Sport Hotel, Yaroslavl: address, reviews and rating

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Sport Hotel, Yaroslavl: address, reviews and rating
Sport Hotel, Yaroslavl: address, reviews and rating

Yaroslavl is considered the main contender for the title of "the capital of the Golden Ring of Russia". This oldest city, located on the Volga, has a thousand-year history. Its attractions occupy worthy places in the UNESCO World Heritage Site. At the same time, such a “venerable age” did not prevent Yaroslavl from freezing in idle splendor. The city quickly turned into a fairly large industrial center. However, few people visit it in order to study the achievements of economic progress. The revived past is the magnet that attracts crowds of tourists to Yaroslavl, who come here on tour buses, trains and planes.

General information

Of course, guests traveling independently around the country are primarily interested in the question of where it is better to stay in big cities.

Hotel "Sport"

Tourists who come to Yaroslavl specifically to experience the "spirit of Russian antiquity" often like themed design hotels such as Ioann Vasilyevich and Alyosha Popovich Dvor. A lot ofVisitors can also find offers for comfortable living outside the historical center of the city. Basically, we are talking about quite decent hotels with two or three stars, or without them at all. Some mini-hotels in Yaroslavl are located in heavily restored historical buildings, such as Dostoevsky or Kuptsov Dom, which makes them even more attractive.

If the budget is limited, then you can cheaply rent a room in city hostels. There are also those who come to Yaroslavl with the aim of wandering around mushroom places, fishing or just taking a ride around the Volga region. Country hotels or forest cottages are perfect for them. The beauty of this accommodation option is that they are usually located on the picturesque banks of the Mother Volga and removed from industrial facilities. For those who love sports and are a fan of hockey, hotels located near sports halls and complexes are perfect.

Description and address

When entering the city in the direction from Moscow, the small-sized Sport Hotel immediately catches your eye. Yaroslavl has long had the Ice Palace, which was built in 1997. This sports arena owes its appearance to the local hockey team "Torpedo", which at that time became the champion of the country. In the late nineties of the last century, it became clear that the local Sports Palace did not meet the needs of fans. Therefore, a decision was made to build the UKKS Arena 2000 complex. Almost immediately, the Sport Hotel in Yaroslavl appeared nearby (ul.Mayorova, 8).

Registration Desk

It is located in the green zone of the city, in close proximity to the Arena-2000 and the Atlant sports complex. You can get to the center by public transport from a stop located a two-minute walk away.

The distance from the Sport Hotel in Yaroslavl (phone number can be found in the city directory) is only five and a half kilometers. How much does it take to get to the train station. The airport is 19.2 kilometers away.


Convenient secure parking is provided for those who come to Yaroslavl by private vehicle. Sport Hotel offers free Wi-Fi.

A conference room for up to twenty-five people is at guests' disposal. It is located on the second floor of the Sport Hotel (Yaroslavl). The rating of this hotel among fans of the budget category of accommodation is quite high. Many tourists like the almost home-like atmosphere and low prices. Judging by the reviews, most visitors liked the Sport Hotel in Yaroslavl.

public space

Address of this hotel: st. Mayorova 8. It can be seen at the entrance to the city along the highway from Moscow. You can book rooms on the official website of the Sport Hotel (Yaroslavl). Jobs, reviews, prices - all this is easy to see there.

Housing stock

The hotel offers forty-five rooms. They are designed for one or two people. All rooms are equipped with modern quality furniture, LCD TV, DVD player andplayer. Bathrooms in the Sport Hotel in Yaroslavl are combined. Depending on the category of the room, they have a bathtub or a shower cabin. The bathrooms have a hairdryer, as well as all hygiene items required for a normal stay.

The whole territory of the hotel is connected to the climate system. The rooms are equipped with split air conditioners. The use of the minibar has to be paid separately.


Single rooms of the standard category with an area of ​​twelve square meters. meters per day will cost about two and a half thousand rubles. The same is the cost of living in a double room for one person. Optionally, you can choose a room with two single or one double bed. Double attics are a little more expensive - 2800 rubles per day for one person and 3100 rubles. for two.

Hotel restaurant

The most expensive are apartments of the "family suite" category. Their area is about 25 square meters. For a one-day stay in them, you will need to pay 6,000 rubles.


The price of rooms listed on the official website of the Sport Hotel in Yaroslavl also includes a free breakfast. Meals are organized in the hotel restaurant located on the ground floor. Lunch and dinner must be paid separately. The menu includes dishes of Russian and European cuisine.

Additional services

At the service of guests staying at the Sport Hotel (Yaroslavl): a sauna, a cozy lobby, a small courtyard with gazebos. At the 24-hour reception, you can order a taxi and a transfer in any direction. The workers will helppurchase sightseeing tours around the amazing city of Yaroslavl, railway and air tickets.

Those who wish can order the organization of any event at the hotel. Specially trained staff will help you decorate the room, choose dishes from the menu and more.

Children, who are always crowded in the hotel, can not only walk in the courtyard, but also play the machines installed in the lobby.

Hotel Reviews

The hotel has no facilities for the disabled and does not allow pets. The cost of an extra bed is five hundred rubles per night. Children under the age of four are allowed to stay free of charge using existing bedding.

Smoking is prohibited on site. The hotel operates all year round. During the cold season, the entire space is heated.


In the list of the best hotels in Yaroslavl, Sport is in the top ten inexpensive, but excellent options. Out of five points, this hotel has an average rating of 4, 5.

Sport Hotel in Yaroslavl - reviews

It must be said that the name of this hotel does not correspond to its concept. It is not so much sports lovers who stay here, but those who prefer comfortable accommodation at a reasonable price. The location of the hotel is highly rated by many. The hotel is located near the city center, while in the green zone.

Cozy rooms

Tourists left a lot of positive feedback about the restaurant. The guests especially liked the table setting on the summer veranda. The quality of the dishes offered is also appreciated.high. The breakfast included in the price is hearty and varied.

Hotel on the map

As for the numbers, there is practically no dissatisfaction. Almost half of the reviews indicate that those who left them come to this hotel more than once. The rooms are always clean and tidy. The staff always monitors the order and proper operation of plumbing. However, in almost all reviews there is one big “but”: many call poor sound insulation the main drawback. Among the minuses, some also note the lack of a cooler on all floors except the second, as well as an insufficient number of towels in the bathrooms.

The hotel is almost always crowded during the winter as hockey fans stay here to watch their favorite team play.

Ice Palace nearby

Even despite some shortcomings, this hotel is quite popular in the city. Many of our compatriots believe that there is an excellent ratio of cost and quality / quantity of services provided, and therefore strongly recommend this hotel to those who save money.

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