The best tours to India: photos and reviews

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The best tours to India: photos and reviews
The best tours to India: photos and reviews

There are the most conflicting rumors about this country, and no less contrasting reviews. Someone considers it incredibly beautiful, exciting and encouraging to search for one's own destiny, but for someone, India means large crowds of tourists, thousands of pilgrims, begging and extreme hygienic living and eating conditions.

Before you go on a tour of India, you should read the opinions of people who have already been there. Such information will help you decide not only on the route or search for a hotel, but also secure your finances and preserve your he alth.

Why India

What is it about this country that travelers from all over the world pack things in their suitcases and cross thousands of kilometers to visit it? According to them, there are several reasons to go on such a long journey.

  • The first thing they note in their reviews is the ancient history of the country and its culture. In order to get acquainted with the temple complexes and the ancientarchitecture, it is worth buying a tour to India, which includes a visit to the Taj Mahal, the Temples of the Sun and Shiva, the Agra fortress, the Hanging Gardens and other attractions. You can not ignore the city of Delhi. It will especially appeal to those who do not like to be an outside observer, since it is here that you can become a participant in festivals, a craft fair or a volunteer taster in a culinary show every day.
  • The second reason to go on a trip to this country is the magnificent nature, climate, beaches and entertainment. Well, who hasn't heard about amazing tours to Goa in India? Ordinary tourists talk about this place, rolling their eyes and aspirated. As for representatives of various subcultures, this small Indian state is like their “home” for them.
beach in goa

The third reason why you should buy a tour to India is an introduction to the ancient knowledge of yoga. You should not think that only those who have already reached nirvana, or at least sleep on nails, go on such a trip. In fact, even those who do not know anything about yoga can go on such a journey. There are wonderful teachers here who in a short time will be able to instill a love for this unique method of self-discovery

Let's take a closer look at what travel destinations agencies offer, and what needs to be done to get to this exotic country from the point of view of an inexperienced traveler.

How to apply for a visa

India is not much different from other countries, limiting the length of stay of travelers on its territory. You need a visa to enter it.Since we are talking about tourism, we will consider this particular category of entry document.

If you have to buy a tour to India from Moscow, St. Petersburg or Vladivostok, then the residents of these cities are incredibly lucky, as they can apply either to the visa center or to the Consulate General of the country. What are the rest to do? Today, an electronic version of the visa is available for Russians, the presence of which greatly facilitates entry to cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Calcutta and others. Briefly about the difference between an electronic and paper visa for a tour to India.

The first one is issued only for a month and you can apply for a similar version twice a year with a break of 6 months between visits to the country. To get it, just fill out an online application, pay a fee and print a paper version to present it at an airport in India.

Delhi airport

The second type is issued through official channels, that is, the Consulate General or visa centers, if any, in the city. The procedure may take some time, but the visa itself is valid for 6 months.

As travelers note in their reviews, if there is a regular tourist trip to get acquainted with the country or for recreation, then the electronic version of the document is quite enough.

Golden Triangle + Goa

Distant mysterious country has become closer. Tours "Golden Triangle of India + Goa", designed for 10 days, provide an opportunity to visit the most significant sights and relax on the magnificent beaches.

How they describe their experiencestourists? They like:

  • Route. It includes cities: Delhi (visiting Humayun's Tomb, Red Fort, Presidential Palace and much more), Jaipur (elephant ride to Amber Fort, visiting the Palace of Winds), stop at Fatehpur Sikri (abandoned city), Agra (Taj Mahal and the famous Fort). Return to Delhi and flight to Goa.
  • Accommodation. Guests can expect 4 and 3-star apartments of different budget categories. Excellent conditions and food provide a good mood for the whole day.
abandoned city

Tip from the seasoned: many travelers recommend traveling to India by purchasing tours with guided tours. This will make it easier to move along the route and protect inexperienced tourists from inflated ticket prices and street "homogays" who are ready to deceive those poor fellows who dared to ask them for directions for money.

Love and Forts

How attractive is the tour to India, the birthplace of the Kama Sutra. You need to go on such a journey with your soulmate. According to travelers, the impressions from the trip will last for several years, especially after visiting the "Temples of Love" in Khajuraho.

The following cities and attractions are included in the tour itinerary:

  • In Delhi, visit the Lotus Temple and the famous stainless column.
  • Jaipur is a city that seems to have descended from the pages of fairy tales "1001 Nights". A magnificent palace complex in Amer Fort, which will have an elephant ride. Here, the ancient masters erected the pavilions of Wind and Water, from which the court ladiescould watch street processions without revealing their presence.
amber fort

Agra, Fatehpur Sikri, Orchha and Khajuraho are the next stops on the tour. Travelers note that the magnificence of these places and the atmosphere of love, in which the ancient Hindus knew a lot, manifested themselves in architecture. An example of this is the "Temples of Love" in Khajuraho.

Advice from seasoned travelers: experienced travelers are advised not to buy food and drinks in local stalls, so as not to catch some kind of infection. This does not mean that such dishes are necessarily of poor quality, but what is good for the locals, for the “unseasoned” organism, can cause illness.

