The best boarding houses (Moscow region): review, description, names. Boarding houses of the Moscow region "all inclusive": an overview

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The best boarding houses (Moscow region): review, description, names. Boarding houses of the Moscow region "all inclusive": an overview
The best boarding houses (Moscow region): review, description, names. Boarding houses of the Moscow region "all inclusive": an overview

Recreation centers and boarding houses of the Moscow region allow you to comfortably spend weekends, vacations, celebrate an anniversary or holidays. Constantly busy Muscovites take the opportunity to escape from the “embraces” of the capital to recuperate, improve their he alth, think or just be with family and friends. Each district of the Moscow region has its own tourist spots.

Pokrovskoye Boarding House, Golitsyn District

For those who are looking for boarding houses in the Moscow region with a pool and a buffet, the Pokrovskoye rest house in the Golitsinsky district will be a pleasant surprise. Located in places well known and described by both Russian classics and painters, the boarding house can offer a wide range of services to its clients.

boarding houses near moscow
boarding houses near moscow

Separate cottages, buildings, dachas and townhouses are comfortably located on 33 hectares of land. All rooms are fully equipped for a comfortable stay, but the main thing they offerboarding houses of the Moscow region are a service sector.

Pokrovsky can accommodate up to 1200 people at the same time, which the boarding house staff offers:

  • 3 free buffet meals a day;
  • pool open all year round;
  • playgrounds for children;
  • billiard room;
  • tennis court and table tennis tables;
  • boating and fishing;
  • bike rides;
  • bath complex;
  • equipped beach;
  • bowling;
  • paintball and volleyball courts.

The recreation center is suitable for both family holidays and business meetings. "Pokrovskoe" can be attributed to the category "The most comfortable boarding houses." The Moscow region is rich in such places.

Boarding houses of Dmitrovsky district

This area is rich not only in boarding houses, but also in hotels, children's camps and sports and entertainment complexes. For those who wish to visit the boarding houses of the Moscow region with children, the Fresh Wind entertainment complex, spread over an area of 12 hectares, will be an excellent option.

The complex includes 2 hotels for 51 and 34 beds and cottages of the "classic", "comfort" and "premium" categories. The rooms and cabins are fully landscaped, so that both adults and children can comfortably relax in them.

In Fresh Wind, you can pay attention to your he alth, as the SPA complex open here has adult and children's pools, a hammam and saunas with plunge pools for dipping into ice water. Gym and sports fieldlovers of outdoor activities, after which you can get a massage session.

Women will be interested in visiting a beauty parlor that provides a wide range of services. For children, special playgrounds and places are equipped where it is possible to ride roller skates, scooters and bicycles, as well as fly a kite. Children's disco and animation will not let young customers get bored.

boarding houses near Moscow
boarding houses near Moscow

Although "Fresh Wind" belongs to the category of "new boarding houses near Moscow" (opened in 2009), it is designed specifically for families. Both parents and children will find activities of interest here. According to customer reviews, this hotel entertainment complex has a great future and an ever-growing number of loyal customers.

Recreation centers of the Domodedovo region

One of the pearls of the Domodedovo district is the recreation complex "Bor". It is suitable for those who prefer resorts near Moscow to all other types of recreation. It compares favorably with its buffet and wellness treatments from many of its counterparts, for which it receives numerous accolades.

The boarding house "Bor" is distinguished by a high level of service and comfort, despite the fact that the hotel is already over 60, and the boarding house is 35 years old. On the territory of 135 hectares there are not only cozy buildings, but also a SPA-complex with a medical center.

boarding houses near Moscow all inclusive
boarding houses near Moscow all inclusive

From entertainment, there are swimming pools with water slides, a night and beer bar, a pizzeria and a restaurant. For kidsa separate outdoor pool is equipped, animation programs are held. Meals - breakfast and a two-time buffet at the boarding house, ordering from the menu at the hotel.

Clean air and physiotherapy help not only restore strength, but also improve he alth, which is very important for urban residents. Boarding houses of the Moscow region like "Bora" are valued precisely for this.

