Barcelona's Singing Fountains: A must see

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Barcelona's Singing Fountains: A must see
Barcelona's Singing Fountains: A must see

Prague and Las Vegas, Sentosa in Singapore and Xi'an in China, Emirati Dubai and German Hamburg, Russian Sochi and Moscow - all these cities of the world are united by fascinating fountain shows that attract millions and billions of spectators every year. A well-deserved place in the top ten is taken by the magical fountain of Montjuic, located in the Spanish city of Barcelona.


In 1929, Barcelona hosted the World International Exhibition. A year before its start, everything was ready for the reception and placement of a unique exposition. There was not enough zest to make this event memorable.

In June 1928, the young architect Carlos Buigas proposed a rather bold project for a dancing fountain. 460 plans and 70 drawings were reviewed and approved by the Board of Directors. It took Carlos and 3,000 workers less than a year to bring the fantastic idea to life just in time for the opening of the exhibition.

The result was the world's first singing fountain in Barcelona of this magnitude, where powerful jets of water obedientlychange their shape in the light of multi-colored rays.

Barcelona retro fountain
Barcelona retro fountain

A few facts

Buigas's talent manifested itself not only in the appearance of his creation, but also in the engineering component. Every smallest detail has been carefully thought out - from the size of the pool and the number of pumps to the water recycling system designed to save water. In one second, five pumps distill 26 tons of water.

The area of the fountain is about 3000 square meters. The fountain is located at the foot of Montjuic. It is from here that it takes its name, although the locals call this attraction Font màgica, or the magical fountain of Montjuic.

Musical accompaniment was added to another landmark event - the 1992 Olympics. A symbiosis of water, fire and music - what could be more bewitching and enchanting?

Barcelona fountain night show
Barcelona fountain night show

Better to see once

From the day it was created, the fountain was managed by a team of specialists, musical accompaniment was carried out manually. In recent years, a system has been created that completely replaced the person. There are seven billion combinations of light, music and water in the arsenal of singing fountains.

3623 is the exact number of jets of water that come from wells and hit in all directions, reaching a height of 54 meters to create the illusion of immersing yourself in the magic of Montjuic.

Today, the repertoire of the Singing Fountain of Barcelona in Spain is represented not only by operas and symphonies of classical compositions (Tchaikovsky, Beethoven), but by more modern jazz compositions,tunes from cult films and the latest hits.

Especially colorful shows are held on September 23 in connection with the end of the Merce holiday in honor of the Barcelona saint, at Christmas and some other significant events.

Barcelona fountain at night
Barcelona fountain at night

For some time now, the city authorities have given the go-ahead for a private rental of the fountain for 2170 euros per hour. Film companies that make films and a young man in love who thus made a marriage proposal to his chosen one became tenants.

Working hours

During the day, the water in the fountain starts to work every 20 minutes, and the show itself lasts half an hour and starts in the evening according to the schedule depending on the season. Barcelona Singing Fountains opening hours:

- from the first day of summer to the end of September performances start at 21.30, 22.00 and 22.30 from Thursday to Sunday;

- all of October - at 21.00 and at 21.30, 22.00, on Fridays and Saturdays;

- from November to the end of March (excluding the closing period for maintenance work in January-February) - at 19.00, 19.30, 20.00, on Fridays and Saturdays;

- all April and May - at 21.00 and at 21.30, 22.00, on Fridays and Saturdays.

The Barcelona Singing Fountain show is always sold out, so it's better to come a little early to take comfortable seats on the nearby benches.

Where is located

Fountain Address: Carlos Buigas Square, 1, 08038, Barcelona, Spain. The map will help you find your way.



You can get there by metro: to the stationEspana on the green line L3 or the red line L1. Or by bus: Line 55 or tourist bus, stop MNAC.

Reviews and opinions

There are more than 24,000 reviews on the Barcelona Singing Fountain on travel sites, and almost everyone rates it excellent. It is recommended to visit among the top ten attractions in the city. The show is free, access is free. A bonus is a wonderful walk to the nearby observation deck of the National Museum of Art of Catalonia with stunning views of the city.

Barcelona fountain general view
Barcelona fountain general view

The impression can be spoiled by a pickpocket, often operating in the crowd, so it is better to leave valuables in the hotel safe.

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