The best parks in London: St. James, Hyde Park, Richmond, Victoria, Kensington Gardens, Green Park

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The best parks in London: St. James, Hyde Park, Richmond, Victoria, Kensington Gardens, Green Park
The best parks in London: St. James, Hyde Park, Richmond, Victoria, Kensington Gardens, Green Park

Do you know London? Travelers who periodically delight themselves with trips to foreign countries have definitely been here. For some reason, it is believed that this city is gloomy, inhospitable and rainy. Of course, there are some problems with the climate there. But they recede into the background when there is an opportunity to see the sights of London: parks, museums, monuments, old buildings and so on.

Why should you visit London?

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There are many interesting places in the world to visit, but London among them takes an honorable second place after Paris. Why is this city so popular? It attracts with a mixture of antiquity and modernity. And it shows up in everything. The architecture of London is its main attraction. Museums attract those who like to learn something new, famous markets and shops attract those who love shopping, and pubs attract fans of a truly English foamy drink. But manycalled the most amazing of what can be seen in the city, the parks of London. They occupy approximately 30 percent of the entire area of ​​the capital. And in this city, “lawns” are allowed to walk. You can not only soak up the soft green grass, but also see a lot of interesting things if you go around all the parks in London. This will take a long time.

The beauty and delights of St. James

St. James Park is one of the oldest in the city. But from this he did not lose his splendor. Its history is interesting and rich. The name of the park was in honor of the hospital, which contained lepers women. She was in a swampy abandoned area. A few hundred years later, a palace of the same name was erected here, by order of Henry VIII. And at the request of Elizabeth I, who was eager for entertainment, a huge park was laid out near the palace, in which magnificent celebrations were later held. Time passed, and St. James improved. Thanks to the efforts of the architect John Nash, this place acquired a romantic look around the 17th century. This is the atmosphere that everyone who visits this park today gets into.

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This place is surrounded by three palaces, there are many busy streets nearby, but life here seems to flow as usual. The richest fauna and flora are amazing. More than 15 species of various birds live in the park. You will be surprised to know that the tree you are leaning against was a witness to royal hunts. There are excellent conditions for vacationers here. Kids frolic on the playgrounds, adults stroll along the amazingbeauty alleys.

You can visit St. James Park at any time from 5 am to 12 am. The good news is that you will not be asked for money for entry. You can get here both by your car and by public transport. It is enough to take the metro to the station of the same name along the Koltsevaya line. This park is recognized as the most visited in all of Europe.

The Charm of Victoria Park

This amazing park occupies about 80 hectares. It is located between two channels. Over the centuries that have passed since its founding, it has undergone many changes. Previously, the territories belonged to the church, everything here bloomed and smelled fragrant. But then minerals were discovered on the site of the park, and it turned into a lifeless quarry. It was not until the 18th century that restoration began. Victoria Park was opened to the public in the mid-19th century. Workers gathered here, staged demonstrations and rallies. World War II left its mark on the history of this place. Anti-aircraft installations were located on the territory. But in the post-war years, active work was underway to restore the park. He became a kind of public tribune. And now it is not only a social arena, but also an excellent recreational area. There is a children's club, a rowing club (which has been operating for over a hundred years), and cricket tournaments. And in 2008, Victoria Park was unanimously recognized as the best in the city.

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The grandeur and nature of Green Park

This area attracts the attention of not only tourists, but also scientists. And although now it belongs to the Royal Parks, a long time ago they buried herepeople who died of leprosy. Green Park will not give you the pleasure of contemplating monuments, ponds or famous buildings. There are only two memorials and the Constanta fountain. The rest of the territory is endless, wide, green meadows. This is a real paradise for those who are tired of megacities and dream of enjoying peace and tranquility.

Green Park dates back to the 16th century, when it was under the control of Henry VIII. In the 17th century the area was used for hunting. There were practically no people here, since the park was located at a great distance from the city. In the 18th century, the park became a haven for robbers and thieves. There were also duels between representatives of the London nobility. And only in the 19th century did the park really become a place to relax. To this day, not only residents of the city walk here, but also a huge number of tourists who come to Foggy Albion. Here you can also see artists who are inspired by the atmosphere of closeness and unity with nature.

Green Park

The uniqueness of Greenwich Park

Interesting is the fact that the park got its name from the well-known Greenwich meridian. The latter is marked with a shiny stripe. It runs through the center of the park. You will be surprised when you realize that when you come here, you can be both in the eastern hemisphere and in the western hemisphere at the same time. Visiting Greenwich Park, you can admire local sights from a huge observation deck. These include the National Maritime Museum, the Hospital and the University of Greenwich, and others. Experienced tourists recommend coming here inmid spring. It is during this period that you can catch the celebration of the Greenwich meridian. This is a fun event with guests from all over the world.

