Abkhazia, Geg waterfall (photo)

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Abkhazia, Geg waterfall (photo)
Abkhazia, Geg waterfall (photo)

Nature is called a brilliant sculptor, builder, creator. And indeed it is. No matter what man invents, no matter how hard he tries, he cannot argue with nature. It remains to recognize her unattainable perfection and silently admire the masterpieces she created. One of them is the Gegsky waterfall. Abkhazia is rich in natural beauty, but this waterfall is special. It is famous not only for its size. Several feature films were filmed here, and this fact also affects its popularity. Let's take a short virtual walk to the Geg waterfall and get acquainted with all the nuances that await us on the way.

Geographic characteristics

One of the largest in the vast Soviet Union, and now the largest in the new young republic is the Gegsky waterfall (Abkhazia). Photos convey how powerful he is and how small people look against his background. The second, less popular name for this handsome man is the Circassian waterfall.

Abkhazia Geg waterfall

He was born by the restive mountain river Gega, which is so unpredictable and fast,that even rafting is not practiced here. Having started its journey in the Caucasus Mountains, it flows into the Bzyp River. The length of Gega is only 25 km. On this short stretch, she manages to form many small waterfalls, and when she reaches a karst crevice, she dives into it and disappears from sight for more than 300 meters. The exit from the dungeon is located about 70 meters above the foot of the cliff. It is from this height that the wayward Gega drops its waters, turning into a fabulously beautiful water stream, which Abkhazia is proud of. The Geg waterfall is so impressive that it has been featured in 4 feature films. Everyone knows about "Rikki-Tikki-Tavi" and "Sherlock Holmes" with Moriarty. The scenes of "Sportloto-82" and "Data Tutashkhia" were also filmed near the Gegsky waterfall.


Many tourists ask where is the Geg waterfall in Abkhazia. This unique natural site is located in the Gudauta region, on the Gagra Range, 6 km from the Ritsa Reserve and the lake of the same name. As the name suggests, the waterfall is located on the mountain river Gege. Relative to sea level, this is about 550 meters higher. Around the waterfall - nature untouched by the hand of man in all its pristine, sometimes harsh and violent, sometimes bewitchingly dazzling beauty. It is about 60 km from the city of Gagra, and 80 km from Adler. Within a radius of several kilometers from the Gegsky waterfall is Lake Ritsa, as well as smaller, but no less beautiful waterfalls of Men's Tears, Bird's, Milk, Women's Tears, where everyone makes a wish and ties ribbons to tree branches.

GhegAbkhazia waterfall

Organized way to walk to the waterfall

A rather small Abkhazia has many unique natural attractions. The Geg waterfall invites you to visit almost every tour desk. This is possible from the end of April to November, because the rest of the time the road is covered with snow. Near the waterfall, by the end of winter, the snow cover reaches several meters. In early May, when all this melts, the Gegsky waterfall (Abkhazia) is especially impressive with the rampant natural elements. Going there in an organized way with a tourist group is a good and economical option. The tour costs only 500 rubles. The disadvantage of such a trip is that the road is too long. Sightseeing transport, as a rule, makes many stops along the way (the so-called photo minutes), when passengers get off to take unique pictures. Almost all tours include a visit to the Blue Lake, the views of which are breathtaking, and the Stone Bag (Yupsharsky Canyon). Also, excursion routes almost always pass through an apiary where mountain honey is sold, and through private catering points (barbecue houses). All this reduces the time spent at the waterfall. You should also be aware that at the entrance to the protected area, each bus passenger will be charged an environmental fee (unless this amount was included in the price of the tour in advance). According to the latest data, adults paid 350 rubles each, children - 100 rubles each.

Geg waterfall Abkhazia photo

Trip with a private trader

Abkhazia has always been famous for the entrepreneurial spirit of its citizens. The Geg waterfall has become a profitable business for many of its residents.Now those tourists who do not like to travel in large groups can hire a private driver (he is also a guide). The path of private traders runs through the same places as the excursion group. The reason is trivially simple - all drivers have an agreement with the beekeeper and with the owners of barbecue houses, so it is difficult to avoid such stops. In the clearing in front of the waterfall, there is the only cafe that offers drinks and barbecue from mountain roe deer. According to tourists, both the owner and his establishment, and the food are not attractive and of good quality, but they impress with unreasonably high prices. In the case of hiring a private car, there is a big advantage - you can ask the driver to stop where you like and for as long as you want. This pleasure costs from 6000 rubles for the whole daylight hours. Naturally, the environmental fee is paid separately.

