Sights of Kirov: monuments, temples, museums, gardens and parks. Where to go to rest in Kirov

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Sights of Kirov: monuments, temples, museums, gardens and parks. Where to go to rest in Kirov
Sights of Kirov: monuments, temples, museums, gardens and parks. Where to go to rest in Kirov

For some reason, it is believed that you can only see something interesting abroad. By the way, in Russia there are many cities that can amaze you with their sights. One of them is Kirov. This is the administrative center of the region, it is located on the river called Vyatka. Almost half a million people live in the city. The sights of Kirov will surprise you. And although there are not so many of them, there is still something to see and where to visit.

Monuments of the city

sights of Kirov

Sights of Kirov are represented by numerous monuments. If you are familiar with the work of A. Green, then you should definitely see the sculpture "Running on the Waves", installed in honor of the heroine of the writer's story of the same name. It is located near a small pond. The stone for the work was brought from the Urals. And the monument was paid for with money from the governor's fund. It is made with high quality, so weather disasters are not terrible for him. In addition, to protect against vandalism next to the sculpturesecurity cameras installed.

There are even more original monuments of Kirov. For example, all visitors are interested in the sculpture "Family". It was donated to the city by Megafon. They opened it festively and cheerfully. And already on the first day, the couple celebrating the wedding gave birth to a good tradition - to make a wish, sitting down on an impromptu bench. Now all the tourists who come to Kirov do this.

Architectural monuments

Monuments of Kirov are represented not only by original modern compositions. Attention deserves, for example, the house of A.Yu. Levitsky, provincial doctor. The architecture of the cottage is similar to what can be seen in England, Holland and the B altic countries.

architectural monuments of Kirov

Architectural monuments of Kirov - this is the building of the former Order Chamber, and numerous buildings created in the style of classicism, empire. And next to the Drama Theater is the Wish Tree. This composition is unique. Several centuries ago, the famous Silk Road passed through the city. And the merchants Lyangusovs received permission from Peter I to transport silk, leather, furs, herbs from China along this route to the country for the manufacture of medicines. It is on this site, where caravans supposedly once passed, that the Wish Tree was installed. The foundation for this was laid for seven days. And under the tree is a box with the wishes of the locals, which they sent to the local radio station. That is, the monument literally stands on the aspirations of the townspeople. It is made of concrete. The master who created the monument carved a large ear on it.It is in it that everyone can come and whisper their dreams and desires.

Kirov Park

museums of Kirov

If you want to get to know Kirov better, the sights of the city are worth seeing and those represented by the parks. The main one is named after Kirov. It is located in the center. The park began to be created in the 70s. This wonderful place with alleys, ponds with cascades, lawns, deciduous and coniferous trees quickly fell in love with the residents. A little later, attractions appeared here. And now it is the main leisure center of the city. Thousands of people come here. There are playgrounds, a boat station, and a beautiful fountain.

Many parks in the city

There are other parks in Kirov. One of them is located near the Palace of Pioneers. Popular among residents are the parks of Victory, named after Gagarin. These green areas of the city are great for walking. Kochurovsky Park and Alexander Garden are also worth a visit. These are quiet places where you can escape from all the problems. Kirov parks are a must-see when visiting the city.

Botanical Garden

Kirov parks

Kirov's gardens also deserve attention. There are two in the city. The first is the Botanical Garden. Its history began in 1912, and was founded by Istomin Alexey. This man was a retired colonel, he was very fond of nature. Having bought a plot of land, he founded a garden, which recently celebrated its centenary. As development progressed, this place was improved, new plants were planted. The garden quickly became one of the most interesting places in the city. Howeverordinary people could not see all this beauty. Alexei Istomin opened the garden only for members of his family. Public access was allowed only after 1917. Be sure to come here when visiting the city. The sights of Kirov will not fully open to you if you do not see the Botanical Garden.

Alexander Garden

There is another interesting place in the city. The aforementioned Alexander Garden is the oldest park in the city. After all, it was founded in 1825. Mountain ash, bird cherry, birch, linden were planted at the chosen place. And along the perimeter of the object then there were various architectural structures and buildings. The opening took place ten years after the founding. Currently, the Alexander Garden is a vivid example of a work of park landscape design belonging to the era of classicism.

Joy for theater-goers

Many, leaving the capital, consider themselves cut off from cultural life. But this is wrong. The theaters of Kirov, or rather their only representative, fully satisfy the needs of citizens in the pursuit of art. The Kirov Drama Theater was founded in 1877. The building was wooden. The main activity of the theater at that time was the holding of dance evenings, balls, masquerades, concerts of visiting artists. His story is full of ups and downs, but he showed a lot of real masterpieces. Chaliapin, Padarin, Plevitskaya and other remarkable artists performed on the stage of the theater. In 1935, a decision was made to erect a new building. The project was prepared in a short time. And in 1939 the renovated theatershowed the townspeople his new play.

Trifon Monastery: beginning

monasteries of Kirov

The monasteries of Kirov are represented by an amazing ensemble. There is a lot to see in this city. You simply must visit and see the ensemble of the Trifonov Monastery. It is an architectural monument of the 18th-19th centuries. The ensemble was supplemented over several centuries. So, in 1968, the Cathedral of the Assumption of the Virgin was erected. Three years earlier, the Nikolskaya gate church arose. During the 18th century, the churches of the Annunciation, the Three Hierarchs, and the rector's chambers were built. A bell tower, buildings of fraternal cells, a brewery and a corner tower were also created.