Earlier, Greenwich Park was fenced, as it belonged to the hunting grounds. Its owner was King James the First. Thanks to this, roe deer, deer, fallow deer, squirrels, foxes and other animals can still be found on 70 hectares. But the park is divided into two levels. The upper one is seriously protected, there are ponds with waterfowl. The rest of the territory of this part is a blooming, fragrant garden. Tourists are happy to stare at the beautiful rose gardens, ancient and rare specimens of plants. There are also modern design elements, such as equipped tennis courts, a stage for orchestra performances, rugby and cricket fields. The lower, second part of the park also attracts with its beauties. There is a lake with a playground on the shore and a boat station. You can visit one of the themed, musical or theatrical parties held in this part of the park.

It's no wonder this place is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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We alth and pomp of Kensington Gardens

London's parks are adequately represented by Kensington Gardens. They are adjacent to the palace of the same name and occupy an area of ​​more than 100 hectares. The history of this place began in 1689. It was then that King William III bought a house here, and Christopher Wren turned it into a palace. LaterFor 20 years, Queen Anne expanded the modest park by purchasing additional hectares. It was she who built a greenhouse here, in which plants are kept during the cold season. This red brick building is located near Kensington Palace. Queen Caroline subsequently added "a touch to the portrait" of the park - Round Pond, Long Lake, Serpentine Lake, two gazebos. And Queen Victoria erected a memorial to Prince Albert here. She also planted Italian Gardens on the grounds.

Now Kensington Gardens is a favorite place for citizens to walk and run. It's quiet, calm, peaceful here. Princess Diana lived in the palace of the same name, located on the territory of the park. By the way, it is in honor of this amazing and beloved by many women that a memorial playground was installed in the park. Among the attractions of this place is the statue of Peter Pan, made of bronze. The already mentioned memorial of Albert is also amazing. It rises 53 meters above the ground. Many tourists enjoy visiting the modern art gallery called "Serpentine". Kensington Gardens is a place where you can not only relax, take a walk, but also see a lot of interesting things that have a long and rich history. They are the western part of a huge park, while its eastern part is called Hyde Park. However, due to the fact that there is no clear boundary between them, the entire area is often called Kensington Gardens.

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The glitz and chic of Regent's Park

This place stands out from the rest. Regent's Park attracts with its unique extensive infrastructure. The landscape design here is amazing and unique. And among the wild nature, cozy cafes and sports grounds are appropriately located.

This park was designed and laid out in the 17th century by the court architect and John Nash. It was here that in those days representatives of the court nobility enjoyed their rest. This park has managed to maintain its original appearance to this day. This is what makes him unique and attractive. In the 19th century, the Royal Botanical Society and a decent zoo were created on its territory. But ordinary citizens were only allowed to visit these places twice a week.

Today, any tourist can come here absolutely freely on any day. In the warm season, the park is open from 5 a.m. until late in the evening - until 9 a.m. In winter, this interval is reduced. You can enjoy the beauties of nature from 9 am to 4 pm. The good news is that the entrance is free here, however, this applies to all Royal Parks.

Since the area you have to go around is quite large, it will be useful to stock up on a pocket pointer to help determine distances and routes. Regent's Park is a favorite place for all outdoor enthusiasts. There are sports grounds and full-fledged fitness centers, competitions and events are regularly held. Anyone can get advice from an experienced instructor for only three euros.

Very kind to wildlife here. For example, throughout the park you cansee corners of reed beds that give shelter to birds. But the Rose Gardens are recognized as the main local attraction.

Getting here is easy - from any of the metro stations. The park is located in the center of London so you can easily find it.

regent's park

Great Richmond Park

This park is one of the largest among its kind. Just think, its area is approximately 950 hectares. It is almost three times larger than its New York "brother". The park got its name during the reign of Henry VII. There are forests, and plains, and groves, and a lot of open areas. Many of the plants were grown with money received as donations from tourists. Let's say the Queen Mother Grove was named after Queen Elizabeth. And the Isabella plantation was grown in the middle of the 20th century. The Bone Grove was planted in memory of Bessie Bone, who died in the late 1980s.

If you want to admire the surroundings, you should visit the highest point of the park. It is located in the gardens of Pembroke Lodge. It is from here that you can see St. Paul's Cathedral, the Thames Valley.

Richmond Park is famous for its amazingly rich fauna. Here you can meet more than 50 species of different birds, all kinds of insects, rabbits, squirrels, red and brown deer live here.

It is easy to walk around the territory. But if you wish, you can also use the services of a taxi. Be prepared for the car to travel no faster than 20 miles per hour. There are a lot of cyclists here too. This trip is a great opportunity not onlyadmire nature, but also keep fit. Please note that cycling is not allowed everywhere, as the law says. There are also trails for horseback riding. Normal pedestrians are not allowed to walk on them. You will also not be able to kindle a fire in the park - this is prohibited and threatens with a fine. It is not allowed for visitors to the park to listen to loud music, and there are special places for taking pictures.

