Boarding houses and resorts in Sochi "all inclusive". Holidays at sea: reviews

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Boarding houses and resorts in Sochi "all inclusive". Holidays at sea: reviews
Boarding houses and resorts in Sochi "all inclusive". Holidays at sea: reviews

Holidays in Turkey and Egypt have always been the most affordable for tourists. Russians have long been accustomed to a certain level of service, so this summer, boarding houses and resorts in Sochi, offering the all-inclusive system, are in special demand.

“For” holidays in Russia

Resting at Russian resorts has many positive aspects:

  1. Documents. Tourists do not need to issue a passport or do documents for a visa. At any time, you can pack your bags and fly to the sea without worrying about the queues at the visa center.
  2. Insurance. An important part of travel is insurance. Most of all, this topic worries parents. Which doctor will come to see the child? How much will the visit cost? What medications will he prescribe? How to communicate with a doctor? Fortunately, while traveling in Russia, a citizen can seek medical assistance at any institution.
  3. Language barrier. There is no need to remember the school English course or download a phrasebook to your smartphone.

On the other hand, it will not be possible to significantly save on holidays on the Black Sea, and the service andthe atmosphere in some places will remind you of the USSR.

We will tell you about the most popular boarding houses and sanatoriums in Sochi - read the real reviews of tourists in our review.

“Aqua Loo”

Recreation in Sochi today is one of the most popular destinations. Tourists want to see the legendary Olympic buildings with their own eyes. If you like privacy, pay attention to "Aqua Loo" - a boarding house located in the Lazarevsky district.

boarding houses and sanatoriums in Sochi

According to the information on the official website, tourists can choose from five accommodation options:

  • standard;
  • luxury standard;
  • comfort standard;
  • luxury;
  • apartments.

Besides, on the first coastline there is a complex “Sea Coolness”. The cozy wooden houses have their own kitchen, bathroom and several rooms.

There are four restaurants on the territory of the complex, which serve three buffet meals a day. The assortment always has a large selection of hot and cold snacks, fresh vegetables and fruits, salads, pastries and desserts. There are also several commercial establishments for guests.


Most adults on vacation require a minimum of activity, which cannot be said about children. Inexpensive boarding houses in Sochi “secured themselves” with a swimming pool in case of bad weather, but Aqua Loo found an even better option. Near the boarding house is the only year-round water park in the Krasnodar Territory. Swimming pools and slides, bath complex,cafes and workshops for children - it's always fun and sunny here.

Animators, entertainment, talent competitions and outdoor games are waiting for the young guests of the boarding house in the Looshka and Aquarik clubs. The complex has a great children's playground.

Adults will enjoy sports, bowling, Nemo Spa and Lost Paradise nightclub.

cheap sanatoriums

“All Inclusive”

The boarding house offers guests several recreation programs: “Medical tourism”, “Silver age”, “Antistress”, “Family vacation”, All inclusive. As you may have guessed, lovers of foreign holidays most often choose the well-known All Inclusive option:

  • accommodation;
  • 3 meals a day and intermediate meals in restaurants on the territory of Aqua Loo;
  • visiting the water park;
  • developing clubs for kids;
  • visiting the gym and outdoor sports fields;
  • animation programs;
  • billiards and bowling by appointment;
  • visiting a crocodile farm and an aquarium.

Treatment Base

Boarding houses and sanatoriums in Sochi with a medical base are in great demand. Depending on the voucher, Aqua Loo can offer you preventive, restorative and wellness programs.

Strengthen the children's body, relieve stress, restore youth and beauty, correct weight - qualified specialists are ready to help everyone. One of the most popular procedures are iodine-bromine baths. They have practically nocontraindications and are prescribed for a wide range of diseases (hypertension, thyroid problems, vascular atherosclerosis, osteochondrosis, rheumatism and arthritis).

Opinion of travelers

“Aqua Loo” is a boarding house that occupies an area of ​​12 hectares. Developed infrastructure, a water park and a picturesque forested area attract travelers all year round.

Reviews from guests note that the complex is now in disrepair. The buildings, built almost ten years ago, require cosmetic repairs. The renovation will not interfere with the interior and the indoor water park.

aqua loo boarding house

From the moment of its opening, there has always been a large flow of tourists in Aqua Loo, but over the years the service has become “limping”. Poor quality work of maids and administrators at the reception upsets regular customers. In the worst condition, according to the guests, is the eighth building, although in the rest there are different insects.

The territory of the boarding house is very large and beautiful, but walking is quite difficult. A minibus runs for guests, and arrival in your own car is paid.

Food is at a decent level. In the reviews of the guests there is not a single word about poisoning. However, some restaurants treat customers a little worse.