The place for the construction of the monastery was allotted by order of Tsar Ivan the Terrible. And construction began where the old city cemetery used to be. The Monk Tryphon became the first rector, and he was involved in the construction. The first buildings were made possible thanks to donations from the inhabitants of the city. The monastery was at first a small monastery, but over time it turned into a beautiful wooden ensemble. It included 4 temples, a belfry, a chapel. Over time, the buildings began to become stone. And new ones were erected in place of the old ones.

The development of the monastery in our time

At the beginning of the 20th century, the monastery looked amazing. It was surrounded by an old garden with raspberries, lindens, currants, and flower beds. Arbors, a cast-iron pavement, bridges, asph alt paths, a swimming pool, a chapel, ponds, and a well-groomed cemetery added color. Tryphon collected more than 150 books throughout his life. They became the basis for a richlibraries at the monastery. A little later, a museum of church valuables was also founded here. By the way, the relics of the first rector are buried in the Assumption Cathedral. Due to hostilities in the middle of the 20th century, part of the buildings was lost. And their restoration began in 1980.

Museums for history buffs

Kirov sights of the city

Sights of Kirov will be of interest to history buffs. In particular, they include museums. There are many such institutions in the city. One of the oldest not only in Kirov, but throughout Russia is the Regional Museum of Local Lore. Thanks to the initiative of P.V. Alabin (state and public figure), it was created in 1866. The museum collection attracts thousands of tourists, because it has more than 250 thousand exhibits. This museum is a real paradise for numismatists. Here they will be able to see approximately 45,000 original coins from different eras. There are almost 40 thousand exhibits in the fund of written sources. There is also a collection of plaster sculpture, and natural science, which includes the rarest exhibits. Museums of Kirov, almost all are part of the regional local history. There are eight exhibition departments that offer visitors to see different collections.

Exposition departments of the Kirov Museum of Local Lore

  1. The main building was recently opened, marking the 140th anniversary of the museum. It is recognized as a monument of regional significance. There is an exposition that tells about the peculiarities of national history, you can see a collection of folk house paintings. ATthe main building constantly hosts a variety of changing exhibitions.
  2. MVU "Diorama" is a rather old museum object. It was opened back in 1977. The basis of this object is an artistic canvas called "Vyatka 1917". Exhibitions are held here all the time, various forms of work with visitors are actively used. Everyone who visits this museum will get to know the culture and traditions of the Vyatka region better.
  3. Priroda International Exhibition Complex was opened almost 15 years ago. First, there was an exhibition about the living past of the earth, then - telling about the Ice Age. And a year after the opening of the complex, one could see an exhibition called "Vyatka Forest". This museum is located in a green area and is popular with locals, especially children.
  4. Museum "Vyatka Cabinet of Curiosities". Now it is a historical monument of regional significance. Visitors can see collections of household lighting fixtures, earthenware and chinaware, clocks and so on.
  5. “Vyatka Folk Art Crafts” is a museum that was opened during the Soviet Union in a building that was considered at that time one of the first stone buildings related to civil architecture of the 18th century. The exhibits exhibited here tell about the development of folk arts and crafts in the Vyatka region. Visitors can see burl crafts, wooden and clay toys, lace and so on.
  6. The Museum of military glory in the city was opened recently. But construction began in 2009. Its exposition is dedicated to everyone who fought in Chechnya, Afghanistan,fought the enemy on the fields of the Great Patriotic War.
  7. There are also literary museums in the city. In them you can get acquainted with the history of life and work of A.S. Grina, M.E. S altykov-Shchedrin.

Other sights of Kirov

If you are concerned with the question of how to organize your leisure time when you arrive in the city of Kirov, then there is always an answer. You can visit one of the above attractions. There are other options: go to the Puppet Theatre, Kirov Planetarium, circus, cinema, library.

Local cinemas

sights of the city of Kirov photo

Kirov's cinemas should be discussed separately. Their visit is now very important for young people. In local cinemas, you can watch both Hollywood films and domestically produced tapes. Moreover, these establishments in the city are sufficiently well-equipped and modern. This also applies to the Globus cinema, and Kinomax, and Smena, and the Coliseum.

For entertainment fans

In addition, young people often prefer going to clubs and restaurants to visiting museums or theaters. Such a pastime on vacation is not uncommon. Well, all types of leisure can be easily combined while in Kirov. There are several nightclubs here that delight visitors with excellent show programs, stylish interiors, and performances by artists. Particularly popular in the city are entertainment centers called "Victory", "Planet" and "Neon".

Restaurant Offers

There are several billiard clubs, bowling, numerous cafes andrestaurants. The latter, by the way, are famous for a large assortment of dishes from different cuisines of the world. In the restaurant "Castle Camelot" you will plunge into the atmosphere of antiquity. The Shinok establishment will delight Russians with Ukrainian cuisine. There are restaurants of oriental cuisine and pubs in the city.

For athletes

If you are closer to a he althy lifestyle, then the sights of Kirov for you are gyms, fitness centers, swimming pools, baths, solariums and massage rooms. There are plenty of them in the city too.


It is not at all necessary to leave the country in order to explore the world, broaden your horizons, learn something new for yourself. And at home there are many places that need your development. And the city of Kirov is one of them. Here you can not only enrich yourself culturally, but also just relax. The benefit of hotels and entertainment venues is also plentiful. The sights of the city of Kirov (photos confirm this) are places worth visiting.

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