Lovina Beach (Bali): description, how to get there, entertainment and excursions

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Lovina Beach (Bali): description, how to get there, entertainment and excursions
Lovina Beach (Bali): description, how to get there, entertainment and excursions

In the north of Bali, Lovina is almost the biggest attraction. This resort is known for its unique black volcanic sand beach. People come here from all over Bali to watch the dolphins frolicking in the open sea. Is it possible to live on Lovina? This resort is very Europeanized. Even its name consists of the English word love (love) and the Indonesian word ina (mother). There used to be several fishermen's villages on this site.

Panji Tisna, regent of the Buleleng district, where Lovina is located, united them into one resort and gave it such an original name, which symbolically should mean "Loving Mother (of the Earth)". The center of the tourist zone falls on the former village of Kalibukbuk. In general, the resort, like its beach, stretches for eight kilometers. When is it worth coming to the north of Bali to catch the high season? Is it possible to live on Lovina? What is there to do besides the beach? We will talk about all this in our article.

Black sand beach in Bali

How to get thereto Lovina

The resort is located between the cities of Babunan and Singaraja. The last one is 11 kilometers from Lovina. International regular and charter flights on the island are mainly received by Denpasar Airport. From there, as well as from the southern resorts, you will have to order a transfer. But if you arrive in the north of the island, then to get to the resort of Lovina (Bali), you can use the services of the Perama bus company. Her routes lead to the most famous beach from Padang Bai, Candidas, Ubud, Sanur and Kuta.

But if you are traveling with a company of 3-4 people, then at the same price as the bus, you will get a taxi. From Denpasar, such a transfer will cost three and a half thousand rubles, from Kuta - four. Another budget alternative to the bus is the minibus, which is called “bemo” here. The road from Denpasar airport to Lovina resort will take three hours.

Resort infrastructure

The center and focus of tourist life in Lovina (Bali) is Kalibukbuk. Now little reminds that it was once a poor fishing village. Kalibukbuk has a bus station where tourists arrive, as well as an equipped pier. After all, Lovina is famous not only for the beach, but also for the fact that flocks of dolphins live in their natural environment near the coast. During the season, divers and snorkelers have chosen this resort, as the water in these places is transparent, and the world of coral reefs is diverse and colorful.

Most of the luxury hotels in Lovina are concentrated in Kalibukbuk. On the outskirts of the resort (that is, in other former fishing villages) there are hotelssimpler. The best way to get around Lovina is by bike. The embankment along the entire eight-kilometer length is covered with beautiful pink tiles. But away from the sea, the country is hilly. To explore the surroundings of the resort, in particular, to visit the hot springs or temples, you need to rent a scooter. This resort area has many shops, cafes, restaurants, and not only in its center.

Infrastructure of Lovina

Lovina Beach: Description

The north coast of Bali is also washed by the ocean. But, unlike the southern one, there are practically no big waves here. This is explained by the fact that there are small islands opposite - Amed, Tulamben, Menjangan and a bunch of nameless ones - which take the brunt of the elements. As a result, surfers do not come here. But "Lovina" is well known among snorkelers and divers. The first explore coral reefs along the coast. Divers get on boats and go to the sites on the nearest islets.

Buses arrive at the resort in the morning with sightseers eager to watch the dolphins in their natural habitat. But most of all, the black sand beach in Bali is liked by lovers of a calm and relaxed holiday. The sea here is quiet and calm, there are no special winds either. Low tides are noticeable, but they are not critical, and you can swim all day long. Due to the orientation of the beach, you can enjoy both sunrises and sunsets here. Volcanic sand is very soft, but sometimes, tourists warn, the sea brings sharp pieces of coral or shells ashore. Entry into the water is smooth, but you don’t have to wad down to a depth of 200 meters. The sand is blackeverywhere. Sometimes it is dark or light gray. In some places there are inclusions of gold, quartz, sand.

Lovina beach in Bali

Beach infrastructure

Entrance to the eight-kilometer Lovina Beach is free. The hotels of the first strip have fenced areas on the coast. They have sun loungers and umbrellas reserved for guests. Cafes on the beach have their own beach equipment that can be rented. And no one will forbid you to sit on the black volcanic sand on your towel.

It should be noted that there are many boats moored right on the shore. Their owners hope to earn extra money by taking tourists to diving sites or dolphin habitats. But there are areas free from boats to the right and left of the main pier. The water is very clean there.

Where to live on Lovina

During the high season Bali is crowded with people, so it is better to book hotels in advance. Of the "five" tourists praise "Sea View Villa Bloom", "Jeria Amerta Sari" and Villa on Tulip. Among four-star hotels, travelers recommend Lata Lama, Ze Lovina Villas and Villa Teman.

