When does the swimming season start in Crimea? Resorts and boarding houses of Crimea. Where is the best place to stay in Crimea?

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When does the swimming season start in Crimea? Resorts and boarding houses of Crimea. Where is the best place to stay in Crimea?
When does the swimming season start in Crimea? Resorts and boarding houses of Crimea. Where is the best place to stay in Crimea?

On the eve of the holidays, each of us thinks about where to spend the long-awaited vacation. If you are considering domestic resorts, you can recommend going to the Crimea. Here the rest is always rich and interesting. It is difficult to find such an abundance of sights and interesting places in a relatively small area anywhere else. Rest on the peninsula has a lot of advantages. Our article is for those who, making a choice, decided that they would stop in the Crimea. Where is the best place to do it?

Why Crimea?

People who have visited the Crimea will agree that rest in its open spaces always turns out to be very interesting. Despite the fact that the service of domestic resorts is inferior to foreign ones, you always want to return to the peninsula. Its stunning atmosphere and the beauty of nature leave a lasting impression. There are a lot of places in Crimea that are worth seeing. Waterfalls, forests, mountains, mineral waters, therapeutic mud - all this allows you not only to have a good time, but also to improve your he alth. All conditions for family rest are created here. It is interesting to have a rest in Crimea for representatives of all ages, as there are various entertainments. Young people are more attracted to outdoor activities and beach clubs, where you can have fun until the morning. Crimea offers not only numerous sightseeing tours, but also the opportunity to go windsurfing, diving, visiting caves, palaces, parasailing or just relaxing on the beach.

Crimean coast
Crimean coast

Since the coast of the peninsula is quite long, the question invariably arises for everyone who decides that he will stop in the Crimea: "Where is it better?" The choice of a resort town or a small village largely depends on your goals or preferences.

Swimming season

Most tourists are invariably interested in the question of when the swimming season begins in Crimea. And this is quite logical, because it is the sea that attracts guests. Therefore, everyone wants to not only see the sights, but also enjoy swimming in warm water. The ability to combine different types of recreation is the main advantage of local resorts. No less attractive is the opportunity to improve your he alth on the expanses of the coast.

It is difficult to give an answer when the swimming season begins in Crimea. This concept is very loose. Someone is comfortable swimming even at +15 degrees, while someone freezes at +23 degrees. According to experts, it is safe for he alth to swim, starting from the water temperature+17 degrees. Quite different requirements apply to sea temperature when it comes to holidays with kids.

bathing season
bathing season

The beach season starts in early May. There is plenty of sun at this time, but the water is still cold. At the beginning of the month, its temperature is +12 degrees, and by the last days the sea warms up to +18 … +20 degrees. Some people like to swim in such conditions. Indigenous people most often begin to swim in May.

The official start of the swimming season falls on June. At this time, the water temperature reaches +20…+22 degrees. And the air warms up to +28…+30 degrees. In June, there are already quite a lot of tourists on the beaches. And yet the beaches at this time are not yet crowded, and the heat has not come.

According to reviews, the best vacation in Crimea is in July and August. It is these months that are considered to be the period of the high season. Hot weather allows the sea to warm up as much as possible. The water temperature reaches +23…+25 degrees. And the air temperature is much higher than +30 degrees.

It is worth understanding that even at the height of the season, the sea can surprise vacationers. Even in August and July, the water temperature can drop to +10 degrees. With strong winds, warm layers go to the sea, and cold waters come in their place. This phenomenon is the norm for the Crimea. But that's not to say that upwelling is bad, as it brings clear deep water that warms up after two to three days.

On the South Coast you can swim in September. The heat at the beginning of autumn goes away, and the sea remains still warm. At this time on the beachesthere are much fewer tourists.

Select region

Crimea is a fertile corner, where there is just a sea of sights, beaches and simply beautiful places to relax. What can you advise to those who have not yet decided who will go where and where they will stay? Where in Crimea it is better to have a rest? The choice of options is not just great - it is huge. You can choose a small village or city. Conventionally, the Crimean coast can be divided into: the western (Saki and Evpatoria region), the eastern coast, Sevastopol and its environs, the South Coast (Big Y alta).

