Alushta, boarding house "More". Crimea, Alushta: boarding houses. Alushta, boarding houses: reviews, prices, photos

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Alushta, boarding house "More". Crimea, Alushta: boarding houses. Alushta, boarding houses: reviews, prices, photos
Alushta, boarding house "More". Crimea, Alushta: boarding houses. Alushta, boarding houses: reviews, prices, photos

The southern coast of Crimea is one of the most visited resort places on the peninsula. Transparent, clean sea, sandy beaches, beautiful landscapes, healing mud and natural springs - all this attracts tourists. One of the most popular cities of Crimea is Alushta. The boarding house "More", along with other resort centers, has been accepting tourists from different countries for many years. It is located in a quiet and cozy corner, allowing you to relax, take a break from the hustle and bustle, enjoy clean and fresh air and, of course, improve your body.

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Location of boarding house "More"

What is good about this resort center? Proximity to Simferopol airport (less than an hour drive), high-level service, a wide variety of entertainment programs, and most importantly, a good location in the bosom of nature - all this makes vacationers want to come to the boarding house "More". Alushta (Crimea) used to be called RussianRiviera, in the 19th century it was the most prestigious resort in Europe. Today, the city impresses with its cleanliness, a huge selection of entertainment programs, and he alth-improving complexes offered in hotels.

The Sea boarding house is located in the Professor's Corner, 11 original buildings are hidden in the shade of exotic trees of the relic park. All buildings have a different architecture, but at the same time look harmoniously against the backdrop of a mountain landscape. It's never too stuffy here, and it's all thanks to the "Gate of the Winds". Air currents of great power pass through these passes.

Leisure conditions

Family couples with children, youth, the elderly are always welcome Alushta. The boarding house "More" is located away from noisy places, so people come here in search of peace and quiet. The territory is divided in such a way that every tourist will find the most suitable place for recreation. There are playgrounds where cheerful children's laughter never ceases, quiet alleys of an old park that make you think about the transience of time, relaxing and soothing. There are secluded corners for newlyweds or couples in love, most of the guests of the boarding house spend time in the central square, where the restaurant is located. Well, why not remember the open-air cinema, equipped on the terrace of the Belvedere? Entertainment programs are prepared for all categories of citizens. Children play, youth focuses on discos and nightclubs of the city, and romantic natures will definitely like the Cafe del Mar lounge bar, where you can enjoythe sound of sea waves.

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Velvet season in Crimea

Summer is irrevocably gone, but there is no opportunity to get out at least for a week at sea? Do not be upset, because you can have a good rest in the velvet season. In September it is still warm, but the suffocating heat is no longer there. This is an excellent time to relax if you want to be in a relaxed atmosphere, because couples with children will already leave. Wander along the embankment, enjoy the fresh air, swim in the clear, warm sea, sunbathe on a half-empty beach, improve your he alth with the help of spa treatments - all this offers autumn Crimea. The boarding house "More" at any time of the year will welcome guests, surround with care, pleasantly surprise with an individual approach to each tourist.

Cafe Belvedere

On the upper terrace of the boarding house restaurant is the most favorite place of all vacationers. Comfortable sofas, the enchanting smell of oleanders and arborvitae essential oil vapors, a delightful view of the sunset against the background of the darkening sea - all this relaxes, pacifies, helps to forget about all worries and problems. Cafe Belvedere offers visitors sushi, rolls, quiche loren with various fillings, tapas, as well as six light salads. Lovers of quality drinks will be pleasantly surprised by the wine list, which allows you to choose the best wines from France, Italy and, of course, the Crimea. What could be better than sitting in a cozy cafe under the starry sky surrounded by lush greenery and watching your favorite movies or just enjoying small talk with friends and acquaintances?

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Dorado Restaurant

Alushta is famous for the cuisines of all peoples of the world. The boarding house "More" offers guests to enjoy Mediterranean dishes. Restaurant "Dorado" is located near the sea. On its open luxurious terrace, you can not only have a hearty lunch and dinner, but also relax, enjoy the landscapes that open your eyes. Even demanding gourmets will be amazed by the dishes offered, because the menu was developed by the French chef Herve Bourdon, who knows a lot about Mediterranean cuisine. For the preparation of delicious masterpieces are used: lamb and veal meat, fish (sea bream, glosik, flounder, red mullet, sea bass, horse mackerel), Crimean vegetables. There is also a huge selection of appetizers and pastas. The restaurant is open from 13:00 to 24:00.

Recovery through SPA programs

To restore physical strength and peace of mind, to make an emotional reboot, autumn Alushta offers everyone. The boarding house "More" has 13 of the best SPA programs that will give a charge of vivacity, good mood, improve the body, turn lovely women into real goddesses. All procedures are developed taking into account the treatment-and-prophylactic, psycho-emotional and aesthetic motivation. SPA compositions can be carried out from 2 to 10 days. For example, if you want to relax, take care of your body a little, then a couple of days is enough for this. But in order to correct the figure, lose weight, increase immunity, it is better to sign up for a 10-day course.

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Exclusive Spa Treatments

Not so long agopresented new he alth programs hotel-boarding house "More". Alushta is a great place to relax with the whole family. Visiting the SPA procedures, everyone will be convinced of this. Martin Plein, an Italian VIP massage therapist, has developed three unique massage techniques especially for the boarding house.

