Resorts of Crimea: review, description, rating, reviews

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Resorts of Crimea: review, description, rating, reviews
Resorts of Crimea: review, description, rating, reviews

Although the Crimea does not occupy a very large territory, however, there are many resorts from which travelers can choose for every taste. The landscape of the peninsula is so diverse that it staggers the imagination. Chic mountainous Crimea, amazing southern coast, amazing western coast, peculiar eastern part - wherever a person goes, there are such different seas, mountains and vegetation everywhere.

General information

Most people in our country are looking forward to the holiday season. Many prefer to spend it on the warm s alty sea, sunbathing on the beach and indulging in idle pastime.

the swallow nest

Recently, more and more Russian tourists again began to choose the resorts of the Crimea on the seashore for recreation. And there are a lot of them on the peninsula! Moreover, choosing the best resorts of Crimea, each tourist relies on his own preferences. For some people, it is enough to breathe fresh sea air, swim and sunbathe on clean beaches, and in the evenings spend time in entertainment venues. But there are those who prefer to combine all this with studying the history of the peninsula and visiting iconic historical sites andattractions. Crimea has always been considered a wonderful holiday destination for everyone. The peninsula offers more than a dozen corners, among which every tourist can easily choose something to their liking. But the Crimean resorts, famous back in the Soviet years, have been the most popular among vacationers for several decades now, which are becoming more developed and attractive every year.

Choosing the best option

The cost of housing in the private sector on the peninsula, of course, is cheaper than in comfortable hotels. This is the best option for an economy class holiday. Here you can rent a room, an apartment, a room in a private boarding house, a turnkey house, etc.

Rest in Crimea with children

But the hotel business does not stand still. New mini-hotels and comfortable private hotels offering a fairly high level of service, huge hotel complexes - all this has numerous resorts in Crimea. "All inclusive" - ​​a concept so popular in Turkey and Egypt, is also being implemented here. Hotels and boarding houses, as well as he alth resorts, and even private guest houses operate under this system.


Crimea is called the "green pearl" of the Black Sea. Almost the entire territory of the peninsula is a resort area. The main and most popular tourist centers with a developed infrastructure, which have been hosting tourists for two centuries, are located on the southern, western and southeastern shores of the Black Sea, as well as on the Kerch Peninsula. People come here to treat the body in one of the many he alth resorts, enjoy a softclimate, sun, warm sea and just relax your body and soul. From west to east along the seashore are resort towns and villages.

Crimea Hotels

Judging by the reviews, the vacation offered here will satisfy the needs of any category of tourists.

Description of the east coast

In this article we will present a detailed overview of the major tourist centers of the peninsula, as well as talk about what the best resorts of Crimea are, introduce them to their rating, compiled on the basis of the ratings of our compatriots. The eastern part of the peninsula is Sudak, Kerch and Feodosia. In this region, the mountain landscape smoothly turns into the steppe. The beaches in this part of the Black Sea coast are mostly sand and pebbles. Only in the suburbs of Feodosia there is a wide sandy strip. The Kerch Peninsula is unique in itself: it is located between two seas - the Black and Azov. Such Crimean resorts as Sudak and Kerch are attractive not only for beach lovers, but also for tourists who are interested in local history. Many ancient monuments have been preserved in their vicinity. Bolshaya Feodosia is popular with lovers of swimming and sunbathing. In gradually developing settlements, such as Primorsky, Ordzhonikidze, etc., you can rent inexpensive housing. Straight tourists from all over the former CIS come to Koktebel, in particular to Lisya Bay, the mecca of wild recreation.

South Shore

Here are such popular Crimean resorts as Gurzuf, Alupka, Alushta, Simeiz and, of course, the pearl - Y alta.

Nature of Sudak

They were incredibly famous and popular in the Soviet years. Millions of tourists flock here every summer. The most popular resorts of Crimea are close to each other, moreover, Alupka, Gaspra and Koreiz have already merged altogether. In this part of the peninsula, rich in lush subtropical vegetation, the cleanest sea.


It is not a resort per se. However, from the point of view of vacationers, it is not inferior to any tourist center on the peninsula. There are many historical monuments, developed infrastructure, which not all the best resorts of Crimea can boast of, a huge selection of beaches, both sandy and pebbly. In Sevastopol, there are crowded areas for swimming, and lonely coves, in which there are practically no vacationers.

West Bank

This part of Crimea is primarily interesting for those who prefer economy class holidays. Prices here are comparatively lower than in other regions.

On vacation in Y alta

Here you can come to relax in such little-known villages as Peschanoe, Uglovoe, Nikolaevka, and the most famous resort on the Crimean peninsula - Evpatoria. In the Soviet years, it was considered the most favorite place for vacations with children. It must be said that even today almost half of all those who choose Crimea for recreation come here. Evpatoria has recently begun to develop as a tourist and historical center, because the city is 2500 years old. There are also places on the western coast of Crimea that are well known to lovers of underwaterswimming. And first of all, it is Cape Tarkhankut. And such small resorts of Crimea as Chernomorskoe and Mezhvodnoe have recently become popular with beach lovers because of the excellent beaches covered with fine sand. And although their name is not yet familiar to everyone, nevertheless, the flow of tourists here is increasing every year.

Rating of Crimean resorts

Y alta rightfully takes the first place. Popularization of this resort began in the XVIII century. Each of the noble families considered it their duty to own at least a small estate in this part of the Crimea. Embankments, parks, palaces and castles - many historical places in Y alta still attract tourists.