If you still don't know where to stay in Crimea, explore all the regions. The eastern coast of the peninsula stretches from Alushta to Feodosia. It has its own climate, but many say that the air and water on the coast are cleaner than in other places. Local beaches are very diverse: from sandy to pebbly.

South Coast is considered by many to be the best place for a beach holiday in Crimea. Where to go on the South Coast? The choice of settlements is very large. In total, there are 30 villages here. Each of them is good in its own way. The South Coast is attractive in terms of climatic conditions and he alth improvement. The he alth potential of the coast, according to experts, is higher than in many foreign resorts. If you suffer from cardiovascular diseases or respiratory diseases, then the subtropical climate of the South Coast is shown to you for recovery.

Greater Y alta can safely be called the most popular region. It includes Gurzuf, Alupka, Massandra, Nikita, Livadia, etc. There are more than 170 sanatoriums and resorts here.

Children's resort - Evpatoria
Children's resort - Evpatoria

The western coast of Crimea is no less attractive. It is famous as a children's resort and a climate therapy region. Local beaches have a sandy surface and a gentle entry into the sea. If you do not know where it is better to stay in Crimea with children, pay attention to Evpatoria. The unique combination of sea and steppe climate allows you to treat many ailments. It is for this reason that children's sanatoriums are located here. If you want to spend your vacation in a small village, you can stay in Nikolayevka, Mezhvodny or Saki.

Resting "savages"

Fans of recreation "savages" can be recommended to go to the Crimea with a tent. This will allow you to completely switch and tune in to a quiet holiday on the coast. It is no secret that the cost of housing in the resorts of the peninsula is quite high. Therefore, rest in the Crimea with tents will significantly reduce your costs. If your budget does not allow accommodation in a boarding house or sanatorium, do not neglect the rest of the "savages".

Where is it better to stay in Crimea by car and with tents? Experienced tourists recommend paying attention to Orlovka. The village boasts sandy beaches. There are equipped campsites on the coast that can accommodate vacationers.

Tent city
Tent city

Cape Fiolent is no less popular among tourists. Beautiful views, beautiful rocks and a spring with clear water attract vacationers. There are also places for recreation by "savages" at the Laspi Pass. With tents, you can also relax in the village of Ordzhonikidze near Feodosia. On its territory there are campsites and beautiful beaches. In addition, there are interesting sights to visit in the surrounding area. Zelenogorye is considered an interesting place for wild recreation.

Between capes Meganom and Alchak in the vicinity of Sudak there is a camping site "Kapsel". In the protected area there are houses, and you can also put up tents. The campsite has parking spaces, showers and shops.

Most Popular Campsites

Near "Alushta" there is a tent camp called "Vympel". From its territory there is a stunning view of Mount Dimerdzhi and picturesque lakes. The ponds are suitable for fishing. The camp area is fully equipped with all amenities.

No less interesting for tourists is the Green Shelter camp near Laspi Bay in the juniper forest. For guests, houses and tents are equipped here, so you can choose the right option.

Near Foros there is a tent camp "Bastion". Its territory is located in the forest zone. It offers a unique view of the sea, Mount Yayla and Foros Church. There are several wild beaches near the campsite.

Rest savages
Rest savages

One of the most interesting places in the Crimea is the Batiliman tract, located in Laspi Bay. On its territory everything is provided for camping. No less good you can relax in Panair Bay near Alushta.

If you want to stay near Balaklava, pay attention to the tract Fig. On its territory there are all amenities and places for tents.


Crimea has changed a lot recently. Now numerous boarding houses, guest houses, hotels and other housing have been built on its coast. Holidays in the Crimea in the private sector will be much cheaper than sanatoriums. High competition between the owners of boarding houses makes them rent rooms at fairly affordable prices.