Cosy Hyde Park

This amazingly beautiful and cozy park is located in the center of London. It occupies 145 hectares of area. To be honest, this is the east side of the park, but the western part of it is called Kensington Gardens. There is no formal border as such between them.

Photos of Hyde Park in London clearly show that the Serpentine Lake is located in its center, so named for its curved, meandering shape. Here you can admire a huge number of swans, geese, ducks. Many tourists prefer to rent rowing boats if the weather is good.

You can just lie down on a sun lounger. It is enough to get into any free chair and wait for the caretaker. For the use of a sun lounger, he needs to pay only 1 pound. Swimming in the local pool is also paid. Attracts tourists and excellent children's infrastructure (pond, playground, the possibility of learning crafts, juggling).

It is interesting to visit the Wellington Museum. And fans of Stephen King can look for a real pet cemetery here. Horse riding enthusiasts are attracted by an alley specially designed for this purpose. Especiallyit shakes in the evening, illuminated by a hundred lanterns. Photos of Hyde Park in London confirm that there are many interesting and unusual places on its territory. For example, where else will you see Speaker's Corner? Here, anyone can make a speech absolutely freely, on any topic. Now it is allowed to do it on Sundays. Tourists and locals liked the parades that are held here every year. They are dedicated to Queen Elizabeth.

This is a wonderful place to stay.

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Other parks in London

As you can see, rest in the capital of the Foggy Albion can be quiet and peaceful. And this is not all the famous parks in London. What beautiful places can you visit when you come to the UK capital?

  1. Chelsea Medical Garden. This park was founded in 1673. Its territory is not very large, compared to others, only 1.4 hectares. But in it you can see a huge number of green exhibits. Here grow the oldest olive trees in the country, which bear fruit to this day. Many plants are used in perfumery and medicine. Here you can find rare spices and aromatic herbs. The chic rock garden, which is broken in the garden, is also striking.
  2. Holland Park. This place is recognized as the most romantic in the city. There are a lot of secluded corners, and lush vegetation creates a unique atmosphere. Around the park are fashionable areas with luxurious houses. This place dates back to the 19th century. Now in the park you can find a greenhouse, tennis courts, a play area for kids,japanese garden, cricket field.
  3. Hampstead Meadow. Its territory has an impressive area - about 300 hectares. This is the oldest and largest park. It is an area located on the hills, with ponds, gardens, groves, sports fields and facilities. Here you can find tennis courts, golf courses, jogging paths. A small zoo also attracts guests here.
  4. Battersea Park. It was opened to the people around the 19th century. The park gained fame thanks to the water garden with fountains and alleys that connect special platforms. Not only local residents like to come here, but also numerous guests of the city. The park has playgrounds, fields for playing football, tennis, roller skating tracks, a boat station, a zoo, and a stage for orchestra performances. It also hosts numerous exhibitions and fairs that attract tourists.
  5. Osterley Park. In the center of it is the mansion of the same name. It was erected in the 16th century. Subsequently, it was decorated in neoclassical style. This place is very beautiful, striking in its grandeur. Anyone can visit the mansion to see the stunning interiors of those times. Around it there is a garden, which was arranged in the 18th century. There is a farm shop in the park. There you can buy fresh and he althy vegetables grown nearby.
  6. london parks

Eat in the UK capital and city farms. They may be of interest to tourists no less thanparks of London. There are fifteen in total. And to visit such a farm means to get the opportunity to communicate with poultry and animals, being in a huge metropolis. You will not be charged for entry. There are also services that cost money. For example, you can take your own garden to grow your own vegetables.

London's parks are numerous and magnificent. There is no other capital in the world that has so many green areas. And this alone speaks in favor of the decision to go to Foggy Albion. Entrance to all parks is free. But the cafes located on their territory are quite expensive. Therefore, when going for a walk, it is better to stock up on provisions in advance. After the sun sets, it is recommended to walk only in open spaces. In any case, each park has its own special police. She is the one who decides when the gates will be closed.

All London's parks are well maintained and planned down to the last detail. The foundations of the traditions were laid back in the 18th century by a gardener named Erijman. And the art of creating great landscape design in the UK was influenced by Chinese and Japanese culture. Everyone knows the stunning beauty of natural gardens in these countries. The parks in the city are spacious, because the British are not too fond of shade. The sun doesn't often appear in the London sky. So you have to seize the moment, and you can do it in the park - on a green lawn. Numerous parks can safely be called the main attraction of the city.

It's amazing how much green space a metropolis can have. ATLondon is - 150 oases, the total area of ​​which is 5 thousand hectares. And all this beauty is at the disposal of thousands of tourists who come here every year. To keep it, you need to behave correctly when visiting the parks of London. At the entrance, be sure to read the information board that describes the requirements for visitors. Walking through the park area, you should stick only to the well-trodden paths. Naturally, in such a place you cannot make fires, cut branches, make noise, listen to music loudly, or catch animals and birds. Try to pick up the garbage left after your holiday. To be considered civilized people abroad, we need to behave accordingly.

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