Inimitable Cyprus: Water World Water Park

Inimitable Cyprus: Water World Water Park
Inimitable Cyprus: Water World Water Park

On the island of Cyprus, you can relax in different ways: lie quietly and calmly on some beach, wander through the picturesque area or go on an excursion and get acquainted with local attractions. Well, fans of extreme sports can tickle their nerves by visiting an amusement park. To do this, 4 water parks were built on the island with a wide variety of attractions that will surely interest thrill-seekers. However, this type of recreation will appeal not only to adults, but also to children. Therefore, a family vacation can be exciting and unforgettable for those who visit such a water park. Cyprus, Ayia Napa - these names are probably known to many tourists. After all, it is at this resort that WaterWorld, or the “Water World”, is located, which is popular among tourists and among the indigenous inhabitants of the island.

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The first thing that catches your eye here is the design: everything is designed in accordance withhistory and mythology of Ancient Hellas. Many statues and columns, stone bridges and fountains create a magical, fabulous atmosphere, taking visitors to the world of the ancient gods of Olympus. However, if you look around. then the return to reality will be quite easy: on the territory of this park there are water slides from which you can go down at breakneck speed. Agree, it is unlikely that the Thunderer Zeus or the seductive Aphrodite had fun in this way. Here you can also dive into the pool with the legendary name "Atlantis", drive through the "Medusa" tunnel or climb "Mount Olympus". The WaterWorld water park also offers a novelty to the guests of the island of Cyprus - the attraction "Rotating Ball of Aelos". Here, the daredevil will first spin in the whirlpool of a serpentine slide, then he will fall into a spherical pipe, where a dizzying rotation in a circle awaits him, and at the end of the route, the “sufferer” will be thrown into the pool. Another attraction in this water park is the Throw to Atlantis attraction. Here tourists are accompanied by light, sound and video effects.

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Not too daring tourists who flew to relax on the island of Cyprus, the Water World water park can offer less extreme attractions. Not far from the entertainment facilities already described above, there are two less steep slides. These are "Insidious Sisyphus" and "Breeze of Zephyr". And although the descent here is more gentle, however, it also causes a surge of adrenaline. Another surprise awaits tourists in the form of the "Phaeton's Pipe" - a rapid descent inside a transparent pipe with a free fall in the final. In addition, in the "Water World" there are others,no less exciting rides: Odyssey River, Poseidon's Adventure and Apollo's Leap.

Thus, if you are not indifferent to ancient Greek mythology, be sure to visit Cyprus. WaterWorld Water Park will introduce you to the ancient heroes, gods and goddesses, because everything here - every slide, marble statues, picturesque scenery, beautiful fountains - is dedicated to this topic. By the way, you can stay in the water park all day, paying only for the entrance. On its territory there is a pizzeria, a cafe, a restaurant and an ice cream selling point, so no one will be left hungry. And for little children, there is a pool with geysers and various mini-slides. Adults can have fun not only on the rides, but also play beach volleyball or other outdoor games in the Atlantis pool.

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Well, not far from Limassol is the largest entertainment center of the island of Cyprus - Fasouri Watermania water park. It began to receive the first visitors in 1998. At first the park was small, but over time it acquired an impressive size. By the way, its considerable territory is decorated in the style of French Polynesia: guests are surrounded by tropical plants, canopies made of palm leaves, wooden arbors. In this water park there are entertainments for those who want to swim calmly, and for lovers of extreme recreation. For example, thrills can be experienced on the Black Hole and Kamikaze slides. And you can admire the picturesque bridges, sparkling waterfalls and secluded grottoes while swimming along the Lazy River. There is also a widea slide that will fit the whole family; an unusual pool, the waters of which imitate 6 types of ocean waves, small slides for children and other attractions.

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