain!

This mountain is amazing in that at a height of 2772 meters its top is absolutely flat. The plateau is surrounded on all sides by high rocky cliffs.

Colored Mountains Zhangye Danxia (China)

And again, a masterpiece created exclusively by nature - the so-called Colored Mountains in the Chinese province of Gansu. Although they are indeed colorful!

Beautiful places
Beautiful places

Geologists say that there are no other formations similar in petrographic structure anywhere else in the world. Of course, this amazing natural site is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Machu Picchu (Peru)

We are returning to South America again, because this continent still holds many more secrets and wonders. One of them is the ancient city of Machu Picchu, lost at an altitude of 2.5 thousand meters.

The Lost City of the Incas is how it is often called today. Scientists suggest that it was founded by Pachacutec in 1440. But when the Spaniards invaded the lands of the Inca Empire, all the inhabitants of this city mysteriously disappeared somewhere.

Mu Cang Chai (Vietnam)

The next object is a vivid example of what a creative tandem of nature and man is capable of. So, the first created an ideal basis - stunningly picturesque hills. And then the man painted this "canvas", adding new colors and shapes to the natural landscape. This is how Mu Cang Chai Terraced Rice Fields came about.

the most beautiful places
the most beautiful places

Rice plantations, as you know, should literally bathe in water. It is very difficult to achieve this on the steep slopes of high hills. But the resourceful Vietnamese solved this problem. They turned the mountain slopes into continuous terraces, thus preventing the water from flowing down.

They say you can admire the bewitching landscapes here forever. The most beautiful colors of the slopes of Mu Kan Chai "dress up" in September and early October. It is then that the ripe crop turns yellow, and the young crop is just beginning to turn green.

Vatnajokull (Iceland)

Vatnajökull is the largest glacier in Iceland. It occupies almost 8% of the total area of the island. However, cavers and climbers are attracted here by what is under it. These are unique glacial caves, which are formed under the influence of melt water flows, as well as as a result of the activity of underground thermal springs. The tunnels inside the glacier can be hundreds of meters long.

Monasteries of Meteora (Greece)

Another miracle of the planet is located in the Balkans. This is a complex of monasteries of Meteora, founded in the XIV-XVI centuries. But it is not history that makes them world famous, but geographical location. The fact is that the buildings are located on sheer stone pillars several hundred meters high!

photos of beautiful places
photos of beautiful places

It is impossible to imagine how difficult it was to build these monasteries. The local monks lead a very closed, solitary lifestyle. You can get directly to the monasteries using a tricky system of ropes, baskets and nets.

Neuschwanstein Castle (Germany)

Fortress from children's fairy tales - this is how you can characterize this stronghold. Looking at Neuschwanstein Castle from afar, you might think that some giant just left his giant toy here. It looks so unrealistic and fantastic against the backdrop of green hills.

Today this castle is almost the most popular tourist attraction in all of Germany. Sometimes long lines of travelers even form in front of the building, eager to see everything in the smallest detail.details.

Bamboo Garden (Japan)

The last place on our list is a miracle that is located in distant and exotic Japan. This is the so-called Bamboo Garden, created in the 14th century by the Japanese monk Muso Soseki.

most beautiful places in the world
most beautiful places in the world

A grove of thousands of evergreen stems is literally sandwiched between city blocks of multi-million Kyoto. The Japanese claim that here you can not only take a break from the bustle of the metropolis, but also understand the meaning of life. Walking along the paths of the garden, you can hear the amazing sounds that bamboo stalks make when they hit each other in the wind.

The most beautiful places in Russia

Very often it seems to us that all the most beautiful, most interesting and mysterious is abroad, hiding somewhere in the most remote corners of the globe. Thus, we seriously underestimate the beauty of our country. But they are! And as proof of this - the photos below.

The most beautiful places in Russia - what are they? There are actually hundreds, thousands of them! In each region, you can find several of these objects. Some of them could easily enter the top ten most beautiful places on the planet, but we have compiled a separate rating for them.

photos of the most beautiful places in the world
photos of the most beautiful places in the world


Top 9 most beautiful places in Russia

The most beautiful places in Russia are listed in no particular order. After all, it is very difficult to distinguish which of them are more or less beautiful.

  1. Valley of Geysers. The most beautiful places in Russia are very difficult to imagine without thisobject. The valley, located in Kamchatka, is the world's largest geyser field. It is amazing that this marvel of nature was discovered quite recently - in 1941.
  2. The Man-Pupu-Ner Plateau in the Komi Republic is known for its unusual natural formations - weathering pillars. There are seven in total. These are stone pillars up to 40 meters high, which were formed 200 million years ago. Previously, there was one massive plateau. But for a long time, nature has done a colossal amount of work: the soft rocks were washed away, and the hard ones remained in the form of stone pillars.
  3. Divnogorie is another geological phenomenon located in the Voronezh region, on the banks of the Don. An ancient glacier worked on this beautiful area, leaving behind unique landscapes in appearance.
  4. The city of Derbent is the most ancient city in Russia. It was founded in the fourth millennium BC. It is worth visiting for its many ancient monuments: mosques, fortifications and temples. However, the most outstanding attraction of the city is the Naryn-Kala fortress of pre-Arab times.
  5. Tract Akkurum. Giant and bizarre "stone mushrooms" can be seen in the Akkurum tract in the Altai Republic. These phenomena were formed as a result of the so-called selective denudation (that is, softer rocks were washed out, harder ones remained).
  6. Lake Elton is the largest mineral lake in Europe. It is located in the Volgograd region, near the Kazakh border. The mirror area of the unique lake is 152 square kilometers. Until the end of XIXs alt has been actively mined on the lake for centuries, now it is a national park.
  7. The Curonian Spit in the Kaliningrad region is another unique natural formation in Russia. The length of the spit is 98 kilometers. It serves as a huge "holiday park" for millions of migrating birds.
  8. Krinitsyn Volcano on Onikatan Island is a classic (and the world's largest) example of a double volcano. Inside the large cone is a smaller one that is half submerged.
  9. Lena Pillars - a natural monument that closes our list of the most beautiful places in the country. This is a multi-kilometer complex of vertical rocks, located on the banks of the Lena River. The height of individual pillars reaches one hundred meters. These rocks near the village of Petrovsky are the most picturesque.
beautiful places in Russia
beautiful places in Russia

In conclusion…

The natural and man-made wonders of Russia are practically in no way inferior to the world ones. It's just that in our country they are not so famous and popular. And this is very bad. After all, where beautiful places are ennobled, equipped by man, they turn into a huge magnet for tourists, both domestic and from other countries and continents. Some states have learned to make a considerable profit from the exploitation (in the good sense of the word) of their beauties and attractions.

The most beautiful places in the world are located on all continents. These are mountain peaks and deep caves, lonely islands in the ocean and ancient colorful cities on the coastal slopes … Nature, as well as human talent, have created a huge number ofmasterpieces.