If you want to look for rooms in the private sector for a holiday in Crimea in advance, use the Internet to book apartments in advance. The most budget prices are offered by the villages of the west coast: Evpatoria, Saki, Storm, Mirny, Mezhvodnoe. You can also pay attention to the eastern region: Ordzhonikidze, Feodosia, Kurortnoe.

The private sector on the peninsula is represented by small and inexpensive boarding houses, hotels, inns and guest houses located near the sea. The high competition between the owners forces them to improve the living conditions of the guests. Now in many boarding houses you can even find swimming pools and playgrounds.

Very often, families with children want to organize a budget and relaxing holiday in the Crimea. Where to go if there is no money for large boarding houses and sanatoriums? Experienced tourists recommend paying attention to the following resorts: Fishing, Sea, Black Sea, Mezhvodnoe, Evpatoria, Zaozernoe and Saki. In these cities and towns you can find good housing offers. It is worth saying that a bed in the cheapest place will cost you at least 300-600 rubles per day. When booking rooms for a month or more, the hosts offer small discounts. In general, forbudget holidays should choose small villages. In them, rest is less interesting than on the South Coast, but housing prices are lower.

Pike perch

Sudak is a popular resort on the peninsula. Guests are attracted by the village with a special microclimate and budget prices. The private sector and guest houses of Sudak (Crimea) are an excellent option for a budget holiday. Beautiful nature and stunning sights attract many tourists every year. Most often, couples with children come here. If you are interested in a budget holiday, you can pay attention to the guest houses of Sudak (Crimea).

There are a lot of them in the village. For example, the following establishments have proven themselves well: the Radiant Hotel, the Vladislav mini-boarding house, the Alchak mini-hotel, Golden Plaza, the private house Mall, Mechta, Zaid, Cypress.

Coast of Sudak
Coast of Sudak

The choice of housing in Sudak is very large. Don't let the name of the guest house scare you. This type of accommodation is not much different from large hotels. The main difference lies in the size of the institution. Otherwise, the private sector offers no less excellent conditions than boarding houses. Of course, the interiors, service and amenities directly depend on the cost of the apartments. You can rent not only a budget room, but also a beautiful suite.

In many ways, the cost of housing depends on the distance from the sea. For accommodation near the beach will have to fork out.

Beach resorts

Very often, tourists wonder if there are boarding houses in Crimea with their own beach. If you want to restdirectly on the seashore, then this option is quite possible. Most often, tourists who are not constrained by means prefer those boarding houses that have their own beach. By the way, there are quite a lot of them in Crimea. With a large concentration of vacationers, having your own plot on the coast is a very relevant topic.

Boarding house "Neva" with a beach
Boarding house "Neva" with a beach

In Alushta, you can stay in the Neva boarding house, the building of which is just a five-minute walk from the beach. The establishment is focused on family holidays and offers a variety of services.

The most popular boarding houses in Crimea with their own beach are:

  1. "Brigantine". The institution is located near the sea and has a spacious territory.
  2. "Radiant".
  3. "Rassvet" is located in the center of Nikolaevka. Its buildings are located in close proximity to the sea and have access to their own beach.

In Crimea there are boarding houses that have not only their own beach, but also a swimming pool and a vast territory. If you are a comfort lover, then you should pay attention to:

  1. Resort "More" in Alushta. The institution boasts not only proximity to the coast, but also a spacious area in the park area, as well as a spa.
  2. "Radiant" - a boarding house located on the west coast. Its territory is well-groomed and equipped with a swimming pool.

Blue Bay is another beach and pool establishment.

The best beaches of the peninsula

Where are the best beaches in Crimea? If you want to relax inthe best and most picturesque places of the peninsula, you should pay attention to:

Cape Tarkhankut. This is the most remote part of the coast from big cities. Many people call the cape a paradise for divers, because here the most transparent and clean water. All beaches in this area are difficult to access due to steep slopes, sheer cliffs and stones. Here you will find an incredible number of coves, grottoes and bays that amaze with their beauty. The nearest village from the cape is Olenevka. If you want to visit the beach, you will have to get on your own car. Tarkhankut is the place where you can take a break from civilization. There are many interesting places on its territory. For example, the Grotto of Love, in the depths of which you can see a small beach that can only accommodate two people. The most mysterious place is the Singing Bay. Being here during the winds is scary because of the vibration that causes a feeling of panic

