Bulgaria, Sunny Beach. Kiparisite 4 : photos, prices and reviews of tourists

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Bulgaria, Sunny Beach. Kiparisite 4 : photos, prices and reviews of tourists
Bulgaria, Sunny Beach. Kiparisite 4 : photos, prices and reviews of tourists

Sunny Beach is one of the most popular resorts in Bulgaria, beloved by Russians for a long time. This fact is explained very easily: here the mild and he althy climate and the clear Black Sea are perfectly complemented by a variety of entertainment and the widest hotel base, where everyone can choose accommodation according to their taste and financial capabilities. If you are also planning to spend your vacation in the Sunny Beach resort (Bulgaria), the Kiparisite 4hotel will be a great option for a comfortable, interesting and affordable vacation. We invite you to take a closer look at this hotel and find out what impression our compatriots left in it.

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Where is the Kiparisite Hotel

This hotel is located in the northern part of the Bulgarian resort region of Sunny Beach, in a small village called Zora. Just eight kilometers from the hotel is a famous landmark - the ancient city of Nessebar. As for the air harbor, it is removed from"Kiparisite" (Sunny Beach) at a distance of 35 km. Thus, upon arrival in Bulgaria, your journey to the hotel will take no more than an hour. As for the sea, the beach is only 80 meters from the hotel. So in just a couple of minutes you can walk to the shore and plunge into the warm waters of the Black Sea.

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What is the Kiparisite Hotel

The 4 Kiparisite Hotel is a modern and comfortable place with an original bright and memorable design. He received the first guests in 2006, and since then several reconstructions have been carried out here. The hotel consists of one five-story building, decorated in yellow, red and white. The architects of the hotel did their best, so even when you come here for the first time, you will immediately recognize "Kiparisite" against the background of other buildings and structures. The hotel has 85 comfortable rooms, stylishly decorated and equipped with everything you need for your stay. On the territory of Kiparisite 4there is a restaurant, bars and a swimming pool with a sun terrace. This hotel is perfect for families planning a holiday in Bulgaria with children, as well as for young cheerful companies.

Placement rules

As in the vast majority of hotels, check-in is after 14:00. If you arrive earlier, then if there are free rooms, you will be settled immediately. Otherwise (this happens quite often during the high season), you will be asked to leave your luggage in the luggage room and go for a snack, swim in the pool, take a walkaround the neighborhood or go straight to the beach. In accordance with the rules of Kiparisite 4(Sunny Beach), on the day of departure, the room must be vacated before noon. When handing over the keys, it is necessary to make a payment for accommodation, as well as the use of additional services. The hotel accepts both cash and plastic cards (Visa or MasterCard).

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Accommodation for children and animals

The four-star Kiparisite Hotel is always happy to welcome guests traveling with their children. If you place your baby up to two years old in a baby cot in your room, you will have to pay an extra 4 euros for each night of stay. If you wish to accommodate an older child or adult in your room in an extra bed, it will cost you 80% of the room rate per person per night. Please note that only one extra bed or child bed can be placed in each room. You should also notify the administration of the Kiparisite 4hotel in advance about the need to provide this service and receive confirmation.

As for pets, here we have to disappoint people who go on vacation in the company of their four-legged friends. So, in accordance with the rules of the hotel, placing guests with pets on its territory is prohibited.

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As already mentioned, the Kiparisite 4hotel (Sunny Beach) has 85 comfortable and stylishly decorated rooms. 76 ofof them are standard double rooms, and nine are apartments. In addition, the hotel has several rooms equipped for the disabled. All room types can accommodate extra beds. The need to provide such a service should be notified in advance to the hotel administration. Each room of the hotel has air conditioning, TV, minibar, bathroom, hair dryer, telephone and a balcony with a beautiful view. You will also find a kitchenette and kitchenware in the apartments. Cleaning and change of bed linen and towels in the rooms is carried out regularly. You also have the opportunity to order room service.


The cost of staying at the Kiparisite 4hotel (Bulgaria) includes only breakfast, which is served in the restaurant in the form of a buffet. Here you can have lunch and dinner for a fee. Skilled chefs will be happy to prepare for you a variety of dishes from both Bulgarian and international cuisine. You can also indulge in delicious fresh seafood dishes.

In addition to a restaurant with an outdoor terrace for 90 people, the hotel has bars: in the lobby, by the pool, as well as a panoramic rooftop bar with a beautiful view. Here you can drink tea or coffee, as well as treat yourself to your favorite soft and alcoholic drinks.