Surprisingly, there is a very big price difference between 4 and 3 hotels. If a number in the "four" costs from 9 thousand rubles, then in the "troika" - already two and a half. Tourists recommend 3hotels: Frangipani Beach, Padmasari Resort and Pandava Village. Budget tourists can also relax in the Lovina resort. Among cheap hotels, GM Lovina, Odika House and Villa and Pondok Visata Sartaya have received many accolades.

Where to settleon Lovina beach

Best season to visit Bali

Because the island is located in tropical latitudes, the annual climatic cycle is divided in half. The first season, which lasts from May to October, is considered dry, and the second, from November to April, respectively, is wet. The summer months in Bali are dominated by sultry weather, with clear skies and calm seas. This is the peak tourist season. Moreover, in the south of the island it is much hotter than in the north, in Lovina.

Bali in May, at the very beginning of the season, can still meet guests with rain. But they are short lived. But the sea has already completely calmed down, there is no turbidity, which makes it possible to freely inspect the coral reefs. In the last month of spring it is still not very hot. This weather is suitable for excursions. If you are traveling to Bali with a child, it is better to choose September for your vacation. At the end of the high season, a refreshing breeze begins to blow. Both May and September are also good because prices in the resorts of Bali have not yet reached their peak.

Resort Entertainment

Lovina is a quiet place. Couples in love, families with children come here to meet sunrises and spend sunsets, soak up the black volcanic sand. But Lovina (Bali) is also very much appreciated among professional divers. Therefore, the resort has many schools teaching this sport, as well as rental equipment for it.

But all these target groups of vacationers (lovers, families with children and divers) go to bed early. In the evenings, there is no music in Lovina and no nightclubs are lit up. In some cafes you can see local dancers innational clothes, listen to traditional singers. One of the bars has billiards. Restaurants usually have live music.

Beach "Lovina" - reviews

Spa treatments

About 11 kilometers west of Lovina Beach (Bali), Banjar thermal springs bubble up from the ground. The natural temperature of these springs is not too high, so swimming in them is not only he althy, but also pleasant. This allows you to forget about the strong smell of sulfur that hovers in the air even on the way to the baths. Water fills three pools connected to each other by cascades.

Sources allow you to get rid of arthritis and problems with joints and bones. Also, bathing in them will benefit those who suffer from skin diseases. Sources beats in a very beautiful area, more like a Garden of Eden. It is simply necessary to visit the Banjar balneological resort, although the entrance to the baths is paid.

Thermal springs near Lovina

Dolphins and roosters

Gambling is prohibited in Indonesia. But the law does not seem to be written to the local residents. After all, excitement cannot be destroyed by one circular. Therefore, you can often see how local men train … roosters. The fights themselves take place underground, in the courtyard of one of the residents. Photographing the process is not allowed. But if you want to watch a cockfight or even place a bet, you can discreetly ask your hotel reception where this competition will be held in the near future.

If you come to Bali in May-September, you have the opportunity to watch the dolphins. Thesemammals drive shoals of fish into shallow water and have breakfast. Tourists say that you need to go to the beach early in the morning, from 5:30 to 6:00. The sea near the beach is simply "boiling" from the beating fish, and smooth backs emerge from the waves from time to time. In addition to bottlenose dolphins, which are the majority here, there are also very rare gray dolphins and long-nosed stenella. Early in the morning, about 50 boats with sightseers come out to sea, eager to see marine mammals in their natural habitat. Indeed, in addition to dolphins, small pilot whales also swim here. They don't come close to the shore. Dolphins have become the real "breadwinners" of Lovina. After all, thanks to them, vacationers began to come here. Therefore, on the beach of Kalibukbuka there is a monument to a dolphin in a royal crown.

Dolphins in Bali


From April to October, numerous travel agencies offer vacationers to go on a short trip. Dolphins and thermal springs of Banjar were mentioned above. But the program of possible excursions is not exhausted by them. Tourists in reviews of Lovina Beach (Bali) mention that the resort has the largest Buddhist monastery on the island, Brahmavihara Arama. It is located near thermal springs.

In the former village of Kaliasem, which has now become part of the resort, there is a culinary school. There you can get acquainted with the basic products of Balinese cuisine and learn how to cook 5-6 national dishes. A trip to the Hindu temple Pura Ulun Danu will give a lot of positive emotions. Nature lovers will loveexcursion to Sekumpul waterfalls - seven powerful jets. They are considered the highest in Bali.

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