Sunny village: Laskovy beach

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Sunny village: Laskovy beach
Sunny village: Laskovy beach

Once in the 18th century, along the Kurnosovsky postal route, which stretches along the bay, many went to the village of Solnechnoye. Then it belonged to the Principality of Finland, and everyone hurrying here to their dachas from St. Petersburg had to show their luggage at the customs. But after the opening of the railway, the village became more visited, and in the summer one could meet more than five thousand people here. And until now, until the XXI century, this place has not lost its popularity. Since the late 1960s, a beach has been opened here, corresponding to its name - Laskovy. The water here is really gentle, the waves calmly beat against the shore, and it is so pleasant to walk on the sandy bottom for tired legs. Therefore, many Petersburgers rush to the village of Solnechnoye. The beach there is so good that there is no better place in the entire Gulf of Finland.

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Pine Paradise

People who can swim very well find the southern part of the beach to be a great area. Here is deep andsandy bottom. But if someone swims not very well, also let him not bypass him. There is a rescue station on the beach, and buoys have been carefully installed in especially dangerous places.

What catches your eye as soon as you get into Solnechnoye? Beach clean and well maintained. Also, one cannot fail to note the avant-garde sculptures that admiring holiday-goers stare at for a long time. Pine trees amaze with their magnificence. They surrounded the beach and even meet on its territory. Trees not only decorate the whole area, but also give great shade when it is especially hot, but most importantly, they support the soil. Concrete paths are arranged everywhere, so you can go jogging here, take your soul off on a bicycle. There are benches everywhere, and even a fountain was carefully made in order to wash the sand off your feet. The cleanliness here is perfect, as the Laskovy beach is cleaned all the time.

On the territory, for the convenience of vacationers, everything is thought out to the smallest detail: booths to quickly change clothes and dive into warm water are right there on the sand. And in order for the cleanliness to be maintained by the vacationers themselves, there are trash cans everywhere.

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The most delicious barbecue - with friends in a tent

Entire families and friendly companies come to the village of Solnechnoye. Laskovy Beach is convenient because you can come here even for a few days. On its territory provided places for overnight stays, where you can put up tents. And there is no need to be afraid that something bad will happen: security is on duty here day and night.

In the evening in this place you can really relax in accordance with all the rules and cookdelicious barbecue for yourself and friends. Of course, you can’t make a fire, but there are numerous areas where barbecue grills, tables and benches are installed. This is where you can sit in the evening, looking at the coast of the Gulf of Finland. In the summer, a whole tent city appears here, and during the holidays it is very difficult to find a place.

Kite over the beach

Lovers of outdoor activities will also appreciate the village of Solnechnoye (St. Petersburg). The beach, where you can find a magical place to relax, is located right here. For outdoor enthusiasts, there is a territory to play with the ball (up to ten volleyball courts are available!). During the summer season, exciting competitions in this sport are held on the beach.

Often you can see colorful kites above the water. These kitesurfers have fun rushing across the water surface. Many guests from the shore enthusiastically watch both them and the kite in the air.

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Gourmet resort goers will be satisfied

Many people go to the beach for more than one hour, so people often care about food. There are cafes here, even a few. For those who want to have a quick bite and go back to the water or play sports, eateries have opened their doors. They are located near the beach. But if someone wants to feel, regardless of the fact that he is in the village of Solnechnoye, whose beach is very close, still a city dweller, there are also restaurants. They are no worse than city establishments. They have a dress code and prices are much higher than in a regular cafe. But the food, of course,different - it is more refined, and every gourmet will be satisfied.

In the train with the breeze towards the rest

Petersburgers have chosen the beach for a long time. Getting here is easy. The train, which departs from the Finland Station, runs in this direction every half an hour. It is almost impossible to miss the stop, because it is called so - "Solnechnoye". Once on the platform, you should go in the direction where Vokzalnaya Street is located, and there it is already close to the coast.

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Petersburgers' favorite place

Although located far from the city, but the most favorite vacation spot of St. Petersburg residents is undoubtedly Laskovy Beach. Sunny reviews collects the best. There is evidence of this: the village was visited in the old days by high government officials. Even when de Gaulle visited the USSR, he also visited here.

After visiting Solnechnoe beach, every guest will want to leave a photo for himself. Then, on cold winter evenings, looking at the picture, you can think that summer will come soon and again you can go to this place.

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