Legends of the Himalayas

If you want to go to India in March, the "Legends of the Himalayas" tour is what you need. You can plunge deeper into the history of the country only by living there for a long time. An excursion to the places of the legendary battles from the Mahabharata and a visit to the sacred lake are just a few of what this tour offers.

As noted by those who have visited it, it is a kaleidoscope of events, holidays, religious processions, incredibly delicious food and a we alth of information. Some tourists say that they got so tired from the number of impressions that they wandered to the room, barely moving their legs in the truest sense of the word.

Tour program

What awaits the lucky ones in these unforgettable 13 days:

  • From Delhi, departure to Kurukshetra, where vacationers are expected to visit the battlefield between the Pandavas and Kauravas, described in the Mahabharata, and Jotisar, a sacred place in whichKrishna introduced Arjuna to the Bhagavad Gita.
  • The Amritsar Sikh Center is a must visit to the Golden Temple floating in the center of the sacred Amrit Sarovar Lake.
sikh center

In addition to these shrines, travelers expect Pragpur, Dharamsala, Palampur, Naggar, Manali, Manikaran, Mandi, Rewalsar and Shimla - cities that keep relics sacred to every Hindu. Touching them means receiving a piece of blessing, as many tourists believe.

Advice from the seasoned: in search of easy money, some dishonest Indians give travelers false information, for example, about the price of transport fares or visits to attractions. It's better not to fend off the group and not seek adventure "on the side."

Magnificent Rajasthan

Lucky those who get a last-minute tour to India "Magnificent Rajasthan". Plunge headlong into an ancient fairy tale, represented by the magnificent architecture of the XIII-XVII centuries, what could be better, and even with a 30% discount? Magnificent stone carving, beautiful palace and temple complexes - that, according to tourists, awaits travelers on this tour.

Colorful cities in the desert, unsurpassed luxury of stone, silk and gems of the Mughal palaces, impregnable fortresses will meet on the way from Delhi to Pushkar with visits to the cities of Kota, Chittorgarh, Udaipur, Ranakpur and Jodhpur. Each of them is a pearl of Indian culture, living in its own rhythm from festivals, enchanting shows, religious holidays and exquisite works of art.

As experienced travelers note, accommodation in 1st class hotels along the entire route of this tour makes the rest not only rich in impressions, but also comfortable.

Advice from the experienced: do not pay attention to the statement of the conductors of the Hindus that at the ticket office of the railway station, train tickets are exclusively for locals. They "tear" inexperienced travelers at exorbitant prices, while at the box office travel cards are freely available for a very insignificant price.

Divine Karnataka

It is unlikely that there are very cheap tours to India, but you can visit the sacred places in the Blue Mountains, the "golden city" of Kachipuram with its thousand temples and visit the best beaches of the southern coast of the country, starting from the price of $665 in the "Divine Karnataka.”

Golden City

As noted by those who have already been on this tour, it is worth choosing hotels that have the concept of a “buffet” familiar to Russian tourists. Otherwise, you can either stay hungry without pronouncing the name from the intricate Indian cuisine, or eat something too exotic even for a picky stomach.

Advice from the experienced: in India, the metro is a national pride, but you should be prepared that there are carriages for women in the train, where it is risky for men to enter, as the ladies, defending their rights, beat the poor fellows with what is at hand get caught.

VIP India

It turns out that in this country there are tourist programs designed for VIP clients who prefer to combine the study of ancient culture and architecture with SPA visits and accommodationin the best rooms of 5-star hotels.

This category of travelers, as a rule, does not write reviews, so as not to advertise their income once again, but in fact, it is not at all necessary to be an oligarch to afford such a luxury.

For example, a 10-day tour from the Oberoi hotel group is both pleasure and comfort, and the impression of visiting the sights of such cities as Delhi, Agra, Fatehpur Sikri, Jaipur and Udaipur. The route and cost can be discussed when ordering a ticket. By the way, those who have already spent time in such luxury are recommended to add a tour of Goa (India) to the route.

Yoga and travel

Today, many hotels in the country began to offer their customers yoga classes as events. Well, supply and demand in this case coincide. But if there is a desire to join the real mystery of this philosophy, it is worth buying a yoga tour to India in Rishikesh. This city is rightfully called the spiritual capital by all who are seriously engaged in self-knowledge.

yoga school

Yoga ashrams (training centers) offer courses here for both clumsy beginners and "advanced" followers of the teachings. In their reviews of this tour, travelers note that they should be prepared for a vegetarian diet, giving up alcohol and smoking, if the choice fell on living in the ashram. Purification of the body and mind, magnificent nature, outdoor activities, excursions and immersion in meditation - this is what a yoga tour is all about.


India is too "motley" country to visit itonce. As those who have already experienced its influence on themselves say, the desire to return will only grow stronger day by day. It's good that in our time you don't have to be Columbus to get to India, but you can rediscover it with each tour for yourself.

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