The best resorts in the world: photos, rating. The best ski resorts in the world

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The best resorts in the world: photos, rating. The best ski resorts in the world
The best resorts in the world: photos, rating. The best ski resorts in the world

The best resorts in the world - what are they? We can definitely say - luxurious and expensive. This, of course, is not Istanbul, not Y alta and not Cairo, where all people go who want to relax by the sea, but do not have a big budget. Well, it is worth talking about those places that are rightfully considered the most beautiful on the planet. We bring to your attention the rating of the best resorts in the world.

the best resorts in the world


This place occupies a leading position in the ranking called "The Best Resorts in the World". Everyone really should visit here. The islands of French Polynesia simply cannot leave indifferent even the most experienced person in terms of recreation. It really is a piece of heaven on earth. Tall beautiful palm trees, crystal clear azure water, peace and quiet, coral reefs, located just a couple of tens of meters from the sandy white shores - and this is just a small list of pleasures that you can get only by flying to Tahiti!

If we talk about the most picturesque best resorts in the world, then this placewill definitely be number one in the rankings. What is not here! And stunning fauna, and marvelous flora … Tahiti is considered a real paradise for divers. They can admire a variety of fish: Napoleon, butterfly, angel, as well as dolphins, rays, sea turtles.

By the way, it is in Tahiti that unique and incredibly rare black pearls are grown. Here it costs much less and is the most popular purchase among tourists.


If we talk about the best resorts in the world, then Greece should definitely be noted. It can be considered a budget option. When compared, of course, with the Bahamas, for example, or Miami. Greece leads the list of the most popular and best resorts in Europe.

The Greek islands are very popular among vacationers. For example, the one called Santorini. A great option for romantics. It is in this place that you can admire the amazing landscapes, soak up the modest secluded black sand beaches and swim in the warm sea.

The island of Halkidiki impresses with the number of interesting excursions offered. Mykonos, Rhodes, Crete and Corfu are considered ideal for young people, because it is there that the noisiest and largest dance floors and nightclubs are located.

Speaking of the best resorts in the world, it is worth saying that Greece is a state of contrasts. Modern luxury hotels with an all-inclusive system, nightclubs and restaurants, as well as excursions, antique sights, scenic views - there is everything for everyone. A universal resort where everyone will find somethingget busy. That is why Greece is one of the most popular European holiday destinations.

best ski resorts in the world


Telling about the best resorts in the world, we must not forget about Jamaica. Bright, picturesque, incendiary, colorful, musical - that's what it is. Resting in Jamaica is a real pleasure. This place has a lot of expensive and beautifully decorated hotels, warm Caribbean Sea and great climate.

Jamaica is considered an ideal place for those people who cannot imagine life without outdoor activities. Lovers of diving, energetic music, exotic food and cocktails will find something to do here. In addition, there are a lot of different attractions here - the Royal House, the Bob Marley Museum (it is located in the house where the musician used to live), the National Dance Theater, etc. But, of course, the main attraction is the capital of Kingston and the Blue Lagoon.

In general, Jamaica is definitely one of the best resorts in the world. Photos of these places prove this undeniable fact. So if you have money and want unforgettable experiences, warmth and exotic, then you should fly to Jamaica!

the best resorts in the world


This is another paradise on planet Earth. Fiji is also included in the TOP “Best Resorts in the World”. The rating clearly demonstrates this. Because Fiji has everything you need for a paradise holiday. Pure white sand, clear azure sea, island hotels, bungalows with palm leaf roofs, incredibly outlandish flowers and rare plants… andThat's not all! Fiji includes about 300 islands! And they are all special and unique in their own way. What is the Grand Fijian Canyon worth.

Fiji is also the most romantic holiday destination. The spirit of adventure, love and treasures - all these islands seem to be saturated through and through. This place is worth a visit if only for the amazing sunrises and sunsets, bizarre reefs and ocean depths.

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Winter Resorts

Of course, most often people go to rest in warm places where the sun shines brightly and the ocean or sea surf caresses the ear. However, sometimes you want a real Christmas fairy tale - lush snow, hot mulled wine and skiing! Well, for this there are the best ski resorts in the world.

First of all, the Alps should be noted. This is the place that takes first place in the list of "Best resorts in the world." The rating first of all draws the attention of people studying it to Switzerland. This is one of the most expensive, developed and picturesque countries in Europe. And there mountain ranges occupy a huge territory. Switzerland is the perfect place for people who love winter romance. It's so nice, after skiing or snowboarding down the mountain slopes, to return to a cozy wooden guest house with a fireplace and drink a cup of hot cocoa.

The Italian Alps, by the way, are also popular. This is an incredibly picturesque place. In addition, there are different descents for people of varying degrees of preparedness. Surprisingly, if we talk about ski resorts, then Italy comes out more expensiveSwitzerland. But more beautiful, it is worth recognizing.

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Pearl of Russia

It's nice that the list of the best ski resorts includes a Russian resort. And this is Sochi, Adler, Krasnaya Polyana. The place where the Winter Olympics were held! High, massive mountains strewn with snow, snowboarding, skiing, cozy souvenir shops, five-star hotels and excellent restaurants, various kinds of entertainment - all this can be obtained by arriving in the resort capital of Russia, in Sochi. Plus, it's a city of contrasts. It is worth going down from Krasnaya Polyana, as a tourist finds himself in warm and sunny Adler with Olympic facilities, shopping and entertainment centers and a noisy sea embankment.

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