Blue Lagoon Geothermal Resort, Iceland

Blue Lagoon Geothermal Resort, Iceland
Blue Lagoon Geothermal Resort, Iceland

In the northern part of the Atlantic there is a small island of Iceland, which, together with the nearby islands, makes up a state with the same name. The climate here is quite severe, despite this, hundreds of thousands of tourists come to Iceland every year. Here they are attracted by the unique nature of the northern region: unforgettable volcanic landscapes, rivers, picturesque lakes and waterfalls. On this island there are dormant, active and so-called mud volcanoes, as well as geyser fields. The famous geothermal resort Blue Lagoon is also located here. Iceland (see photo of the resort below) is proud of it, as there are no other places like it on the whole planet.

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And it is located in the southwest of the island, on the Reykjanes Peninsula, which is formed mainly from porous lava. And this lava is so loose that sea water can easily seep through it. And in connection withthis created reservoirs of hot geothermal water deep underground. First, in 1976, a geothermal power plant appeared here. Then, in the early 90s, local residents discovered a warm blue lake near it, in which they began to swim. At first, the authorities forbade them to do this, but then they nevertheless allowed them and built a platform and locker rooms in this place. And already in 1996, the Blue Lagoon SPA complex (Iceland) appeared, which already had a recreation area, a cafe and a restaurant. A clinic for the treatment of skin diseases was also built here. And for the entertainment of visitors, the lagoon was equipped with passages, bridges and waterfalls.

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And since then, the Blue Lagoon has become the main attraction of this country. Iceland actively uses this resort. And it's not just the temperature of this local water. It is also rich in quartz, mineral s alts, green and blue algae, which soften and nourish the skin. And therapeutic mud heals and cleanses it. Mineral s alts have a calming effect on the entire body, healing it at the same time. And here, all procedures are carried out outdoors, right in the lagoon itself, using cosmetics produced locally from materials provided by the Blue Lagoon. Iceland, thanks to these cosmetics, also has an additional source of income. Creams and shampoos "locally poured" are actively sold to tourists.

And in the SPA center itself, you can undergo various procedures. For example, s alt peeling. Natural oils and mineral s alts are used here.Blue lagoon. And after that, dead skin cells are exfoliated, and it becomes clean and smooth. It is also recommended to take a contrast shower after s alt peeling. The purest Icelandic water is used for it. This rejuvenating treatment softens the skin and stimulates blood circulation. But these are not all types of s alt peeling offered by the Blue Lagoon resort. Iceland and Icelanders are at their best here. For example, after peeling, an algae wrap is performed. At the same time, a mask of them is applied to the body, and a person gently sways on the surface of the water for half an hour. And at this time he is given a head and face massage. And after the end of the wrap, the client is waiting for a 50-minute full body massage.

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True, this resort does not have its own hotel. But it is completely replaced by a clinic where you can rent a room when you arrive in such a wonderful country as Iceland. The Blue Lagoon, a tour to which will pay off with rejuvenated skin and a he althy body, will welcome everyone. Indeed, in this clinic, which is located near the lake, there is a lobby, a gym and a restaurant - everything is like in a hotel. You can also rent bathrobes and towels here. Also, tourists staying at the clinic receive a bracelet with an electronic wallet, which can be used to pay for drinks and food at the bar.

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