  • "Aluston" - 80 minutes of bliss, relaxation, complete relaxation. This is a comprehensive massage that combines Shiatsu, foot reflexology, lymphatic drainage, Swedish, Spanish and Thai techniques.
  • "Hammam-ritual of Roksolana" - procedure in "four hands". Masters will help to achieve harmony of body and soul, relax, because the massage is done with smooth, unhurried movements. The duration of the hammam ritual is 120 minutes. During this time, scrubbing and masking of the body, relaxation and foam massages, a hair mask is performed, and the head is washed. Visitors can enjoy herbal tea and rose petal jam.
  • Deep Tissue - 1 hour chronic tension relief treatment. The master works out the clamps and knots, makes a deep tissue massage. Thanks to this procedure, posture improves, balance is restored inside the body.


All conditions not only for rest, but also for work are provided by the hotel-boarding house "More". Alushta is a beautiful city where it is not a shame to hold a seminar, conference or training at the highest level. Organizations can order conference packages "Starter", "Express", "Business" or "Premium" in the boarding house. Lunches, receptions, coffee breaks, equipment rental are provided, if necessary, you canbook rooms.

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What to do while relaxing in the boarding house "More"?

You can have fun and with he alth benefits at any time of the year, for this all the conditions are provided by the hospitable Crimea. Alushta (boarding houses in the city are distinguished by high service, numerous entertainment and he alth programs) is good both in summer and in winter. Resting in the boarding house "More", you will not be bored, because there is something to do for adults and children. Nearby is a beach equipped with stretch awnings, sunbeds, showers. Active tourists are offered a huge selection of water entertainment, rental of yachts, boats and jet skis. The boarding house "More" provides guests with two indoor and five outdoor pools.

Alushta (prices for accommodation are quite reasonable, mostly starting from 2000 rubles per day) amazes travelers with beautiful landscapes. Many people like to just walk along the promenade, enjoy the sound of the surf, breathe in the fresh air. Anyone can take a course of wellness procedures. On the territory of the boarding house there is a playroom for children, a gym, a Russian bath, a hammam, a Finnish sauna, a Roman steam room. Electric cars and cars with a driver are rented, so you can see the beauties of Crimea in one day.

What is good about Alushta?

Proximity to the sea, the presence of a sandy beach with all amenities, entertainment programs, an abundance of restaurants and cafes, beautiful places for walking - this is what tourists who choose to relax are primarily interested inboarding houses in Russia. It can't be boring at sea, but you still need to find out in advance about the hotel's service and its location. Alushta is one of the most beautiful, clean, attractive cities of the Crimean peninsula. There are excellent sandy beaches, hotels are famous for their high service, guests can relax and have a good meal in one of the many restaurants, cafes, bars. A wide range of entertainment programs are offered. Nightlife in Alushta is seething, there are a lot of discos and nightclubs. Absolutely all boarding houses on the Black Sea attract with good food and affordable prices.

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Where can you relax in Alushta?

"Pearl of Crimea" is one of the largest tourist and recreational centers of the southern coast of the peninsula. Thousands of tourists come here every year, so the question arises where to stay, so that the prices do not bite, and the service is at the level. Alushta offers its guests a lot of hotels, hotels, resorts. Boarding houses have a strong medical base, so they are good not only for relaxation, but also for recovery. Most of them have their own beaches, because they are located along the coastline. Sanatoriums are surrounded by relic plantings that create a special cozy and secluded atmosphere. Alushta offers guests both economy options and comfortable complexes. Boarding houses satisfy all the needs of tourists, providing all the conditions for a good rest.

The best resorts and boarding houses

"Zolotoy Kolos" - located in the very center of Alushta,near the waterfront. On the territory of the sanatorium there is an atmosphere of calm and silence. Guests are offered rooms of different levels of comfort. Nearby is a huge park with flower beds and green boxwoods. The sanatorium has indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a lobby bar, a restaurant, a fitness club, a sports ground, a cinema hall, a children's club. "Zolotoy Kolos" has its own beach, however, it is located 800 m from the building, but a private bus delivers the patients of the sanatorium to it.

If you want to combine a vacation on the Black Sea with treatment, boarding houses are not suitable, it is best to stay in Utes, the largest he alth resort in Alushta. It is located on Cape Plaka, in a very picturesque place. All four buildings are on the first coastline, only 20-50 m from the private beach. The windows offer a view of the sea and the park, planted in the middle of the last century. The sanatorium provides interesting leisure for guests with a concert hall, an outdoor pool, a billiard room, a gym.

In the Professor's corner there is a boarding house "Druzhba". It is located almost in the center of the city, not far from there is a pebble beach, a water park. On the territory of the boarding house there are: playground, dance floor, tennis court, billiard room.

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The best hotels in the city

The hotel industry in Alushta is well developed. Most tourists choose accommodation in the city center, where there is a resort infrastructure. "Agora 4 " - is located at the intersection of the embankment and the main street. The hotel was built according to the European model. The pebble beach is locatedjust 100 m from the building. Guests can use the restaurant, lobby bar, conference room, spa program. Hotels at the Almond Grove and Azure entertainment complex are also very popular.

Alushta is a modern resort town. Having been here once, you will want to come again and again. A huge selection of hotels, boarding houses and sanatoriums, developed infrastructure, beautiful nature - all this attracts tourists, makes them want to see the beauties of Crimea with their own eyes.

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