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Beach, sea

Only 80 meters from the Kiparisite 4hotel (Bulgaria) is a sandy and clean city beach. Here you can use sunbeds for a fee,umbrellas and mattresses. Also on the beach there are bars, restaurants and opportunities for recreation on the water. The entrance to the sea here is sandy and gentle, and the water is very warm and pleasant in summer.


Kiparisite 4 hotel has its own swimming pool. Near it is a sun terrace with comfortable sun loungers and umbrellas. There is also a bar where you can order various soft and alcoholic drinks. The hotel did not bypass the attention of the smallest guests. So, for them there is a separate children's pool.


As a rule, Kiparisite 4 guests go to the beach or to the city for entertainment. But if you want to stay at the hotel, then you have the opportunity to play table tennis, swim in the pool, sunbathe on the terrace, do aerobics, get a massage or go to the gym.

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Despite the fact that the four-star hotel "Kiparisite" (Bulgaria) is small, it has everything you need for a comfortable stay and pastime. Yes, the front desk is open 24/7. Therefore, no matter what time of the day or night you arrive at the hotel, you will always be met by the administrator on duty. In addition, for the convenience of tourists, you can pre-book a transfer from / to the airport for an additional fee.

Also at the hotel you can exchange currency, buy souvenirs or things necessary for your rest in the mini-market, use the laundry service, order room service, leave things atstorage in a safe located at the reception. If you need to call a taxi, then contact the administrator at the front desk - he will definitely help you. Wi-Fi internet access is available in the hotel lobby for an additional fee.

As for the smallest guests of Kiparisite 4, the hotel has a shallow pool, a playground, and a mini disco in the evenings. In addition, you can use the services of a babysitter.

Cost of living

The cost of accommodation in the Bulgarian hotel "Kiparisite" is quite consistent with its level of stardom. So, accommodation in a standard double room will cost you from 50 euros per night, and in apartments - from 60 euros. In the high season, the cost will be much higher: about 85 and 115 euros, respectively.

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Bulgaria, Sunny Beach, Kiparisite 4 hotel: reviews of tourists

It should be noted right away that this hotel is one of the few where the vast majority of guest comments are extremely positive. There are, of course, some complaints, but they are extremely few. We invite you to read the reviews of our compatriots about their vacation in the Bulgarian "Kiparisite" in more detail.

So, the first thing that absolutely everyone pays attention to is both the external appearance of the hotel building and its interior decoration. Many tourists were a little shocked by the design of the corridors. So, the walls are orange or crimson in combination with red carpet on the floor and green doors to the rooms.left our compatriots with conflicting impressions. However, the rooms themselves are decorated in more soothing colors and furnished with high-quality comfortable furniture, which makes it very comfortable to stay in them. There were no complaints from the vacationers about the operation of certain household appliances or plumbing.

Many of our compatriots noted the good work of the hotel maids. So, regardless of whether tourists left a tip or not, they always cleaned their rooms in good faith, did not forget to replenish supplies of shampoo, soap and shower gel, and often were not too lazy to build funny figurines from towels on the beds. The other staff of the Kiparisite 4hotel (Bulgaria) did not lose face either. So, both administrators and bartenders and waiters here are exceptionally friendly, helpful and just nice people who are always happy to help guests. In addition, almost all hotel staff speak Russian well, so you will not have any problems in communication.

As for food, there were no particular complaints from our compatriots either. All products were fresh and the dishes were delicious. In addition, there was always a large selection of fruits. Many were also pleased with the very reasonable price of drinks in bars.

The swimming pool of the Kiparisite hotel also left an exceptionally positive impression on vacationers. It is located on the second floor, above the roadway, and is fenced with a wall, picturesquely entwined with plants. The pool water is always clean and pleasant. Near the pool there is a sunbathing terrace with enough sun loungers. According totourists, here you can almost always find a free sunbed and umbrella. There is also a bar by the pool, so you won't have to go far for a drink.

As for the beach, the nearest city beach, according to our compatriots who vacationed in Kiparisite 4, is really located approximately 80 meters from the hotel. However, the entrance to the sea here is rocky and not very convenient. But if you walk only 150-200 meters to the side, you can reach another beach with a sandy entry into the sea. Many tourists did just that. Beach chair rentals must be paid separately. If you want to save money, you can buy a pair of large towels or mats with an umbrella in the store and sit with them on the beach in a chair-free area.

Summing up, we can say that the vast majority of our compatriots were more than satisfied with their vacation at the four-star Kiparisite Hotel (Sunny Beach, Bulgaria) and find its cost quite consistent with the quality of the accommodation and services provided. They do not exclude the possibility that they will stay here again, and will also recommend this hotel to their friends and family.

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