The best hotels in Munich: list, photos and reviews

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The best hotels in Munich: list, photos and reviews
The best hotels in Munich: list, photos and reviews

One of Germany's most beautiful cities provides plenty of options for every kind of holiday. Admire the museums, stroll through the fairs, visit a good football match - all this is possible in such a big city. Based on these criteria, you need to choose the most suitable hotel in Munich.

Very downtown

, the largest cathedral of the Frauenkirche (Church of the "Virgin") - all tourist routes start from here. It is worth paying special attention to the Church of the Virgin. The 99-meter-high cathedral is a symbol of the city, so if you are interested, then you need to settle within walking distance from this places.

Louis Hotel

One of the best 5-star hotels located in the Marienplatz area is the Louis Hotel. Located on the square itself, the hotel gives you the opportunity right from the window behindwatch the life of the center of this ancient city with a cup of coffee.

Judging by the numerous reviews of tourists who have visited this hotel, it is very cozy and quiet (despite the central location). Many of the rooms in this beautiful hotel in the center of Munich have double doors, so noise from the corridor is also not audible. The guests were pleasantly surprised by the sociable and always ready to help hotel employees, especially those working at the reception. Many people report problems with parking, but this is an old center - in most cities in Europe there is the same problem.

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Hotel Bayerischer Hof

Another great 5-star hotel, located in the northern part of the Marienplatz square, next to the famous Kunsthalle art museum. Housed in a seemingly ordinary building, Hotel Bayerischer Hof impresses with fantastic interiors and stunning interiors.

Guests of one of the best hotels in Munich are enthusiastic about breakfast: in addition to the variety of dishes, fast service and the aesthetic appearance of food, they admire the place on the terrace overlooking the city! According to the stories of tourists who have been there, on a sunny day the impressions are simply unforgettable.

Due to the fact that the presented Munich hotels are located in the city center, the cost of the apartments is quite high.

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4 star hotels

After only 20 minutes from the Hotel Bayerischer Hof, we enter the area of ​​4-star hotels, whichwill be able to impress their guests with a good price and a level of service no lower than in the hotels we mentioned above.


Let's start with the Leonardo Worldwide Hotel, the Leonardo City Center. Spacious comfortable rooms, cleanliness, friendly staff and excellent breakfasts are just a small list of good impressions that tourists who have visited this hotel have received.

The hotel is a worthy representative of the Leonardo hotel chain in Munich. Of the pluses, many tourists note walking distance to shopping centers (for those who are fond of shopping), to many bars and restaurants (for beer lovers) and to Munich Central Station, from which you can get to almost any corner of Germany.

Most of the city's guests prefer the Leonardo City Center hotel, as it provides high-level service, the apartments are clean and comfortable, the interior is conducive to relaxation, and all hotel staff take care of the comfortable pastime of each of their guests.

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Literally two hundred meters from the hotel "Leonardo" is a representative of another huge chain - the hotel Mercury City Center. It can be said about him that in terms of the quality of service he is practically not inferior to his neighbor, and in terms of the quality of the breakfast buffet he is even ahead.

The cleanliness of the rooms and the silence (despite the close proximity of the train station) make the stay in this place special and very pleasant. All hotel staff are ready to come at any timehelp and resolve any issues as soon as possible. According to the guests, staying here gives only positive emotions. Many say they will stay at the Mercury Hotel again on their next visit to the city

Within walking distance is the Theresienwiese square, which hosts the world-famous Oktoberfest beer festival. The guests who visited the Mercury Hotel (Munich) could not fail to note the amazing proximity of the hotel to the central Marienplatz square and the Old Town.

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Budget options

Now we will look at 3-star and 4-star hotels in Munich, located near the historical center.

Hotel Germania

First, let's pay attention to the Hotel Germania - practically a neighbor of "Leonardo" and "Mercury". 3-star hotel "Germany" in Munich) is a great option for those who like to walk on foot and return home tired and satisfied, having spent 15-20 minutes on the way home. Especially noted in this hotel (except for cleanliness and comfort) is very friendly staff, always ready to help, suggest, advise.

Many people recommend this hotel as a transit point where you can stay for one night and continue your journey the next day. This is due to the fact that the hotel "Germany" is located just a 5-minute walk from the central station. And if you decide to stay for a couple of nights, then after an easy 20-minute walk you will find yourselfin the heart of the country - on the central square of the city of Munich Marienplatz, from where all tourist routes only begin.

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Ibis Hotel

In addition to the hotel "Germany", we can recommend two more good places to stay. A little away to the north-west from the center (10 minutes from "Leonardo") you can find yourself in the Ibis Hotel, which is a classic hotel of the chain of the same name. Everything is modest, but clean and comfortable. Quite a convenient location from the station, a little further - the city center, but the prices for this hotel are much lower than the prices in hotels of the same level, located closer to the city center.

Guests who visited the Ibis Hotel (Munich) noted a good, tasty and varied breakfast, after which you do not feel hungry for a very long time. A little distance from the center helps guests to relax in silence after walking around the noisy city and really enjoy the rest.

