Sights of the city of Chaikovsky: description of the main places with photos

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Sights of the city of Chaikovsky: description of the main places with photos
Sights of the city of Chaikovsky: description of the main places with photos

The sights of the city of Chaikovsky cannot compete with the most famous places in the country, but when visiting this settlement, you should see a few of them. Everyone can have a good time watching. This article contains a list of worthy institutions and architectural monuments of the settlement with a brief description.

Communicating with art

The main attractions of the city of Tchaikovsky include the Art Gallery. When visiting, amazing paintings, sculptures, graphics and the like will open up to the attention of travelers.

Compositions are created so that visitors do not have a feeling of monotony. Among the total number of works there are masterpieces by Shishkin, Tropinin, Braz and other famous masters. In the entire Perm Territory, the Art Gallery ranks second in importance among this type of cultural institutions. Initially, it was founded as a result of the gift of the collector Zhigalko. Over time, the set was replenished with new works of art, and therefore it is not recommended to pass by the Gallery.

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Cult building

The sights of the city of Tchaikovsky are not distinguished by some memorable sophistication, but they may well please tourists who have arrived in the city. Travelers walking through the streets should definitely come closer to the Church of St. George. The building has no historical value, it was erected in 2003 and the temple became the main one in the whole city. First of all, its huge size is impressive, the central spire has a height of about 15 meters. In front of the church there is a spacious square where you can take a walk, take a photo or just sit near the impressive size of the building. At night, you should definitely go here a second time. The temple is illuminated from different sides, creating a pleasant atmosphere for walking. Although the building was built 15 years ago, it managed to get the status of the main temple of the city. A service is regularly held here, if you wish, you can go to it.

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Two monuments

In every settlement there are monuments that are worth a look at least a cursory glance. They are also present among the attractions of the city of Tchaikovsky. The history of the first of them, dedicated to the famous poet A. S. Pushkin, is not fraught with mysteries or anything unusual. The figure was commissioned from the Perm Art Fund. For four years, questions about the installation, the type of monument, and the like were settled. The poet was portrayed by A. Uralsky with crossed arms on his chest and a thoughtful look.The monument was erected in 1989, it is definitely worth seeing. There is also a monument to Tchaikovsky. A photo describing the sights of the city of Chaikovsky before a trip here is often not easy to find, but this place is known to every visitor. The settlement was named after the legendary composer, even though he was born 37 kilometers away in Votkinsk. The monument of impressive size shows Tchaikovsky in adulthood with a book on his heart, and musical instruments rest in the back.

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All history in one place

Sights of the city of Chaikovsky, which travelers should see, are in relative proximity to each other. After viewing the aforementioned monuments, you should head to the third. It was built in honor of the first builders and creators of the city. A structure was built on Primorsky Boulevard, its general appearance resembles a sailboat. Below there is a name, but it is the sail that causes the greatest interest. This is a stone bas-relief of a semicircular shape and the most important stages of the development of the city are carved on it. Viewers can see the people who built the settlement, the appearance of a hydroelectric power station, the sports past, the workers of the main industrial establishments. The whole life of Tchaikovsky is depicted on a bas-relief and this is why he is of value to tourists. The structure was erected in a year, and in 2006 the first stone was laid on this site. There is a small area around the monument, the area is well-groomed and clean.

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Water expanses

Every tourist should take a photo of the sights of the city of Chaikovsky, especially after visiting the Votkinsk hydroelectric power station. It was after its foundation in 1961 that the settlement began to grow. Initially, housing was built for employees with families, but over time, the size increased to a small town. The HPP is striking in its size. A large-scale structure with a spillway dam 191 meters long. Fans of huge buildings should take a closer look at this attraction. It stands on the Kama reservoir, which can be separately allocated for visiting. At night, the coastal streets are illuminated in romantic yellow, and the vast expanses of water complete the atmosphere. At such a time, it is pleasant to walk near the reservoir with a loved one or friends who enjoy such a spectacle.

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In the number of sights of the city of Chaikovsky in the Perm Territory, entertainment-type establishments should be recorded. If travelers arrived in the settlement with children, then you should visit Questroom59. There are many rooms with a variety of puzzles. Everything is thought out to the smallest detail, the building is divided into age sectors. There are puzzles for adults with a more complex concept and children's rooms where you can have fun with the whole family. If you want to join active recreation, you should head to the Golden Ball club. There are bowling alleys, billiard tables, and if you want to refresh yourself, you will not be disappointed.delicious cuisine. After a long day of sightseeing, this kind of relaxation will appeal to everyone.

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