Pensions of the Noginsk region

For those who prefer to pay once and do not worry about anything else, boarding houses of the Moscow region will suit a different level. "All inclusive" - a category of service that is accepted only at the best resorts in the world. To get a service of this level, it is enough to come to the Noginsk district and visit the resort "Yakhonty".

boarding house for the elderly in the suburbs
boarding house for the elderly in the suburbs

Located on the shores of a beautiful lake, the resort occupies more than 40 hectares, which comfortably accommodate buildings, cottages, a bath complex and even a mini-zoo with stables. According to legend, if you walk between the two halves of the lake, which is separated by a path, and make a wish, it will surely come true.

A distinctive feature of the resort "Yakhonta" is not only that it is included in the few boarding houses of the Moscow region ("all inclusive"), but also that there is such a huge selection of entertainment that every client will definitely find something to keep yourself busy.

At the service of guests:

  • meals 3 times a day on a buffet basis;
  • children's entertainment room;
  • various animation programs for children and adults;
  • bannycomplex with a wide range of services;
  • pools with slides for children and adults;
  • outdoor sports grounds for playing volleyball and badminton;
  • visit the mini-zoo;
  • fishing;
  • gazebos with barbecues.

In addition to these free services, the resort offers a wide range of entertainment at a very reasonable price:

  • beauty treatments in the SPA-salon;
  • fitness and exercise equipment;
  • horseback riding;
  • nightclub and numerous bars;
  • boating or boat trips in summer;
  • skating on the ice rink in winter;
  • conference rooms of various categories and occupancy;
  • bowling and more.

At the same time, up to 1234 people can rest at the resort, who are waiting for cozy rooms in the building or comfortable cottages. According to visitors, the main disadvantage of the resort is its inaccessibility due to constant occupancy. Similar boarding houses in the Moscow region are overloaded with guests on New Year's Eve, so rooms must be booked in advance.

Standard boarding houses

In the immediate vicinity of the capital, there are enough beautiful places that are worthy to make you want to return to them again and again. But when there are also boarding houses of the Moscow region that offer quality rest (with a buffet, inexpensive), then this is a great reason to come more often.

The Bear Lakes Club is located only 40 km from Moscow, but it seems that this is a Russian outback, such silence and pristine nature here. Formed during the Ice Age 3 lakes,surrounded by forest, and comfortable rooms and cottages make this club very popular among those who want to have a quality and budget vacation.

boarding houses near Moscow with a swimming pool and a buffet
boarding houses near Moscow with a swimming pool and a buffet

For holidaymakers:

  • comfortable beaches;
  • boat trips;
  • gazebos with barbecues;
  • breakfast buffet;
  • restaurants and bars;
  • sports field;
  • snowmobiling, skiing and ice skating in winter;
  • cycling and catamaran rides in summer;
  • spa complex with a wide selection of different types of massages and beauty treatments;
  • Russian bath and sauna;
  • conference room and tents for corporate events.

A unique combination of affordable prices, great service and beautiful scenery make this guest house a great choice for weekends, holidays and anniversaries.

Economy class boarding houses

It's good that for the residents of the capital there is an opportunity to spend quality weekends in the immediate vicinity of the city. Rest in the suburbs, a sanatorium whose boarding houses offer the opportunity to restore he alth and strength, anyone can afford.

Only 15 km from the capital on 30 hectares is the sanatorium named after. Artem, founded in the late 19th century. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that it is washed from three sides by the Skhodnya River, due to which the local air is saturated with negative ions. Their medicinal properties were noted by the well-known neuropathologist Pupyshev at that time, whofounded this sanatorium.

the best boarding houses of the Moscow region
the best boarding houses of the Moscow region

Vacationers are accommodated in rooms of buildings of different categories, on which the cost also depends. The main direction of the sanatorium is the treatment of the cardiovascular and nervous systems. Accommodation - 24 days, during which patients receive the maximum treatment, but you can come for a shorter amount of time just to recuperate.

The price includes:

  • Meals on order from the menu;
  • treatment with doctor-prescribed procedures;
  • swimming in the pool.

Among the entertainment offered by the resort:

  • billiards;
  • cinema;
  • winter garden;
  • skating rink and ski track;
  • concerts and dance evenings are held every evening;
  • sauna;
  • solarium and gym.

The surrounding forest is a great place for walking and recuperation. The minimum stay is 4 days tours. According to customer reviews, the resort is characterized by maximum amenities at a minimum cost.