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Europa Hotel

We continue to move away from the center, on our way we meet another representative of Munich hotels in the 4-star category - Europa Hotel. Decorated in a casual style, the hotel impresses with its interior.

In the courtyard there is a terrace with tables and umbrellas - here you can relax after a hard day. A few meters away is a magnificent park - a huge realm of greenery and clean air!

Based on the reviews of tourists, we can single out the main features of this place - the soundproofing of the rooms and excellentbreakfasts. Hotel "Europe" (Munich), despite the four stars, can be considered a budget option in comparison with similar hotels.

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Arena Stadt Hotel

As it was said at the beginning of the article, Munich is a city of football, more precisely, the world-famous legendary club Bayern. If you are a football fan, then you need to settle as close as possible to the Allianz Arena, where Bayern trains. The best option is Arena Stadt Hotel: 20 minutes and you are in the stadium!

In addition, from this hotel in 15 minutes by public transport, you can reach the city center, Marienplatz square or the world famous Hofbräuhaus brewery. If you are a fan of all kinds of exhibitions (technological, culinary), then at a distance of 8 minutes on foot is the exhibition center M.O.C.

As for the Arena Hotel itself, one cannot fail to note the cleanliness of the rooms, friendly staff and silence outside the window. As you move away from the city center, the streets become much quieter. I would like to note the free underground parking, which is very convenient if you have a rented car. Another feature of this hotel is the Russian-speaking staff, who help people who do not speak a foreign language feel comfortable and at ease.

Moving away from the center to the west

Continuing to move away from the city center, we find ourselves in the beautiful district of Neuhausen-Nymphenburg. Most of the hotels located here are designed for large families and people looking for cheaper accommodation. But it is worth noting thateven though it is remote, it takes only 20 minutes or 4 stops to get to the center by public transport.


Among the hotels in Munich there is another representative of the world-famous chain - Novotel Muenchen City Arnulfpark. This hotel is able to amaze the most sophisticated guest. Ultra-modern architecture, fantastic breakfasts, great location, cleanliness and comfort - this is why many people come to this luxury hotel.

In addition, there are many interesting places near the hotel, which can be reached very easily. Circus "Krone", Museum "BMW" - this is only a small part of the attractions. And if you drive to the west (having moved away from the city center), you can stumble upon the huge and beautiful Nymphenburg Park, on the territory of which the castle of the same name and several museums are located.

Most likely, after visiting all these attractions, you will be tired and satisfied. And then this wonderful hotel will come to your aid - the sauna located on its territory will end the day with complete relaxation after a walk.

Holiday Inn Express

Walking through this area, pay attention to the next hotel in Munich category "3 stars". The Holiday Inn chain is traditionally considered one of the cheapest, but adhering to a certain quality standard. This hotel is no exception. It is worth highlighting its location - a few stops by public transport - and you are either in the city center or at the central station.

Judging by the reviews of the guests, the hotel is simplysuperb despite 3 stars. Comfortable beds, snow-white linen, perfect cleanliness in the corridors and lobbies - all this attracts many middle-income clients. Friendly staff is always ready to help. There are many grocery stores in the area near the hotel, so food is not a problem.


The southern districts of Munich are not so filled with sights, but still deserve attention. For example, located on the river Isar, the park with the beautiful Hellabrunn Zoo is a great entertainment for children and adults.

Let's take a look at some Munich hotels located near the zoo.

Holiday Inn Munchensud

Another budget option for the family. The hotel in Munich is very clean both in the rooms and in the corridors. Friendly Russian-speaking staff is always ready to help.

Judging by the reviews of travelers, the hotel is located not so far from the city center - only 20 minutes by metro. Few hotels in Munich have a sauna - here it is, so you can always relax and unwind without leaving the walls of the hotel. The guests are satisfied with their stay in the hotel. Many claim that they feel at home within its walls.

GS Hotel

The last one in our review is a 3-star hotel in Munich. It is located in the Obersendling district in the southern part of the city. Created in a modernist style, the hotel gives its guests positive emotions not only with a stylish interior, but also with a kitchen. Tourists especially like a wonderful breakfast cooked exclusivelyfresh ingredients, free wi-fi and clean rooms.

One of the advantages is the possibility of late check-in, which is problematic in some hotels. There are many cafes and shops around the hotel, a luxurious South Park - sometimes you don’t want to leave such a place for the center with crowds of tourists.

Munich is a small city, with a population of just over one and a half million people. The city is quite compact, so, as you can see, in Munich it is not at all necessary to settle in the very center. Do not be afraid to stay in an inexpensive hotel - going for a walk, in just 20 minutes you will find yourself in the Old Town area among historical and art monuments. Experienced travelers are advised to be very careful when choosing a place to stay, as sometimes it may turn out that a 3-star hotel will turn out to be better than a 4-star hotel.

Enjoy Munich, its unique atmosphere and extraordinary Bavarian flavor. The magic of this city makes all those who have already felt all the charm of being in it come here again and again. In addition, the city is located almost right in the very center of Europe - from there it is easy to get to Austria and the Czech Republic, Belgium and Holland. And traveling around Germany from Munich is very convenient.

The capital of Bavaria is a city that everyone should visit, because this is the only way to feel the atmosphere of Germany.

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