Aktobe Airport: description, flights, flights

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Aktobe Airport: description, flights, flights
Aktobe Airport: description, flights, flights

In the city of Aktobe (former Aktyubinsk) there is an airport that receives passenger flights. Its location: southeast of the village. It is located 3.5 km from the railway station. In 2014, it served more than 300 thousand people.

Aktobe International Airport (AKH), in fact, is the air doors of Kazakhstan, located in the west of the state. Aktobe region is one of those that are rapidly developing. This process helps to support the economy of the state as a whole. This is related to oil production, mining and other large projects.

Aktobe Airport is located on the routes that connect Western Europe with Asia. It is able to receive different types of air transport, and also implements not only domestic routes, but also those associated with far abroad.

Aktobe airport
Aktobe airport

General information

The airport is able to provide all types of services related to this service area. The administration is constantly working to improve working conditions and conduct all transportation, improve the function of moving luggage. Aktobe Airport is able to provide all shipsfuels and lubricants so that the flight is completed in the most favorable conditions. The building has recently been refurbished and refurbished. All characteristics of the airfield, both technical and external, comply with the norms and standards.

The airport aims to expand services, improve comfort levels and add new routes to all parts of the world.

Flight tickets

To fly, you must buy tickets in advance. You can do this at the ticket offices located at the airport itself, or in the building of the KazPost post office. You won't have to look for points of sale for a long time; if the consumer wants to make a purchase in the premises of the AKH, then he needs to do it on the first floor. The box office is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In the post office building - from 9 am to 18 pm.

If we consider the price category, then you should specify the cost for domestic and foreign flights provided by Aktobe Airport. At the moment, the cheapest flight, the route of which does not go beyond the borders of the state, will be a flight to Astana. The cost is a little more than 37 thousand tenge (about 7,000 rubles). If we talk about business class, then you will have to pay 108 thousand tenge (within 20,000 rubles). The most expensive domestic flight is to Almaty. It costs 53 thousand tenge (about 10,000 rubles), business class - 132 thousand tenge (approximately 25,000 rubles).

Among international flights, a flight to Moscow will be optimal. You will have to pay 48 thousand tenge (9,000 rubles) or 142 thousand tenge (about 26,500 rubles) for a business class for it.

In principle, in order to find outabout the real price, which will be in a certain period of time, you need to call directly to the Aktobe airport itself. The phone number can be found below in the article or on the company's website.

In order to purchase a ticket at a reduced price, you need to follow some tips:

  • A round trip ticket is cheaper than a one way ticket.
  • Loy alty programs are a good way to save money.
  • The earlier you buy a ticket, the less you have to pay for it. Therefore, you should often check the cost for neighboring dates.
Aktobe airport phone
Aktobe airport phone

More flight details

  • In Almaty. You can buy tickets for the flight any day. The flight lasts just over 2 hours.
  • To Astana. You can also buy a ticket any day. The flight is an hour and a half.
  • In Aktau. Fly a little over one hour. The approximate cost is 42 thousand tenge (about 8,000 rubles).
  • In Atyrau. The flight takes one and a half hours. Price - up to 42 thousand tenge.
  • To Shymkent. The longest route is three hours. The cost is almost 50 thousand tenge (approximately 9,000 rubles).
  • To Moscow. The flight will take a little less than three hours. Arrival is at Domodedovo.
Aktobe airport contacts
Aktobe airport contacts

Aktobe Airport: contacts

There are three ways to contact the airport administration: come, call and write.

If a person is on the territory of Aktobe, he can go to the Air City. This is one of the areas in the city that is very easy to find. In anyIn case of difficulties, you can contact any passer-by, a taxi service or look at the map for the exact location.

You can also call Aktobe airport. Phone: +7 (7132) 229 550. This is the main number, you can use it to find out prices, flight times and other reference information. If suddenly this number is unavailable, you can call the second one: +7 (7132) 229 550.

The airport also has an email address. You can write to him for those who are not now in the territory of Kazakhstan. They answer within a day. Address: [email protected].

Fall on December 18, 1942

A DC-2 aircraft, which followed the route from Tashkent to Chkalov via Dzhusaly, due to terrible weather conditions at low altitude, touched the surface of the Earth with its wing. It happened near Kandagach (Aktobe region) near the junction. There were 7 people on board. Two of them died, the rest were injured. Aktobe airport suffered a lot of losses. Photo of the aircraft below.

Aktobe airport phone number
Aktobe airport phone number

Fall on September 7, 1958

There were 27 people on board the Il-14, which crashed right near Aktobe. Unfortunately, everyone died. The fall was caused by a thunderstorm. Due to the fact that lightning hit the plane, all the instruments went out of order, there was no chance of salvation at all.

The culprits of the incident were the weather station, which gave the wrong forecast, its observer, who was supposed to report a thunderstorm (which was not done), the flight director (neglected his duties).

The crew did not have time to signaldisaster and take the actions necessary for emergency descent.

Aktobe airport photo
Aktobe airport photo

Fall July 17, 2013

An L-37 aircraft crashed while landing. The vehicle belonged to the Defense Institute. The tragedy happened at six in the evening in Moscow; training flight took place. The cadet who was on board and the aviation lieutenant colonel died immediately.