The beauty of Tarkhankut
The beauty of Tarkhankut
  • The Golden Sands beach can be called the pride of Feodosia. It got its name because of the large amount of golden sand. The beach has a large length (more than 15 km). Many recommend this place for families with children.
  • No less attractive is Jasper Beach at Cape Fiolent. The coast here is very clean and beautiful. Even during the high season, there are not so many people on the beach, so you can admire the beauty of the sea and the colorful pebbles of the coast. You can get here from Balaklava by bus or by boat.
  • The Royal Beach is located in the village of Novyi Svet between Mount Karaul-Oba and Cape Kalchik. local coastcalled a paradise, because the water here has a special blue hue and is clean.
Royal beach
Royal beach
  • Cossack Bay at Cape Khersones. The local beach allows you to relax from civilization. The coast here is very different from other areas, as white stones cover the bottom and shore, which give a unique light shade to the water.
  • Blue stones in the village of Simeiz. The beach is located at the rock Diva. They say that nudists gather here. The beach will appeal to those who love big rocks from which you can dive into the water. Vacationers in Simeiz believe that it is here that the cleanest water in the area of the village.
  • A quiet bay in Koktebel is located at Cape Chameleon, which was named because of its ability to change color during the day. The bay is always quiet and calm, so the water is very clean and warm.
  • Lost world at Cape Aya. The beach is located in a secluded area surrounded by rocks. Getting here from the coast is difficult. Tourists recommend renting a yacht or boat to travel to a secluded corner.
  • General's beaches are located to the east of Kazantip Bay. This place is called the coast of a thousand bays. It is very attractive to divers because of the purity and transparency of the water.
  • The Bay of Love is located between the villages of Malorechenskoye and Rybachye. The local beach is always sparsely populated due to difficult accessibility. The bay is of volcanic origin. The mouth of the volcano is still preserved here. From the land side, you can go down to the beach only along steep paths with crumbling from under your feet.stones.

The new beaches of Crimea, located in the center of the resorts, of course, cannot boast of such unity with nature and beauty as the above sections of the coast.

Youth Holidays

Where is it better to have a rest for young people in Crimea? You can find a lot of options for outdoor activities for energetic people. Crimea is beautiful because it allows you to spend your holidays in a very diverse way. Here you can go hiking, climbing, diving, sailing on a yacht in the sea, descend into caves, ride jeeps, go horseback riding, visit excursions.

Where to go in the Crimea to lovers of diving and unity with nature? Of course, it is worth visiting Cape Tarkhankut. Its expanses are completely wild and uninhabited, here you can find a secluded place to relax.

Youth rest
Youth rest

If you love mountains and mountaineering, Crimea will be a new adventure for you. Local guides offer guests interesting routes designed for people of all skill levels.

Where to go in the Crimea during the holidays? If you are young and full of energy, you can ride bikes on special tracks that allow you to see a lot of new and interesting things. By the way, in the mountains you can see cave cities. This spectacle will leave you with a lot of impressions.

Active youth can be recommended to go to Kazantip, to the sea on a yacht, to see caves, to fly on a steam plane. And you can do all this while relaxing in any village. Wherever you are located, there is something interesting everywhere. And get to key placesis not difficult, since trips are organized for tourists to all points of the peninsula.

Instead of afterword

Recreation in Crimea is a lot of impressions, warm water, unique palaces, mysterious caves, beautiful butas and stunning mountains. It's hard to say what's missing on the peninsula.

Cape Fiolent
Cape Fiolent

That's why its spas are highly regarded by connoisseurs. An interesting vacation here is provided for any category of vacationers. Developed infrastructure and transport interchange makes it easy to get to any point and see all the most interesting. It is noteworthy that in the resorts you can find housing of different levels of comfort and cost. In Crimea, there are not only fashionable establishments, but also budget boarding houses, hotels and guest houses.