Hotels for the elderly

It is often considered a big problem to find a good boarding house for the elderly in the Moscow region, where they will receive both high-quality service and the most diverse entertainment program. All of them need both medical care and to feel surrounded by care and attention. When such an institution is located near the capital, so that relatives can visit their relatives more often, this is an additional plus in favor ofin order to choose this particular he alth resort.

A boarding house for the elderly in the Moscow region is an opportunity to provide a pensioner with a quality vacation among beautiful nature under the supervision of professionally trained staff.

In the boarding house "Valentina" accommodation is possible for any period, and for pensioners who have booked a stay for more than a month, there is a system of discounts.

The Valentina boarding house is located just 15 km from Moscow, in the Troitsky district, the village of Fominskoye. The presence of a nearby pine forest makes the local air healing, which has a beneficial effect on the general condition of patients. High-quality medical care, he althy 5 meals a day, attention to pensioners and organization of their leisure time make this boarding house for the elderly in the Moscow region one of the most popular.

Private boarding houses

It is not often that you will find private boarding houses that are affordable and with quality service. Among them, rest houses with treatment are especially popular. In the modern world, it is important not only to relax and recuperate, but also to carry out preventive or complex treatment of diseases.

The “economy” category includes the private boarding house “Pushchino”, located 100 km from the capital, on the very bank of the Oka. An ecologically clean area with beautiful views of the forest and the river itself has a positive effect on the he alth of customers.

Accommodation in rooms of various levels and prices includes 3 meals a day with an a la carte order. Extra charge for customer service:

  • pool;
  • Russian bath and sauna;
  • billiards;
  • bowling;
  • gym.

Therapeutic and preventive treatment concerns the musculoskeletal system, respiratory organs and problems with the endocrine system. Guests of the boarding house are offered therapeutic massages, baths, inhalations, herbal medicine, phototherapy and a s alt room, which is excellent for treating respiratory organs.

The boarding house accepts clients with various he alth problems. These can be both postoperative patients who require attention for full rehabilitation, and bedridden patients who are provided with maximum comfort and level of service.

So that guests with children can also fully relax and heal, a playroom and a playground are equipped for the kids. Customer reviews of the boarding house "Pushchino" say that for a reasonable price here you can get quality medical care.

VIP level boarding houses

For vacationers who prefer to receive only the best service, there are luxury recreation centers in the Moscow region. The elite boarding house "Buran", located in Sergiev Posad, 90 km from the capital, offers a perfect combination of relaxation and sightseeing.

boarding houses near Moscow with children
boarding houses near Moscow with children

Guests have at their disposal not only cozy rooms with unique comfortable furniture and various entertainments, but also the opportunity to devote time to their he alth as much as possible. The following services are available to clients:

  • sauna with additional air ionization;
  • Russian bath;
  • sets for the steam room - towels, slippers,beanies;
  • pool;
  • solarium;
  • sports field and gym;
  • tennis court and gorodki playground;
  • ski slope with ski lift in winter;
  • boating and fishing in summer;
  • billiards;
  • table tennis;
  • bars;
  • different types of physiotherapy equipment;
  • children's playroom and playground;
  • banquet and conference room.

This rather wide range of services allows you to spend time with family or friends with he alth benefits in a beautiful area. The cost of the tour includes 3 meals a day with an order from the menu. The level of work of the staff corresponds to the VIP category, as well as modern medical care.

The most popular recreation centers in the suburbs

The best boarding houses of the Moscow region for residents of the capital are those where you can have a good rest and at the same time be within the reach of the city. If we divide the holiday homes by rating, then we get several groups, subdivided by the level of service.

  • In the luxury category, this is the "Imperial Park Hotel &SPA", which has 5.
  • In the "premium class" group, the club "Usadba" takes the first place.
  • Pine is the leader in the standard category.
  • Ekonomklass leads the Ershovo holiday home.
  • In the category "holidays with children" the first place is occupied by the Foresta Tropicana hotel.
  • Finnish Village is the leader among cottage boarding houses.
  • The best "buffet" in the suburbs offers a park-Foresta Festival Hotel.

This is not a complete list of categories and boarding houses, since the Moscow region is rich in both beautiful landscapes and places where you can have a good and complete rest. This is good, because today, with a large selection of local beauties and attractions at an affordable price, you can not chase foreign delights offered at a high cost.