The most beautiful city in Europe. The most beautiful places in Europe to visit

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The most beautiful city in Europe. The most beautiful places in Europe to visit
The most beautiful city in Europe. The most beautiful places in Europe to visit

Europe has a long history. This is what attracts tourists. Modern European cities stand on ancient ruins, as well as in places of military battles that left a significant mark on the history of many peoples.

With the approaching holiday season, many are thinking about how to spend their holidays in the most intense and interesting way. The choice is difficult. However, you will not regret if you go to travel around the Old World. Where to start? Before compiling a travel itinerary, it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the list of those capitals and settlements that claim the title of “The Most Beautiful City in Europe”. Only after reading the reviews of their visit will you be able to plan the most unforgettable trip of your life. So, the 10 most beautiful cities in Europe.


The title of "The most beautiful city in Europe" claims, first of all, the capital of Great Britain. In the list to visit, it is recommended to put it at the first place. And this is no coincidence. First of all, London can easily compete with American New York for the honorary title of world capital. In addition, the majority of Russians are familiarspecifically with English. London will be a good choice to adapt to the style and culture of Europe.

the most beautiful city in Europe

The main disadvantage of the capital of Great Britain is that the city may seem to any tourist the most expensive in the world. However, there are many ways to live cheaply in London. Financial savings are facilitated by the fact that visiting all the famous museums of the capital is absolutely free. The same applies to many walking tours. Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace and, of course, the famous Big Ben - this is not a complete list of attractions that make sense to visit.


According to many tourists, the most beautiful city in Europe is the capital of France. Paris is even more unusual than London. The romantic city attracts many tourists who every year are happy to rush to the capital of France for a vacation to admire the Eiffel Tower and Notre Dame Cathedral.

most beautiful places in europe

Unforgettable are also walks along its ancient streets and visits to numerous museums.


The list of megacities that claim the title of "The most beautiful city in Europe" includes the capital of Italy. Of course, after London and Paris, it may not delight everyone. The fact is that Rome is a fairly large European city. Due to the crazy traffic in the capital of Italy, there is a feeling of disorientation, and it is quite difficult to adapt to this. However, no one willto deny that Rome is not the last city in the list of the most significant and important places from a cultural point of view. It is worth visiting the capital of Italy even in order to admire the ruins of the Colosseum, as well as the remains of other buildings of the ancient empire. It is desirable to see Rome with your own eyes at least once in your life, because this city is the scene of numerous novels and films, and besides, it attracts tourists not only with its unique historical monuments, but also with excellent cuisine and ancient narrow streets.


The most beautiful cities in Europe attract tourists either in any particular season, or with some of their sights.

most beautiful cities in europe

However, this does not apply to Venice. This city is beautiful all the time. Its main problem is only numerous tourists. Even in winter, the streets of Venice are filled with people, and in summer a real pandemonium begins here. At the same time, there is a shortage of budget places to stay.


One of the most beautiful European cities is the capital of Holland. Amsterdam attracts tourists with its medieval architecture. On the ancient streets of the city, you can admire perfectly preserved old buildings built in the seventeenth century. This was the period of the greatest prosperity of Holland. In addition, Amsterdam, unlike many cities in the world, boasts of its many channels. In terms of their number, the capital of Holland is second only to Venice.

Inhabitants of Amsterdam -passionate cyclists. Often it is this transport that replaces cars. The streets filled with cyclists are an attractive scenery for many tourists. Amsterdam is also famous for its Red Light District.


Not all tourists choose excursions to the capital of Denmark. They are put off by the high cost. However, an alternative would be to travel alone.

most beautiful small towns in europe

In this beautiful European city, you should definitely admire Rosenborg Castle. Tours of its halls are free of charge. There is an ancient castle opposite the beautiful Botanical Garden, a visit to which will also impress any of the tourists. The most beautiful sights of Copenhagen include canals, museums and interesting restaurants with a special charming design.


Many tourists tend to flock to the big cities. However, they forget that there are other equally interesting places. The most beautiful small towns in Europe are also worthy of the attention of those who travel around the Old World. Ghent is one of the most beautiful cities in Belgium. This is a small picturesque town, which is especially beautiful at night. In addition to magnificent landscapes, Ghent has an interesting centuries-old history. On its territory there are many museums of design and art.


The most beautiful places in Europe are not necessarily noisy and crowded capitals. Will leave a lot of pleasant impressions andMedieval Galway, Ireland. On the territory of this town there are many interesting festivals that are real spectacular shows. Attractive for tourists and the surroundings of this place.


This small town is hardly known to tourists. However, his visit will certainly leave an indelible impression in the soul of any traveler. The town is famous for its numerous canals, on the banks of which there is a whole string of shops, bars and cafes. The surroundings of Utrecht are also interesting to visit. The best way to see them is to rent a bike. Clean air and amazing landscapes will bring real pleasure.


A beautiful French town, which travelers often simply do not mark on the map of their route. However, Bordeaux is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List.

10 most beautiful cities in Europe

The city is famous for its incredible beauty of neoclassical and classical architecture. This area is especially beautiful in the evening, when the sunset paints the sky with delightful hues.

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