In general, the Aqua Loo complex will become an ideal place to relax, but only after a major renovation. In case of inaction on the part of the management in another ten years, tourists will simply go to competitors, because already now many of them prefer othersboarding houses and sanatoriums in Sochi.


The best places are usually worth booking months in advance. The Avtomobilist boarding house, which opened three years ago after a major overhaul, deserved positive ratings from travelers. A beautiful 14-storey building is located in the village of Kudepsta on the Black Sea coast.

There are three categories of rooms available for booking:

  • standard single (17.7 sqm);
  • standard double (21 sqm);
  • luxury panorama (42 sqm).

The spacious rooms have new furniture, LCD TV, air conditioning, a set of toiletries and a telephone. However, the main highlight is the panoramic windows - depending on the location, guests can enjoy a magnificent view of the Caucasus Mountains or the sea.

aquamarine hosta

On the third floor is the main restaurant with a large selection of dishes, and you can enjoy fresh pastries and desserts in the lobby bar. In addition, there is a cafe "By the Sea" and a cocktail bar on the beach for guests.

Leisure activities

Prefer a holiday in Sochi? Sanatoriums, boarding houses and large hotels are trying to diversify their leisure time.

“Motorist” has its own beach, which can be reached in two ways:

  • walk through the underpass;
  • by boarding house minibus.

For lovers of active entertainment there is banana and boat riding, water skiing, jet skis, swimming and fishing in the open sea.

Youngguests will like the playground, as well as fun activities led by animators. Exciting show programs and theme parties are waiting for adults.

At the reception, guests can get acquainted with the excursion program. A trip to the Olympic Village, 33 waterfalls in a boxwood grove, Lesnoye Monastery, Vorontsovskaya Cave and other tours await the most inquisitive tourists.

Guest reviews

Very often resorts and resorts in Sochi offer "all inclusive" - ​​a system that includes not only three meals a day, but also medical services. Avtomobilist has a wonderful medical base that specializes in diseases of the nervous system and the musculoskeletal system.


  1. Location. Within walking distance is the village of Kudepsta and transport stops.
  2. Having your own beach. Sun loungers, umbrellas and towels (deposit required) are always at the service of guests.
  3. Cleanliness and comfort. After a major renovation, the entire room stock is in very good condition.
  4. Food is delicious and varied.
  5. Staff. With rare exceptions, all employees are attentive to guests, trying to fulfill any request.
  6. Fun for kids.
  7. Strong Wi-Fi signal in the hotel and on the beach.
  8. boarding house motorist

According to the reviews of travelers, the Avtomobilist boarding house does not have a large territory, there are also no sports grounds and a swimming pool. The entertainment program is a little thought out foradults - exercises are carried out in the morning and a show program once a week. And, finally, one of the main disadvantages of the guests is an early check-out. According to the rules of the boarding house, the room must be vacated at 8 am.


Any budget tourist seeks to have a rest in a sanatorium inexpensively. Khosta is a comfortable settlement on the coast, which is located 14 kilometers from the center of Sochi. Unlike the rest options presented above, the Aquamarine boarding house (Khosta, Y altinskaya st., 4A) offers the lowest prices and level of service.

The number of rooms is located in a six-story building. There are only two accommodation options for guests:

  • standard double room;
  • standard triple room.

Fridge, air conditioning, TV and private bathroom, towels and bed linen - the decor is modest, but the rooms are quite clean.

inexpensive boarding houses

Pension "Aquamarine" (Khosta) can be attributed to the "all inclusive", because the guests pay 2 or 3 meals a day in the dining room. In addition, there are two bars and a summer cafe on site.

The city beach is 70 meters away, but it is not equipped with any umbrellas and sun loungers.

Opinion of guests

Calm and secluded environment is hardly suitable for a family holiday. There is no entertainment in the boarding house itself, but if desired, guests can go to the dolphinarium, the Amphibius water park, the Oceanarium, a bowling club or a good restaurant - all the infrastructure of anotherSanatorium "Adlerkurort" is a ten minute drive. The well-known balneological resort Matsesta is located near Aquamarine.

sochi sanatoriums and boarding houses prices

In Sochi, sanatoriums and boarding houses set prices quite high, but a little further from the city center you can relax and not go broke. Customer reviews talk about inexpensive trips to the Aquamarine complex - ten days with three meals a day will cost about 35,000 rubles for two.


  • value for money;
  • homemade food;
  • location;
  • Stable Wi-Fi signal;
  • friendly staff;
  • 2 minutes to the sea.

According to guests, the main disadvantages are the noise from the road and the lack of central heating.

Recreation in a sanatorium inexpensively - dream or reality? There are many budget boarding houses and small hotels in Sochi, so you can swim in the Black Sea without serious consequences for your wallet. The main guarantee of a good vacation is the right attitude and pleasant company.

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