Capital of Crimea - Sevastopol

In the ranking of "the best resorts of Crimea", compiled on the basis of feedback from vacationers, Koktebel occupies its rightful place. This small village attracts primarily creative youth. It is the unspoken center of nudists. In the waters of Koktebel, you can see the incredibly beautiful Kara-Dag volcano, the Golden Gates, etc. The beaches of this resort are large-pebbly, due to which the water is almost always transparent.

In third place is Evpatoria with its various beaches, temples, mosques, water parks, dolphinarium, attractions.

The next in the ranking of "the best resorts of Crimea" - Alushta. A huge number of hotels and sanatoriums have made it extremely attractive for tourists. In addition, you can relax here relatively inexpensively. Prices for accommodation in the tourist infrastructures of Alushta are much lower than those offered by many othersCrimean resorts, including Y alta.

Balaklava takes its rightful place in the ranking. Due to the fact that it is located in an unusual bay, where there is practically no excitement even in a strong storm at sea, Balaklava has gained great popularity among beach lovers. The list of places awarded by our compatriots with the highest scores also includes Feodosia, Kerch, Simeiz, Foros, Partenit and, of course, Saki.

Best he alth resorts

Many people come to the peninsula not only to relax, but also to receive medical treatment. For this, excellent conditions have been created here since Soviet times. One of the most famous is the resort of Saki in the Crimea. This famous resort town is located in the northwest of the peninsula. Since ancient times, Russians have been treating many diseases in Saki. The golden beach by the clear sea, ionized air and much more help not only to relax and unwind, but also to restore he alth. The unique treatment here is not inferior to the world level. Here you can drink water from mineral springs, take mud baths. The balneological resort of Saki in Crimea today offers relaxation at relatively low prices.

Most resorts operate all year round. Here the digestive, nervous and musculoskeletal systems are restored.

Hotels in Saki

Two hundred years ago, the foundation of spa treatment was laid in the Crimea. Many sanatoriums were built. The development of spa treatment was facilitated by the unique natural base of the Crimea: its mineral waters and mud lakes, fresh air and hot springs.sources. One of the best is the Ai-Petri sanatorium, located on the southern coast of the peninsula, not far from Miskhor. No less popular are "Pearl", "Golden Ear" in Alushta, "Rodina" (Gaspra), "Poltava-Crimea" in Saki, etc.

Rest in Crimea with children

This Russian peninsula is rightfully considered one of the best places for family vacations. The convenience of transport links, developed infrastructure for kids - all this contributes to the fact that many Crimean resorts for children are just perfect. Some are attractive for their safe sandy beaches, others for the variety of activities available for the little ones. An important role in choosing a resort in the Crimea is played by the age of the child. For example, children up to five or six years old are simply interested in a carefree swim in the sea or the opportunity to build sand castles for hours. Those who are older prefer visiting the water park, dolphinarium, oceanarium and other Crimean attractions. Gurzuf is considered one of the attractive places for families with children. This town is attractive for its clean mountain air, good beaches covered with small pebbles, and a calm atmosphere. The resort villages of Simeiz, Gaspra, Nikita, Koreiz also deserve attention. True, the beaches here are small in size. The situation is similar in Alupka, Foros and Livadia.

The most famous Black Sea resort, where you can safely come with small children, is, of course, Evpatoria, located in the western part of Crimea. Spacious sandy beaches, developed tourist infrastructure, hotels operating onthe concept of "all inclusive" (the most popular among vacationers with families) - all this contributes to the fact that the number of people coming here is growing every year. In addition, the climate of Evpatoria is great for the child's body: the process of acclimatization is gentle and without side effects.

Additional information

Those who are committed to sports pastime are interested in the question of whether there is a ski resort in the Crimea. The answer is yes. Today, Crimea is famous not only for its luxurious beaches and he alth resorts, but also for ski resorts. The local nature has created such mountain reliefs that are ideal for outdoor activities in the coldest time. There are a large number of camp sites on the peninsula. It is best to come to ski holidays in Crimea in February and March. It is during these months that the snow is most suitable for skiing or sledding. The most popular resorts for active winter recreation are tourist camps located on the slopes of Mount Ai-Petri, in the lower reaches of Chatyr-Dag and in the famous Angarsk Pass. The latter is considered one of the best Crimean ski resorts. It is primarily suitable for beginner skiers, as well as sledding and snowboarding. Parents with children also have a great time here.

Ai-Petri as a ski resort was created by fans of this pastime, well versed in this sport. Here are the best tracks, convenient for both professionals and amateurs, and even for children. Here you can go skiing and snowboardingice skating, because this resort has an ice skating rink.

The heights of the Chatyr-Dag mountain range can be reached both on foot and by car. The tourist base, located in the lower reaches, provides tourists with everything they need: accommodation, food, equipment for skiing.


Many resorts in the Crimea are on everyone's lips. Their names are familiar to middle-aged people since childhood. Fashionable Y alta and bohemian Koktebel, inexpensive Feodosia and Sudak, the extremely popular village of Simeiz, Alushta and "children's" Evpatoria are the most popular resorts in Crimea. Feedback from our compatriots suggests that today they are the most popular destinations among Russians.

The overwhelming majority of our compatriots call their advantages the magnificent sea and amazing nature. Many share their unforgettable impressions, talk about the sights that they have seen. Russians call Sudak an excellent place to relax with children with its spacious beach, specific nature, thickets of low-growing coniferous trees and a bay surrounded by picturesque mountains. For those who want to sunbathe on the sand, Evpatoria is perfect. Judging by the reviews of divers, Balaklava is a real paradise for them. Our compatriots liked almost all the resorts of Crimea. There are, of course, negative reviews as well. And first of all, they relate to high prices for tour packages and the lack of a sufficient number of entertainment facilities in some places.

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