Geg waterfall Abkhazia how to get

Trip alone

Those who travel around the Abkhazian land in a private car can visit all its sights on their own. Of course, this list should certainly include the Gegsky waterfall (Abkhazia). How to get there without a guide? The main route runs from the city of Gagra. You need to go along the Sukhumi highway to the village of Bzypta, where at a rather large fork turn left and move along the road to the mountains along the Bzypi river. The blue ribbon will either come very close to the track, or move away from it for a considerable distance. The views around are mesmerizing. The path will lead to the Blue Lake, where it is simply necessarymake a stop for a photo session and a wonderful rest. In the streams flowing into the lake, the water is like a tear, transparent and clean. And what a delicious! A little further from the Blue Lake, the Bzyp River turns to the right, and the road winding like a snake between rocks and spurs continues its run forward. Somewhere in a couple of kilometers there will be a branch to the left. This is the same road, which in itself is already a landmark.

Entrance to the waterfall

From the fork to the end point of the route - just over 5 km. Overcome them, and Abkhazia, the Gegsky waterfall will definitely remain in your memory for the rest of your life. The road to it can be compared with an extreme attraction. It is so rocky that only cross-country vehicles can drive through it, as a corresponding traffic sign warns about. Therefore, many travelers leave their cars here and change to UAZs of local enterprising Abkhazians. But the stones under the wheels are not so bad. The road winding upwards in unpredictable zigzags is so narrow that sometimes it seems that the wheels are driving along the very edge of the cliff. It is especially impressive when the stones disturbed by the UAZ slide off the road and roll down with noise. Many tourists here either squeal or close their eyes and pray. In such narrow areas, two cars cannot pass. One of them has to back up to a wider place.

where is the Gegsky waterfall in Abkhazia


But now all the difficulties are over. The car stops safely on a rocky clearing. There are only a few steps left to go along the bridgeacross the turbulent river. Behind her, in all the frantic and some kind of devilish beauty, the Gegsky waterfall (Abkhazia) overthrows its waters. Photos cannot convey its roaring power and fantastic beauty that fills the district with a rumble.

To get closer than 50 meters to him and stay dry is unrealistic. If the sun is in the sky, the streams of water screen the sun's rays so that a rainbow is obtained. Even in the heat and heat near the waterfall is quite fresh. The water in it is so cool that here you can see the remains of snow in July. Near the waterfall, dozens of thin streams flow from invisible cracks and cracks in the rocks. The water in them is amazing, so you should take empty eggplants with you. On the left side gapes an impressive cave, washed out by a water stream. Its width is 35 meters and its height is about 15 meters. Inside, from the "ceiling", water jets also flow and drip.

Geg waterfall Abkhazia reviews

Circassian waterfall

Abkhazia is popular not only among vacationers, but also among speleologists. The Geg waterfall has long attracted their attention with the cave from which it emerges. It has that second, unpopular name Circassian Falls. The cave has a karst nature and hides several corridors, grottoes and siphons. Its length is 315 meters, and its area is over 2000 square meters. The width of this natural tunnel through which the Gega flows before becoming a waterfall is 7 meters. The Circassian waterfall was conquered by speleologists from Siberia and Krasnoyarsk. The mountain range where the Geg waterfall is born is called Arabica (Arbaika), which means "cock's comb". He isthe highest in the Western Caucasus region.

Abkhazia Geg waterfall road

Geg waterfall (Abkhazia), reviews

Every year hundreds of tourists flock to this wonder of nature. Everyone has the same opinion about the waterfall - bewitching, fantastically beautiful, powerful. Here you clearly begin to understand how small a person is compared to the power of nature. What other advantages do tourists note:

- uniquely clean air;

- icy, clear and unusual tasting water;

- very beautiful nature around the waterfall and on the way to it;

- extraordinary sensations near the waterfall.

What are the cons of the trip:

- terrible road;

- high prices and tasteless food at the waterfall cafe.

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