Ocean Park in Hong Kong: history of creation, address, how to get there, ticket price, entry rules, entertainment, attractions, reviews and travel tips

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Ocean Park in Hong Kong: history of creation, address, how to get there, ticket price, entry rules, entertainment, attractions, reviews and travel tips
Ocean Park in Hong Kong: history of creation, address, how to get there, ticket price, entry rules, entertainment, attractions, reviews and travel tips

If you are planning a trip to Hong Kong, then you will certainly be interested in local attractions and entertainment. Among the latter, the most interesting is Ocean Park in Hong Kong, which is one of the two largest entertainment complexes in the city. There is simply no better place for a family holiday.

General information

The huge city is known for its shopping centers and entertainment complexes. On its territory there are two parks where you can have fun. Ocean Park in Hong Kong is the oldest and most famous institution. It is located in the hills near the coast in the south of Hong Kong Island. The park covers an area of ​​about 80 hectares. The institution is loved not only by guests, but also by local residents. It always has a lot of visitors.

It is worth noting that Ocean Park in Hong Kong (photo is given in the article) is included in the list of the 15 most visited such institutions in the world. And that says a lot. In the entertainment complexcollected many attractions. Its territory offers stunning views, it is especially impressive from the height of the roller coaster.

Ocean Park - how to get there?

The park pays close attention to animals. Guests of the institution can attend a show with cute dolphins or get acquainted with marine life in an aquarium. Ocean Park in Hong Kong is the best place to spend time with family or friends. So many interesting things have been collected on the territory of the complex that you are provided with a lot of impressions.

How to get to Ocean Park?

The entertainment complex is located on the south coast of the island, not far from the elite areas of Deep Water Bay and Repulse Bay. The region is something like the local "Miami". On the green slopes of the hills, within walking distance from the beaches, there are hotels and mansions of we althy citizens. The park is a 20-30 minute bus ride from central Hong Kong.

Ocean Park Hong Kong Tickets

If you want to visit the institution, then you will be interested in the question of how to get to Ocean Park (Hong Kong). The problem of the entertainment center is that there is no metro line to it. This causes certain inconveniences. You will have to get to the park by bus or taxi. Since it is extremely difficult for our tourists to understand the answers of Chinese public transport drivers, it is worthwhile to first find out the route. A stop at the park gate is included in the regular tour bus route called "Big Bus" that departs from the Star Fairy Pier. According to tourists,getting to the complex is easy. From Hong Kong in the direction of the park there are buses numbered: 99, 77, 42, 38, 41a, 590 m, 260, 97, 90, 70, 72, 92, 96, 592. If you will be traveling from Kowloon, then you need to sit down on fixed-route taxis under the numbers: 973, 107, 671, 171.

For visitors, the entrance to the Ocean Park in Hong Kong is open from nine in the morning until nine in the evening. It is located at Wong Chuk Hang, Hong Kong Island.

History of the institution

Ocean Park in Hong Kong was opened in January 1977. The governor of the island, Sir Murray Maclehouse, took an active part in its creation. The construction of the park was carried out by a well-known company operating in the entertainment industry. The institution is called in a sense unique, since on its territory there is a large aquarium for jellyfish and a laboratory. In addition, four giant pandas live in the park.

Ocean Park Hong Kong entrance

In 2008, the institution was visited by five million guests. It competes with Disneyland, which was opened in 2005. However, the park remains the most popular place for visitors and locals to this day. The administration of the entertainment complex plans further expansion and development. In 2009, a new attraction appeared on the territory of the park - a railway, thanks to which visitors can move quickly. The transportation system was named "Ocean Express".

Park infrastructure

The entertainment complex has a developed infrastructure, on its territory there are many objects thatare of great interest to visitors. The institution is conditionally divided into two parts: upper and lower. Both are interconnected by a free cable car. Thanks to her, passengers move at a height in beautiful cabins with stunning views from the windows.

Also, tropical animals and birds live in the park, there is a fake "Old Hong Kong", roller coasters and other attractions. The complex has numerous restaurants, cafes and eateries. In addition, throughout the park you will see many stalls with ice cream, soft drinks and sweets.

Ocean Park in Hong Kong, photo

A huge plus of the entertainment complex is the fact that it is forbidden to smoke here, or rather, there are special areas for smokers. This is very convenient, since there are many children among the guests of the park. In China, they have a very negative attitude towards smoking, so any promotion of unhe althy activities is prohibited by law. Bans should be taken very seriously, otherwise you will be fined.

It is worth saying that the park is full of all kinds of entertainment, so you should allocate a whole day to relax in it. The feeling of a holiday is created at the very gates of the institution, where you are greeted by models of dinosaurs, recreated in full size.

Aqua City

On the territory of the "Water City" there is an aviary with butterflies, it is better to look at them in the morning, because during the day they hide in secluded corners from the heat. In the valley there is a station of a 1.5 km cable car that runs overorange trees, flower fields and playgrounds.

Ocean Park in Hong Kong Christmas tree

In "Aqua City" there is an indoor aquarium, a singing fountain, a children's carousel with sea heroes. Here you can watch an acrobat show. More than 5,000 different creatures live in the local aquarium: from small fish to stingrays and hammerhead fish. Marine life is brought to it from all over the world.

The musical fountain is most spectacular at dusk. Water jets soar in height to the famous melodies, accompanied by multi-colored beams of searchlights. The action looks amazing.

Amazing Asian Animals

Real pandas live in the park. Also here you can see salamanders, which are considered the oldest creatures on the planet. No less interesting is the museum of goldfish. In a small building, more than a hundred species of fish have been collected, among which there are very rare representatives. After the museum, it is worth visiting the bird theater, where various representatives of birds give performances throughout the day.

Hong Kong Ocean Park - how to get there?

If you love the exotic, then in the complex "Amazing Animals of Asia" you should visit the lake, which is home to real alligators and crocodiles. In China, these animals are treated in a special way. They are significant figures in mythology.

Whiskers Harbor

The play complex was created for children. On its territory there is a village with swings, jungle, cafes and a gym. While the kids are storming rope ladders, labyrinths and swings, adults can relax ingazebos. The Mustachioed Harbor hosts entertaining performances for kids with funny clowns, parrots, fur seals and acrobats.

Thrill Mountain

This part of the park is home to a roller coaster called Giant Reiser's Hair. The attraction is the largest in the entire entertainment complex. The most daring dare to ride on it. Another impressive attraction is the Devil's Hammer. According to tourists, it is definitely worth a visit. Unforgettable impressions after it are definitely guaranteed to you. There are also other swings that will be no less interesting for visitors.

Travel recommendations

According to reviews, Ocean Park in Hong Kong is best visited on weekdays, as it is crowded on weekends. Tickets can be purchased online in advance to avoid queuing at the entrance. When entering the park, be sure to take a free map that will help you navigate the area. In the mornings, there are few people in the upper part of the complex on adult attractions, so it is most convenient to visit them at this time. Be sure to take water and hats with you. Children who are less than 125 centimeters tall are not allowed on adult rides.

Ocean Park in Hong Kong, reviews

The cost of tickets to Ocean Park in Hong Kong for adults is 3.5 thousand rubles. For children from 3 to 11 years old, you will have to pay 1.7 thousand rubles.

Reviews of tourists

Tourists recommend visiting Ocean Park, allocating a whole day for it. According to them, entertainingThe complex is incredibly interesting for guests of all ages. Unfortunately, it is not possible to see everything that we would like to see in one visit. The park is filled with amazing rides and interesting places, each of which is worth a visit. What an incredible oceanarium is worth.

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